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I am living the same …. But I have faith that if God freed others…he will free us…. Pleas walk through it…we will be free…. You need to pray before you go to bed and ask to be sealed with the precious blood of Christ in your subconscious, consciousness, unconscious, ask that your dreams be sealed the bed the room, the house,,,,, ask the Holy spirit to guide you through the prayer.

I am not sure if you still respond to the messages after so many years but I found your website as so much of this make sense. I messed with witchcraft as well as some other things and now I am being attacked from the inside and out. The pain is unbelievable as I can feel them moving in me. I was baptized a few months in the Christian faith after being a Catholic most of my life. If I go through your prayers with my full heart would I need to do this through deliverance, or can you please help me.

This is so bad that the attacks happen all day and as soon as I lay down? Please let me know what I would need to do to get help? Our biggest asset is Prayer. Get into a quiet meditative state prayer supplication and thanksgiving. I am so blessed that I found your articles: I have been praying for miracles this year and the Holy Spirit has led me to two battles pray and fasting.

The first one I repented to my husband which took 5 days of accidental fasting and mourning to get that breakthrough. As I was fasting and praying using the Blood of Jesus, I was in so much agonies for 6 days. Each morning I dreamed. The 6th dream was of a Jewish man inside my house opening my front door to receive a kosher sandwich and I knew the angel God send is now in my home protecting my family.

This morning on the 7th day I dreamed of feasting in the house of our Priest at church and I prayed for repentance for the sins of all my family members, my ancestors and pleading the Blood of Jesus for each one of them, canceling and drowning all the legal rights of the enemies and breaking all generational curses. I repent to my husband again because of what I was fighting inside he does not understand. Praise and glory to God for your ministry! Thank you so much! A new day is upon my family and your website was an instrument the Holy Spirit uses to help me understand what I had to do.

I had a mind veiling demon for over 20 years while i carried the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer | Gospel-Centered Discipleship

Never back to church in that time I was under mind destroying oppression inside and out. God had gifted me with strong spiritual discernment too, which included seeing human character instantly , seeing error, sin, and the Holy Spirit in others. I was fleeing constantly from an unseen enemy thinking it was on the physical realm. I was tormented and crushed. I thought everyone one could see into me as i could see into them.

It was mind warping until Jesus lead me to understanding what i was seeing. I can discern that too from their face without a word from them. I had a small cluster of 4 or 5 others. I delivered myself in Jesus name once i could see Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirits love for me. Jesus gave me a vision of an external entity latched into my mind while I was crying out for release from my suffering. When it released my symptoms of oppression , anxiety, emotional assaults against my regenerate heart stopped.

I have an issue that baffles me in my life. Anytime I am about to succeed in anything Wether business, finance or other success. It gets distabilized at the last moment. So I filled with disappointments and hurt. This has led me into a lot of debts. And I work really hard to raise funds to upset those debts. But each promising efforts gets terminated at the last minute and the circle continues and same as the pressure of repaying the debts.

I believe there are demon attacking my finances and progress. What shall I do.? It seems to last a long time but not sure if it really does. I see shadowy things. Am I going crazy I know the lords prayer but when I try to speak it or say the lords name I am unable to completly in this state. I think of these times as spiritual warfare on me am I wrong? Plz someone help me maybe with an idea or ect. Ty and God bless. So common that there is a medical term for it. I have experienced this before. The same thing happened to me. It was like my mind was awake but my body was still asleep.

It happened a few more times. I was able to fall asleep within a few seconds. That was almost 15 years ago. Recently it happened once but it wasnt nearly as scary. I brushed it off and fell but asleep confident that it would pass. God is in control. The one reason that I believe it could be a spiritual attack is that following those incidents, I was attacked with doubt and fear.

No matter what it is, you have to trust the Lord Jesus Christ. The enemy will attack your faith. I hope this has helped you in anyway. Another take is the the enemy can take a normal sleep disorder like sleep paralysis and use it to scare you. Like I said in previous comment, there were fifteen years in between sleep paralysis episode. All during times of stress. I even told my doctor and he said that he had them too. A majority of people will experience it in their lifetime.

