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The other books out there are essentially fan collections.

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Fun for fans, but not nearly enough meat on the bone for grown-up readers who enjoy literary biographies. In short, there are some wonderfully literary books out there on great artists like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, etc.

And I include my earlier biography of Axl Rose, W. A book that plays no favors and just sets out to uncover the truth, on all levels.

Appetite for Destruction: Legendary Encounters with Mick Wall by Mick Wall

That the story itself was so good, even when it makes you flinch with pain to read parts of it, that it really was best to let it tell itself. Not from the perspective of one member or one person that used to work for them, but from everybody involved, the whole inglorious circus. How did that help you in writing Last of the Giants? It meant I never looked up to the band as a fan might.

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They were a little younger than me and for a long time I felt I was helping them. I was the first guy to play their records on the radio in the UK, the only guy in the UK and Europe to play their videos on my weekly TV show. By the time I began living in LA in , I would run into them all the time. Lend them money, buy them drinks.

Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction in 4 Minutes

Snort coke and fuck around. So I always felt like I knew them, the real them, and of course along the way I also got to know their circle. I still wish that. Including one of the last interviews Scott did before he died of an OD in I did about 50 different interviews in all with Alan Niven who took them from the Starwood to Giants Stadium and Doug Goldstein who took over in time for the mind-fucking Use Your Illusion tour. I deliberately made sure neither heard what the other had to say, in an effort to stay objective.

Just give them both as much space as I could for them to be themselves. The result was some of the most fascinating, hair-raising, skin-crawling, outrageously funny, brilliantly honest stories in the book. They helped transform the whole outlook of the book. Should old-school fans check out the new shows? This is last-chance-to-see time.

Appetite for Destruction: Legendary Encounters with Mick Wall

All the guys are now in their fifties. With his new tome, Wall s own sterling history in the biz is on show. It's a collection of Wall's interviews from the 's heyday of Kerrang! See how this stuff is meant to be done folks.

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  • The interest lies in the book's evocation of a time when hard rock was inseparable from hard living and devastation. Wall has enough ironic distance on it all to offer some interesting and amusing material. Beer-stained, ash-flecked rock reporting at its best. Rock journalism the way it should be. He lives in England. The Stories in Our Genes. My Life with Wagner. The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook: The Second World War: Guide To Better Acol Bridge.

    With an Introduction by John Miller.

    Appetite for Destruction by Mick Wall

    The Carl Rogers Reader. Books Mick Wall Appetite for Destruction. Download Image Download Image. More books by Mick Wall.