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They did burn to death people and about people are still fighting with death, besides they hacked to death some intellectuals.

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Though it took three months but the present government controlled it successfully; and former prime minister Khaleda Zia is now the Abu Bakr al Baghdadi of Bangladesh. Despite the horrific violence, the present government of Bangladesh is going to act against them through a special tribunal.

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Khaleda, the Baghdadi of Bangladesh, which she has become, should be punished in any way. But the government is going to set up special tribunal for trial Khaleda and other Islamic terrorists. That shows, the government of Bangladesh is going to destroy the Islamic terrorists by the legal process, not the gun.

For what the Baghdadi of Bangladesh has done, the government could take any action against her, but they are instead going through the legal process to punish her. Despite the negative criticism, the present government of Bangladesh is so politically powerful that they are going to destroy the Islamic terrorism by the legal way, not the gun.

This absolute political power has made Bangladesh a politically stable country and it is going to enter a new stable political chapter. For this reason, it is the time in Bangladesh that politics is in shape and has to wait to see what baby bird will emerge from the egg. A new political baby will come very soon in Bangladesh because the heat of the incubator is in the last stage for breaking the egg.

So, now the question is what type of baby will come and how quickly the nestling will learn to fly? The pessimists say that if the era of Khaleda Zia is ended, the new baby will be a risky Islamic terrorist group. People and analysts can then ask, how much more dangerous can the face of the Islamic fundamentalist be, than what Khaleda already has?

For what Khaleda did, she is not only the Baghdadi of Bangladesh, rather more than Baghdadi. Besides that, they have to keep it in mind that the Muslims of Bangladesh are different from the Muslims of the world. Despite all the obstacles, Sheikh Hasina will win, because her weapon is culture not religion. Now a big stakeholder of Bangladesh is the business environment. Hasina is trying to convert her party from populist to business friendly.

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She is trying, but will not go to the optimum pro-business goal. Her party structure and supporters will not support her to give up the populist character. That is why, in Bangladesh, now the opposition of Hasina is the Islamic fundamentalist, who is not supported by the huge majority. They are merely a gang of Islamic terrorists.

So the space for the pro-business politics is still vacant. The new baby of politics will emerge in this pro-business space. After it emerges, the politics will take a proper shape. It will be like the Liberal and Conservative politics in UK. However, without doubt — breaking of the egg, emergence of the fledgling and its learning to fly, all will be created naturally. But every incident has to acknowledge the present situation.

So, the democratic world, including India, the biggest parliamentary democracy that is also a neighbor — has to play a role. If the democratic world can play the role correctly, obviously under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh will enter a new chapter of politics.

The violent, Islamist politics will then be history here. Then Bangladesh will be a truly democratic country. He can be reached at swadeshroy gmail. Swadesh Roy has aptly placed the position of the existing Awami League government.

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  8. He has equated the opposition leader with the leader of Islamic State in Iraq to defile a true opposition to the autocratic rule of the existing junta. Awami league created a flawed election commission that has sided and stole virtually all elections in Bangladesh in last couple of years. If an honest opinion poll is taken, it will reveal most Bangladeshis are unhappy with this Indian backed government. Roy has avoided the true picture of a security state that has been created by Indian hegemony. A quantitative study of the foraging ecology of Downy Woodpeckers.

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    Downy Woodpecker Picoides pubescens predation on the goldenrod gallmaker Eurosta solidaginis. Master's Thesis, Bucknell Univ.

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    Close Mecum , although winter foraging ecology has received the greatest emphasis. Some aspects of its breeding biology have been studied in detail, but basic questions, such as whether pairs can raise more than one brood per year or what hatching and fledging rates are, have yet to be answered. Most detailed ecological studies have been in the northern and eastern United States for example, Compton, D. A study of the Downy Woodpecker, Dryobates pubescens medianus. Master's Thesis, Cornell Univ.

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    Analysis of the acoustic signals of adult male and female Downy Woodpeckers Picoides pubescens. Master's Thesis, Eastern Kentucky Univ. Close Mahan and there have been 3 major studies of geographic variation in the species James, F. Close Ouellet a , JAJ.

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    A popular book Ritchison, G. Close Ritchison on the Downy Woodpecker includes numerous excellent photos of nestlings and adults showing diverse behaviors and presents an overall review of the life history of this appealing species. Downy Woodpecker Dryobates pubescens Order: Free Introduction Article Access The Introduction Article is just the first of 11 articles in each species account that provide life history information for the species. Subscribe Now Already a subscriber?