Basically, I want to give you a message of peace because God loves you. That out of every kindred, tongue, tribe and people we have brothers and sisters. We can meditate on the mind-boggling concept that God in Christ Jesus became and is our Elder Brother. We can appreciate the fact that our Father is perfect in wisdom and understanding-that God is love. We can marvel at the creativity of our Father's universe.

We might even find ourselves spending a whole hour in fellowship with Him without ever getting beyond that first phrase. You can see, I trust, that this is an activity far beyond the scope of printed prayers to read. Prayer is the dynamic communication link with God! In this brief study we have considered a number of types of prayers: Praise, personal petition, confession, intercession, worship, thanksgiving, and penitence. I would like us to look at two more thoughts which speak of an intensity in prayer: Wrestling with God and In-the-Gap Praying.

Many of the model prayers of the Bible indicate a fervor that would suggest that the people really meant business with God. This level of prayer can give way to much theological debate. However, I intend to stick to the Word with illustrations from the lives of four people.

His very name betrays him. And he had certainly lived up to it! And now he has devised another plot, this time to appease his brother from whom he has stolen the birthright. All of his servants and livestock and wives and children have been sent ahead with their instructions. And he wrestles in prayer with a Man until daybreak. He ends up with a hip joint out of place. But victory in prayer is his. His name is now Israel: Not a good thing for a wife in those days.

And the adversary also provoked her mercilessly. She fretted, she was in bitterness of soul and she wept uncontrollably. She went to the temple to pray. So intense was her prayer that her lips moved but no sounds came. To Eli she confessed, "I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit.

I have poured out my soul to the Lord. She gave birth to Samuel. See 1 Samuel 1. At this point Elijah says to Ahab, "Let's have a showdown! Elijah throws down the gauntlet: If the Lord be God, follow Him; but if Baal, then follow him. The prophets of Baal pray first-from morning til noon. At noon Elijah mocks them. Maybe he's meditating or going to the bathroom. Or maybe he's on a journey. The altar of the Lord is repaired. The sacrifice is laid on it. Water drenches the bullock and the wood and fills the trench around the altar. And at the time of the evening sacrifice, Elijah prays: The fire of the Lord falls.

See 1 Kings What a powerful answer to prayer. Yet it is interesting that the next day God did not answer Elijah's prayer after the manner of his request, "Lord, let me die," he requested, "for I am no better than my fathers. His hour had come and He knew it. Father, there's got to be another way to redeem man back to You. I can't drink this cup.

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It is too bitter. We do know that after one hour He had wrestled His will into submission to the Father. Yet, it rose up in a second, and third hour. So great was the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma that He suffered hematidrosis, also called the bloody sweat. Under such duress as Jesus experienced in His time of prayer, the capillaries in His forehead burst. And the blood came out through the sweat glands. But victory in prayer was His. He paid the price for our salvation on Calvary. In each of these four illustrations from Scripture, it is obvious that a level of intensity was expressed that communicated to God and should communicate to us a seriousness of purpose unparalleled in normal conversation.

May our fervor for righteousness be so expressed as we wrestle in prayer with God. In-the-gap praying also speaks of an intensity of prayer that is awesome to consider. The "gap" mentioned in Ezekiel has been used to express a number of concepts. Prophetically, Jesus came to bridge the chasm between God and man. As an appeal for people to go to the mission fields of the world, filling in the "gap" with front-line workers is critical.

There are cultural "gaps" between the missionary and the people group he is trying to reach. And training is good to help fill in the gaps. But in the context of Ezekiel, standing "in the gap" speaks directly of the role of an intercessor-one who forms a barrier a hedge between God who is speaking and "the land that I should not destroy it.

