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She described the victim, how Fourniret had stalked her for weeks, how she had helped him lull the girl into their car, and how he alone disposed of the body at night. It was not until Monique began her second confession of the day — relating to another killing in Burgundy, this time in — that Nachbar knew he had won the day. With every word then uttered, the investigators heard her reveal the mystery of who raped and strangled the year-old British student teacher Joanna Parrish. It was a coup for the French team; it seemed they had cracked one of the longest-running murder cases still open in France, an investigation so badly bungled it had become a diplomatic embarrassment for the French authorities.

It was even the object of an internal justice-ministry inquiry into a possible cover-up. Joanna had disappeared from the centre of the ancient town of Auxerre during the early evening of May 16, Her naked body was found the next morning, floating in a river five miles from the town. No witnesses to the crime were ever found, and the only indication of what she endured came as a result of a postmortem.

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But he had previously denied committing other murders detailed by Olivier before finally admitting them. But the euphoria was to be short-lived. The quiet, polite couple lived there without suspicion, even briefly finding work in the local primary school as playground and canteen supervisors.

Fourniret was arrested for the kidnap of a year-old girl in the nearby town of Ciney, who earlier that afternoon had managed to escape from his van.

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Belgian police applied to the French for his criminal record, but none was found even though Fourniret had been convicted in France for separate crimes of paedophilia, exhibitionism and serious sex assaults. One sample, they suspected, belonged to Thumpong. They believe that was why Monique Olivier, frequently questioned about Fourniret and whose lawyer was informed of the move, decided the game was up.

On June 28 she agreed to give a statement, one that was to stun the Belgians. The murders began in Confronted with the statements, Fourniret was to confirm and eventually add to them. This was later overruled as non-applicable to serial killings. He even swore on the head of his grandchildren that he did not commit the more recent crimes, before finally giving way. In a ping-pong trail of statements, their corroborating accounts provided irrefutable evidence of their involvement in the crimes; Fourniret later led police to the bodies that had never been found, directing earth-diggers like an enthusiastic works foreman to within inches of the secret burial spots in the tree-lined park of their former home, a chateau in the Ardennes.

The pair agreed on seven murders in France and one in Belgium, along with miscellaneous crimes including assaults and armed robbery. The Belgian and French investigators remain certain that they have revealed only the tip of an unfathomed iceberg. But in , Belgium agreed to hand them over to France for a trial now planned for autumn this year. When the French first tried this, they decided Fourniret was ruled out. Her parents were back on the rollercoaster. A qualified draughtsman, who by his early thirties ran his own tool-making business near Paris, Michel Fourniret was an expert handyman whose hobby, DIY, disguised his gravedigging.

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Fourniret was 24 when he was first convicted, for abducting and abusing a year-old girl in his native town of Sedan in the Ardennes. After two further convictions, he was arrested in for a series of kidnaps and sex attacks on teenage girls and young women in the Paris region, and placed in preventive detention. That was when Monique Olivier, twice married and with two estranged children, found his small ad in a weekly Catholic magazine appealing for a penpal.

In June he was finally tried for 11 sex assaults and given a prison sentence of seven years, two of them suspended. Having already served three years awaiting trial, and being a model prisoner, he was released early for good conduct four months later. They immediately set up home in northern Burgundy, in the village of St Cyr-les-Colons. No witnesses were ever found, despite her route following a busy commuter road along which lay two secondary schools spilling out children for the weekend break. Olivier drew up alongside Laville and asked directions, convincing her to get in and show her the way; Fourniret was already waiting further along the road with a jerry can, posing as a stranded motorist whom Olivier then obligingly stopped for.

Fourniret and Olivier said they found the well by accident. The well was within a closed brick transformer building — he could not have known what was in there. In early May , two weeks before she was due to return home, the year-old placed three adverts in a local weekly freesheet, Le 89; one was to sell an electric plate, another offered private English tuition, and the other, baby-sitting services. By May 10, a man who has never been identified had called to ask her to give English lessons to his young teenage son.

