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I slowly began to learn that circumstances would never make me happy. Thinking in terms of. I knew that if I continued to focus on the end destination I would never really be happy.

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My focus should be on the journey itself rather than where I end up. I lowered my expectations. This may sound quite negative but it really helped me become a happier human. I have no idea how things are ever going to work out. However, if I have a perception in my head of how I believe they should work out and the reality does not match up with this perceived notion, it can lead to disappointment.

I learned to accept the outcome as it unfolds. Chances are that it will not quite live up to my expectations.

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If I go on a night out with friends and simply enjoy the night for what it is, I find it is much more enjoyable. This does not mean that I go with the flow all the time. If I have a goal or something I wish to achieve, then I work incredibly hard to make this a reality. Yet, I accept that there are many situations I cannot control.

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The more I try to exert control over these, the less happiness that is created. I enjoy the little joyous moment in my day. It can be easy to get caught up in the business of life and forget all the little joyous moments we can pause and enjoy. I love the feeling of sunshine on my face.

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I always close my eyes and savor the moment. I love taking time to sit and observe nature. In nature, everything works in perfect harmony, is effortless and makes sense.

It is utterly fascinating and a joy to watch. If I am eating, by I try to focusing solely on just that. Sarina 2, books view quotes. Mar 23, Mar 12, Jeni 0 books view quotes. Feb 21, Dennis 24 books view quotes.

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