Run that through again. Is that really what God is saying? In His justice, He is saying, "I have had enough! I am going to destroy the land the people of the land. But I am a God who is longsuffering and kind, patient and easy to be entreated. I am looking for someone to hold Me back-to slow Me down-to give the people a little more time to repent. But I have found none! Far be it from Thee to slay the righteous with the wicked…Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?

Those are powerful words for one who had "taken upon himself to speak to the Lord, seeing he was but dust and ashes! After two more verses of intercession, "the Lord repented of the evil which He thought to do unto His people. Another time Moses even more boldly said: The Psalmist also remembered Moses as a man who "stood before Him in the breach to turn away His wrath, lest He should destroy them. Numbers 16 Nehemiah became that man. Nehemiah became that man The whole book! Jesus became that Man.

John 17 Paul became that man. Romans 9 Others through the generations of time have become that man, that woman who stood in the gap. And today Scripture still declares the voice of God-which perhaps is speaking to us, "I am looking for you to make up the hedge, to stand in the gap! Two excellent novels, This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti, give thought-provoking possibilities to the subtleties of this war.

They give a glimpse of what might be going on behind the scenes. But let's look into the book of Job. Here we have been given some Scriptural insight into the spiritual realm from which this war emanates and the hedge of protection we are talking about. He was perfect and upright. He feared God and hated evil. This is what the world could see.

But behind the scenes of this visible world is the invisible, yet real world. And satan sees the hedge complete-not only around Job, but "about his house, and about all that he has on every side. The "accuser of the brethren, day and night" Revelation When he sees the hedge complete, he presents himself before God and taunts, "Does 'Job' Put your name in here. A battle is raging for the souls of mankind. Many are on the fields of battle, warning men and women of impending doom. The anger of the Lord is kindled against the filthy unrighteousness in every avenue of life: Will we with lifted hands hold back His anger and intercede for the lost of the world, saying, "God, be patient a little longer.

Yes, the prayers spoken of in the Word of God are a bit more rigorous than "Now I lay me down to sleep…! This has not been an exhaustive study on the two main weapons of our warfare. But it has "covered some ground. Let all of the spiritual nutrition of its life-giving words strengthen you for battle. And then let it be in your hand the mighty Weapon it is as you go out to fight for right, allowing the Holy Spirit to be the ammunition chooser and the guidance system. Because the dialogues we have with people are so often tainted with our human limitations, reading, studying and using the prayers of the Bible as models for our communication with God will more readily put us in touch with His world.

Whether we use a one-word cry for help or enjoy a continual spirit-dialogue with our Maker, His lines are never busy or out of service. And there is never a charge. I have observed that many of satan's strongest attacks come at particular times. As we look at these experiences you will recognize that they are times when we are especially vulnerable. Think of the times when you are especially vulnerable. Problem The enemy tries to hassle me in the days or hours preceding any kind of ministry, such as teaching or counseling.

And most likely the attack will be on the very point on which I am planning to minister. Maybe you have been asked to organize an outreach, or you are going to lead a group study, or you are planning to share your testimony with your new neighbor. In each of these situations, it is the enemy's determined purpose to stop you. He will do whatever is necessary to: How about an unjustified speeding ticket as you are on your way to teach about "all civil authority is established by God?

You had planned to share with her about the peace Jesus brings. Pray ahead of time for the protection needed to prevent you from falling prey to his attacks. Learn to recognize what is happening at the very starting point of a situation going wrong, and that will diffuse the power of what is happening. Refuse to get caught in such a snare. This type of attack was so consistent with me when I started teaching.

Whatever the subject I was preparing to teach, I would be attacked in that very area the preceding week. And I fell for it week after week after week! I would be so disgusted with myself for blindly falling for it again and again. Finally, after it had happened enough times and I had experienced enough pain, I began to recognize what was going on. Then I would try to remember to pray for protection and awareness at the beginning of the preparation time and to be on my spiritual guard, so I would not fall for his tricks.