There they met for the first time with the two French examining magistrates leading the investigations into all the suspected crimes of Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier, including the murder of Joanna. With them was Bernard Kinsella. Fourniret and Olivier had by then been extradited to France, and the French prosecuting authorities were pressing to bring the pair swiftly to trial for the seven murders on the charge sheet in His wife, meanwhile, had by then also accused Fourniret of killing several baby-sitters they employed in the early s at their home in Sart-Custinne.

The Sunday Times has now learnt that Olivier had by then even given a second statement entirely confirming her February confession and specifically naming Joanna Parrish as the victim. But today, more than a year later, Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier have still not been formally placed under investigation for the murder. Last month they were finally sent or trial, planned for later this year, on the seven other counts of murder. The half-hearted investigation, in which there has never been any public appeal for information, has still not established two crucial points: In the couple set up home in the Ardennes town of Floing, miles from Auxerre, while keeping, unoccupied, the house in St Cyr-les-Colons.

A former neighbour and friend of the couple in Floing recalled how they often left on trips of several days during this period. In her statement, Olivier said they abducted Joanna after a failed attempt during the same period to seize another young woman in Auxerre. Belgian investigators have established that the couple used newspaper ads to recruit baby-sitters. When she asked Fourniret if he needed help, he bluntly replied that he wanted to sodomise her — an act the postmortem concluded Joanna had endured.

He was released with a caution — and four months later murdered Natacha Danais in Nantes. They would indeed be tried for these crimes, but Nachbar told the families that he had no intention of trying the couple for the murder of Joanna, nor any of the other crimes they had not confessed to — simply because they could take years to solve. That decision meant that the already twice-postponed trial could proceed without further delays. It came days after Fourniret and Olivier were committed for trial.

Dark says the first results from low-copy-number analysis could be had within weeks of the evidence arriving in Britain, expected later this month. But now there are fears that some of the evidence, scattered across several locations in France, may be lost. By all accounts, it is also the last. Fourniret 'fit to stand trial'. The year-old carpenter, who is accused of killing 10 people in Belgium and France between and , was examined by psychiatrists over the summer on the order of a Belgian magistrate. Dinant prosecutor Arnoud d'Aspremont Lynden told Le Soir the psychiatric report confirmed Tourniret was responsible for his actions and therefore did not need to be taken to a mental institution.

It looks likely now that Fourniret, who newspapers have dubbed 'the Ogre of the Ardennes' and 'the French Dutroux', will face trial in Reims because most of his crimes were committed in France. He has admitted to nine of the murders, those of eight girls and women and of a French male motorist, who he said he shot for money.

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Among his victims was Belgian year-old Elisabeth Brichet whose body was dug up in the Ardennes forest, on the Belgian-French border, at a chateau owned by Fourniret. However, he continues to deny his wife Monique Oliver's accusation that in he also murdered a young blonde woman, who the couple allegedly hired as an au pair. Fourniret has claimed since his arrest in June that he did not kill anyone between and Investigators are due to carry out searches for the body of the au pair at a lake at Rienne, near Sart-Custinne, where the couple used to live.

France haunted by spectre of serial killing as anger mounts over policing. As one multiple murderer's deeds are revealed, fear grows of a possible second. The streets of Colmar will be teeming but silent this afternoon as hundreds of mourners file through its picturesque centre to mount a wordless demonstration of their horror at the latest serial killings to strike France. The march through this small town near the German border has been organised by relatives of Julie Scharsch, 14, who disappeared this month while cycling near her home. Her half-naked body was found in a stream last weekend.

Mixed up with their grief, her family are angry that Pierre Boudein, the suspect arrested in connection with the murder, was released early from a previous prison sentence in May. Investigators are looking at whether he might have been responsible for the deaths of two other women in recent weeks. The corpses of two more girls murdered by a prolific killer were also dug up last weekend, in a chateau near the French-Belgian border. Michel Fourniret, 62, has admitted murdering nine people, seven of them young girls, and police believe he may be responsible for many more deaths.

