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Pinching myself to feel what's real I cannot detach my soul Perplexed as to how it freely burns trapped in an airless jail.

If a borderless boundary is vague yet firm Then how do the rules apply? Indeed, one place that order is found is in the chaos that some deny.

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Complex patterns can sometimes have meaning, even simple ideas with colour. An empowering thought for the beauty of the mind, is the endless journey inside.

The Third Eye - Poem by Captain Herbert Poetry

If you lock your mind away Never releasing that spirit you deny any chance of feeling connected; so "Expect the unexpected" Freedom in a transparent prison unafraid to peer over the edge. Tranquil indigo makes me want to go Toward the violent forms of flame. The third eyes notices when your sister messes up something and blames it on you.

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The third eyes notices when you tell you mom you are hungry but you're not. The third eyes notices when you're rdoing homework and a million other things at once. The third eyes sees when you lie to your friends and family.

Eye poem: right eye

The third eye sees when you bully your sister and tell your parents you didnt do anything.