Allow time to be quiet before the Lord as a critical part of your preparation to minister. Find that quiet time early in your preparation. Problem The enemy attempts to "rob" me after a spiritual "high"; a personal victory over a temptation; a valuable lesson learned; a refreshing week end retreat; a particularly meaningful time with my husband; after leading a person to the Lord; having taught a challenging class or seminar-a time when I am feeling real good within myself! Solution Be on guard. After any kind of victory it is our natural tendency to relax because everything is so good.

After all, we have just reached a spiritual mountain top. But the enemy is relentless in his attacks, and we are particularly vulnerable at those times of victory. Jesus is our example: It must have been a real spiritual high for Him. He had lived in relative obscurity for 30 years. Then, John's strong declaration, "Behold the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world…I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and He remained on Him. Then Jesus is driven into the desert by the Holy Spirit to be tempted by the devil. He did not let His guard down. Using the Word, He drove off every attack of satan.

See Matthew 3 and 4. Use the Word-be in the Word! As you think about those times of victory-they are often a result of taking extra time in fellowship, prayer and the Word-take time to be quiet. Rather than concentrating on "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works…," focus on "…and glorify your Father Who is in heaven. Problem The enemy takes advantage of me when I am sick or tired or pressured-under too much stress, over-committed, sleep-deprived or when I've left everything to the last minute!

Solution We need to take responsibility for ourselves. It is not spiritual to "burn out"-even to burn out for God! We must learn how to say "no" to everything that is not His will so we have enough of what it takes to do His will! There are people who believe it is not spiritual to think about their own well-being. They may equate their body with the flesh of the Bible. For most of us, the weaker the condition we are in physically, the more vulnerable we are to attack and the less we can accomplish for God.

We must take the responsibility to get enough sleep, enough exercise, to eat right-to live a balanced lifestyle. Do you hear me talking to myself? Prevention is better than cure. It is quicker and easier to stay healthy than to regain health. But, if you get to that "burn out" stage-too tired, too run down, too…, then take the cure! Take a break; take a rest; get away. It is not selfish; it is necessary!

Problem The enemy preys on me when I am "alone. An extreme case would be the example of a Bible translator out in a tribal village where there are no Christians-no one with whom to fellowship, no church to attend-really alone in a physical setting. But we can also be "alone" in a crowd-alone emotionally, or spiritually withdrawn from the Body of Christ. Like the little lamb, a straggler always hanging out on the edge of the flock is easy prey for the wild animals. When we allow ourselves to be isolated, we are easy targets for the enemy's attack.

Solution To be alone in a physical setting where there is no opportunity for fellowship is very unusual. If we find ourselves in such a unique situation, we must think of creative ways to communicate with the outside world: Letters, short wave radio, music and Bible study tapes, e-mail! If those means are not available, God will sustain us, as we depend on Him, alone. Be sure to read it carefully in its context! However, most of us have many opportunities for fellowship.

Maybe it is not your personality to reach out to people or to initiate friendships. Maybe you are a very private person, or it is your nature to prefer to be alone a great deal of the time. But being without fellowship, is like being the straggling lamb on the edge of the flock. It is a very vulnerable position. If you don't have anyone you can share with on a heart level, or pray with, ask God to bring someone into your life with whom you can have spiritual fellowship.

At the same time take the initiative of reaching out to people and also be approachable yourself. Don't expect God to plop someone into your path who says, "I'm here to share with you. Whether we like it or not, whether we are comfortable with it or not, whether it comes naturally or not-it is necessary. Solomon said, "A person who wants friends needs to be friendly.

Building a relationship takes time and work. Patience in communication over a period of time will give you a strong friend with whom to relate. Also, we need to be willing to take risks. Deep, accountable relationships always carry with them the risk of getting hurt. But it is worth the risk to have an open, honest relationship with a person who can admonish you-in love-as you listen to them.

Equally, then, they can listen and receive admonishment from you-in love. Another part of this solution is group fellowship. To be a participant in a group for social activities, mutual sharing, Bible study and prayer, protects you from that unsafe, vulnerable position of "straggler. Problem The enemy subtly attacks when I think I am "strong. Maybe we are even proud of being strong.

So we think we can skip a few days of reading the Word or praying. I don't need to be accountable to anybody! I can handle this situation on my own! Solution Humility must replace pride. Paul told the Christians at Ephesus Ephesians 5: When we realize that even our breath is under His control, there is no room for pride. A disciplined, reasonable, interesting, enjoyable, regular reading and studying of His Word will keep us spiritually fed. Regular two-way communication with God prayer will keep our spiritual fellowship with Him open and accountable.

But there is another area I want to mention here: Many good men and women-strong, committed Christians-have been drawn into immoral relationships because they thought they were so strong that they just couldn't fall. It takes very little time to cross from spiritual oneness to emotional oneness. And then just a bit longer to go from emotional oneness to a physical relationship. It can happen in a counseling session or even when two people are just praying alone together. And don't think this happens only in heterosexual situations.

The misuse of sex is one of satan's primary traps, and though he has used it generation after generation, many people remain naive and think they don't need to be on guard. We must realize that satan can drop an idea into anyone's head-anytime! There is no one above that trick of his. We need to recognize the source of the idea when it comes, and rebuke him. Refuse to walk into his setup. The solutions are so simple they are often over-looked: Don't counsel in a private place, such as your house or theirs. Get together where you can be "alone" in a crowd-a coffee shop or sitting in the back of a church after service.

As a general rule, men should counsel men, women counsel women. Beyond these practical safeguards there may be a need to deal with issues on a heart level. We can probe the underlying causes for moral failure in this area-emotional deprivation, unhealed areas of childhood trauma, or maybe it just happened because they found themselves in a lonely isolated location when they were in need of affection.

The point is, they never thought it could happen to them. They were not aware and thus were not on guard. In the final analysis, it comes back to Scripture. Jesus said, "Blessed are the meek …" Matthew 5: There is only bad when we think we stand strong in our own strength , because then we are setup for a fall! Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.

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Spurgeon's Morning and Evening O. Recently Popular Media x. Ezekiel Bob Davis Matthew Chapter 2 - Spiritual Weapons. And all he deserves is a quick, sharp slash of that two-edged Sword, "It is written…" From whom did Michael take his cue? Stockpile an Arsenal of Ammunition Before we study how to wield His Sword with Christians and non-Christans, let's learn how to build a stockpile of useful "It is written's…" Jesus assured His disciples that the Holy Spirit would bring back to their remembrance those things that He had said to them.

The process of meditation involves several steps: Use The Word With non-Christians Having and using our growing stockpile of ammunition against the enemy, we also must be looking for an "It is written…" in each of our dealings with a non-Christian friend. A second time Jesus asks, "Peter, do you love Me?

And modern science is "researching" the efficacy of prayer! In "double blind" tests, with the prayer warriors in lead-lined rooms so no "psychic energy" could escape , they are documenting decisive results of healings, leading them to conclude, "If comparable statistical results had been obtained through drugs, the news would have made medical headlines. Wrestling with God Many of the model prayers of the Bible indicate a fervor that would suggest that the people really meant business with God.

In-the-Gap Praying In-the-gap praying also speaks of an intensity of prayer that is awesome to consider. Lord, teach us to pray! Are you recognizing yourself in any of these situations? Newsletters Facebook Twitter Donate Contact. Blue Letter Bible is a c 3 nonprofit organization.

Cite this page MLA format. Share this page using one of these tools: Or email this page to a friend: In a nutshell, since Satan is neither omnipotent or omniscient, he has to delegate power to other spirit helpers who, assigned to particular projects or even geographical areas, carry out his schemes in the set field. Everest in Nepal, and that she was to lead a team of intercessors in a frontal attack on this power of darkness, who was none other than the Queen of Heaven.

Three teams one led by Doris Wagner then undertook the spiritual warfare mission to the Himalayas named "Operation Ice Castle" to combat the chief of all territorial demons, the "Queen of Heaven. He said that he was going to bring down the foundations of 'Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots. The ancient name of Everest is Sagarmata, meaning "Mother of the Universe. However I am really confused. Ana points to some world events which occurred within two weeks after the prophetic act at the throne of the Queen of Heaven which she senses have some connection: Everest was consecrated by Sir Edmund Hillary; and 5 Mother Theresa, one of the most visible advocates of exalting Mary as co-redemptrix and mediatrix, died in India.

Mother Theresa died on 5 th September , more than two weeks before Operation Ice Castle and, by the way, she was born in , which made her 87 years old when she died. Diana, Princess of Wales died as a result of injuries sustained in the Paris car accident on 31 st August , some three weeks before Operation Ice Castle. In any case she was no longer a member of the royal family, her marriage to Charles, the heir to the British throne, having ended in divorce on 28 August It was Charles who insisted that, as the mother of the presumed future king her son William , she be given a formal royal funeral;.

While I know nothing about Sir Edmund Hillary consecrating the mountain to the crown of England, it is widely known that he buried a tiny crucifix at the summit of the mountain, which was part of a rosary sent to him by Father Martin Haigh, of St Mary's Catholic Church, Broadfield Drive, Leyland. The Indonesian Forest Fires: While the major causes were unclear many blame the slash and burn techniques adopted by local farmers..

There is no doubt that, in , John Paul II convened an unprecedented inter-religious meeting and daylong fast and prayer against nuclear war in the Italian town of Assisi and that the Basilica of Assisi was badly damaged by an earthquake on September 26, Part of the vault collapsed, killing four people inside the church.

However, Italy has undergone at least one major earthquake in each of the last three decades. Not only was the Basilica completely restored, the earthquake did not exactly end the ecumenical meetings.

Spiritual Warfare: Understanding the Battle

A January 24, CNN. Religious leaders from around the world have joined Pope John Paul II for a daylong prayer for peace following the events of September Concerned by the impact of the U. Franciscan monks took down crosses from the walls and removed other religious objects from rooms in a U-shaped convent near St. Francis' tomb, where a number of the various religious guests will pray. In such cities, spiritual wickedness guards neighbors and communities. One does not have to be very discerning to see this is true.

On your next drive from the country into the city, see if you cannot discern a distinguishable cloud of oppression as you enter various regions of your community. That invisible barrier is the range of influence of the ruling spirits which manipulate the thought-life of the people. The demonic power of that area of influence is the "strong man, fully armed," who "guards his own homestead"; whose "possessions are undisturbed" Luke Regions and territories are not the only demon infested objects that are to be purged.

Apart from the belief that demons are transmitted through genealogical inheritance or family curses a whole other subject , many believe that dangerous demonic influences are transmitted through contact with physical objects such as artifacts dedicated to other gods evil spirits , perhaps because people involved with the occult have invited demons to occupy said object.

It is also often believed that demons occupy many places like health food stores that are linked to the occult or the New Age. Or that they can occupy an object like a building because a death or evil act was associated with it. This has been likened to a doctor using an X-ray to see what is not readily apparent on the surface.

Advocates quote 2 Corinthians 2: Spiritual Mapping supposedly ensures that intercessors are better equipped to specifically direct their prayers "smart-bomb" praying to the tearing down of particular strongholds. They never tire of pointing us in the direction of Matthew And then He will spoil his house'. C Peter Wagner and a million others interprets this verse as meaning. But once the territorial spirits are bound, the kingdom of God can flow into the territory and 'plunder the strong man's goods,' as it were.

Proponents maintain that spiritual warfare may be the single most important strategy we can utilize in reaching the unreached. Part of the paradigm shift came about because we intercessors sought God for more effective keys in spiritual warfare. The result was a wake-up call to the Body of Christ.

And the rest is history. Three Levels Of Spiritual Warfare: In the book Wagner says. Ground Level spiritual warfare involves casting demons out of people. Strategic Level spiritual warfare also called cosmic level spiritual warfare describes confrontation with high ranking principalities and powers such as Paul writes about in Ephesians 6: But we are not dealing with heresy, and we have enough biblical evidence to support varying positions, especially considering that we might interpret the same Scriptures in different ways. I will, however, claim that we do have sufficient biblical evidence to warrant:.

At the least , a working hypothesis that we can field test, modify and refine:. At the most , a significant, relatively new spiritual technology God has given us to meet the greatest challenge to world missions since William Carey went to India more than years ago. If this is the case refusing to use it on the part of some might be to run the risk of unfaithfulness to the Master. In Haggard had a book published called Primary Purpose: In his book The Three Battlegrounds, Frangipane says.

There are satanic strongholds over countries and communities; there are strongholds which influence churches and individuals A little earlier in the book Frangipane quotes 2 Corinthians All successful deliverance must begin by first removing that which defends the enemy. Then the mighty weapons of the Word and the Spirit can effectively plunder Satan's house. Pierce and Dutch Sheets: Pierce and Sheets traveled the 50 states rallying apostles, prophets, intercessors and entire churches to break the grip of demonic strongholds over the United States.

The book provided a detailed account of their journey to each state and what God revealed to them about each state. Despite their best efforts, missionaries have had only limited success in countries like China and India, both of which have enormous populations entrenched in pagan superstition and idol worship. There is little doubt that many missionaries feel that they have tried everything to little or no avail, which can not but result in total frustration.

This of course, is not limited to missionaries in foreign countries, but is often equally applicable to pastors of domestic churches. In his book Commitment to Conquer , he talks about his church which prayed every morning, five days a week for five years. In fact, if anything it was worse. Beckett then relates how he went to the Lord to seek answers and gradually began to be shown what the problem was.

We had simply sprayed prayers here and there, hoping they would hit a target. He then compares their intercession to the Gulf War and a satirical story circulating at the time about Saddam Hussein shooting off his missiles, then tuning to CNN to find out where they had hit! Beckett contrasts the Scud missiles with the 'smart bombs' of the allies that used specific coordinates to accurately hit their targets..

If we agree that we need to move with God for taking over a certain city, how will we know if and when we have succeeded? I think that a biblically rooted measure for success would be the birth of a new creation: If this is what the Bible expects of individuals who are transformed, why should we expect less of a city? Are there spirits that have jurisdiction of a particular territory?

Some specific principalities are mentioned. And the men of Babylon made Succoth-benoth, and the men of Cuth made Nergal, and the men of Hamath made Ashima, and the Avvites made Nibhaz and Tartak; and the Sepharvites burnt their children in the fire to Adrammelech and Anammelech, the gods of Sepharvaim. Pergamum, situated in what is present day Turkey. Pergamum was a renowned cultural and political center with a library, and medical facilities. However it was also a major center of pagan religion with impressive temples, including the Temple of Dionysos known in Rome as Baccus, god of wine , the famous horseshoe shaped altar of Zeus and the Temple of Serapis, built for the Egyptian Gods in the 2nd c.

It is not wonder that Jesus describes it as where Satan's throne is" and "where Satan dwells" although we do not know if Jesus meant this literally. I know where thou dwellest, even where Satan's throne is; and thou holdest fast my name, and didst not deny my faith, even in the days of Antipas my witness, my faithful one, who was killed among you, where Satan dwelleth. The Princes in Daniel 10 The Biblical illustration most commonly cited for the a existence of territorial spirits and b Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare, is Daniel And it is certainly is possible that the mentioned princes of Persia and Greece could be demons in charge of particular territories or kingdoms.

Since, on three occasions, Jesus referred to Satan as the prince of this world John Also this section of the book of Daniel does seem to give indication that certain demons have some kind of jurisdiction and power over particular territories on earth:. Then he an angel continued, "Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them.

But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days" Daniel Soon I will return to fight against the prince of Persia, and when I go, the prince of Greece will come'" Daniel Babylon was conquered by the Medes and Persians, who were in turn overthrown by the Greeks under Alexander the Great, but were eventually supplanted by the Roman Empire. In fact, even after the initial decree of Cyrus, things did not go well with the rebuilding project.

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We are told that they were successful throughout the reigns of Cyrus and Cambyses, and initially successful with Darius as well. So the opposition which continued for quite some time could very well be represented as a fight between the Persian rulers and the angel. This possibility is also pointed out in Spiritual power and missions: Perhaps this was what Daniel was praying about. It seems to be a fact that the Greeks generally allowed the Jews to run their state and initial interaction between the two cultures seemed to be very positive.

Certainly Alexander the Great is looked on with respect by the Jews among whom Alexander remains a Jewish name to this day. The fact remains that which ever way one looks at the passages in question, there is an enormous gap between what can be deduced from the text and what the advocates of territorial spirits teach. Of Daniel 10, Peter Wagner says. And it also shows us clearly that the only weapon Daniel had to combat these rulers of darkness was warfare prayer. With this hope, Daniel begins to pray for himself and his people, both confessing the sins of the nation for not obeying the voice of God, then petitioning the Lord to let His anger and wrath be turned away from His city, Jerusalem.

Note that some believe that at the time of Daniel 10, the first wave of Jewish captives would have already returned to Jerusalem. However while not wanting to be dogmatic about it, some of Daniels words seem to preclude this possibility. Jerusalem and thy people are become a reproach to all that are round about us. He was earnestly entreating the Lord to be merciful.

Daniels words in verses 18 and 19 are especially moving, epitomizing as they do repentance and the mercies of God. O my God, incline thine ear, and hear; open thine eyes, and behold our desolations, and the city which is called by thy name: O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive; O Lord, hearken and do; defer not, for thine own sake, O my God, because thy city and thy people are called by thy name. He did not, at any point, directly challenge the Princes of Persia or Greece. He does not discern, map, bind, or pray against a territorial spirit. In fact Daniel was blissfully unaware of any battle, leave alone who was fighting whom until his divine visitor later told him about it.

Scripture is being re-examined and re-written through the lens of experience, resulting in truths that can not be derived from Scripture alone. Verses in Scripture are being wrested out of context to back up preconceived theories.

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One of the most common verses of Scripture cited is 2 Corinthians For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but mighty before God to the casting down of strongholds ,. The problem here is that the stage for these two verses is set in the verse immediately preceding these V. He then goes on to say that though they have mortal bodies and lead normal human lives, the battle they are fighting is on the spiritual level. While he does not specify in verses 3 and 4 what the mighty spiritual weapons are that can "demolish strongholds" of evil, V.

Paul says it should be the aim of the Corinthians to bring all such thoughts and actions into submission to what God has revealed in His Word, which is obedience to Christ. Paul later enumerates the spiritual weapons in Ephesians 6: The sword of God's Word is even "sharper than any two-edged sword. In this passage, after seeing Jesus exorcise a man possessed with a demon and therefore blind and dumb [V. To this charge Jesus said no kingdom, or even city or house, that is divided against itself can stand, so if He was casting out demons by the power of Satan, it would mean that Satan is divided against himself, and his kingdom cannot stand.

Not only did Jesus point out the intrinsic absurdity of their argument, but showed that it might as well be applied to them as to him, inasmuch as if their argument was true, then their disciples who cast out devils must be in league with the devil as well [V. He then further illustrated what He is saying. In other words no one can break into the house of a strong man and take his property unless he first renders the man helpless. Certainly, there is coming a day when the strong man will be bound.

After he is loosed for a short while, "an angel coming down from heaven, having the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand" [Revelation In the meantime, the Bible teaches that Satan is "a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour" [1 Peter 5: Revelation13 says in the very last days Satan will have authority over every tribe, tongue, and nation.

In his book Commitment to Conquer mentioned earlier Bob Beckett says.