He killed his victims after being freed from jail without proper supervision. As the details of both cases fill the pages of French magazines, illustrated with the smiling images of young female victims, a new debate has been triggered over the failures of the French judicial system. Furious newspaper editorials have demanded to know how it was that Boudein, 56, known in the media as Pierrot le Fou , who had spent 35 years of his life being ferried between mental institutions and prisons, was not more closely supervised on being freed, and how was it that Fourniret dubbed the "Ogre of the Ardennes" , with a history as a sex offender, notched up a terrible tally of victims over the course of three decades without attracting the attention of police.

Accused of neglecting to protect the nation's children from repeat killers, the government has rushed this week to publish new proposals outlining stricter surveillance of persistent sex offenders. Meanwhile, new excavations are expected over the next few days as the search for bodies continues. Polite and reserved, an autodidact who studied the basics of Russian and was equally fond of classical music, DIY and chess, Fourniret had managed to conceal the worst of his crimes from police until last week.

The exposure of his prolific career as a child abductor and killer came as an unexpected consequence of the sentencing of fellow paedophile and murderer Marc Dutroux last month. Fourniret's ex-wife, Monique Olivier, was horrified when she heard on the news in late June that Dutroux's wife had been given a year sentence for the role she played. Apparently afraid that she might be subjected to a similar punishment if she failed to come forward first, Ms Olivier, 55, decided to end years of loyal silence and contacted police.

She gave them the names and dates of 10 murders she claimed her husband had committed; eight of the victims were, she alleged, teenage girls. When questioned by Belgian police in the prison where he was already serving a sentence for attempted child abduction, Fourniret, a father of five, tried initially to deny the crimes before relenting and admitting to nine of the killings.

The minutiae of his regular "virgin hunting" sessions, which emerged from his wife's testimony, have been leaked to the French media. The two had a series of ruses for picking up their victims: From time to time, they would bring their baby son with them in the van as bait, using him as a pretext to ask women to get in to help them find a doctor for their sick child. Fourniret's career would have continued had it not been for the resourcefulness of a year-old Belgian, Maria-Ascension, who managed to untie herself in the back of his white van after her kidnap last year and leap out during a pause at a traffic lights.

Before escaping she had asked him: I'm worse than him. Heavily guarded and wearing a bullet-proof vest for his own protection, Fourniret was transferred on Thursday to a high-security prison in Belgium, where questioning continues. Detectives are trying to establish what happened in the missing years between and We are far from that number. French police, working in con junction with colleagues across the border, have this week reopened 30 murder inquiries to search for similarities.

Among them is the case of Joanna Parrish, an English language assistant at an Auxerre lycee, who went missing aged 21 on May 16 According to her friends, she had organised a rendezvous with a man who had told her he wanted to find someone to give English lessons to his son. Her naked body was found the next day. DNA testing has already been requested by her family's lawyer to see whether samples taken from her corpse might match Fourniret. The unease stirred up by reports of Fourniret's crimes has been compounded by the unfolding of the parallel investigation into Bodein.

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Detectives were yesterday analysing similarities between the murder of Julie and those of Jeanne-Marie, 11, whose body was pulled from a ditch in the same area last month, and of Hedwige Vallee, 38, whose stabbed corpse was discovered nearby, also in June. The unfortunate coincidence of events has forced the government to unveil new proposals for improvements in the way France deals with repeat offenders.

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This has launched a widespread debate on whether recidivists should be allowed reductions in their sentences for good behaviour, and on the use of electronic tagging and the need for greater education for psychiatrists in the sphere of sexual offences. Human rights activists have warned that this may prove a kneejerk response to the simmering public hysteria, and that some of the measures would harm the prospects of those prisoners determined to reform. However, the crowds who are expected in Colmar this afternoon for a demonstration of public anger will think differently.

Julie's family lawyer told French radio that marchers would be demanding stricter early release limits on "particularly hardened or dangerous prisoners". Groix was found to be lodging suspected members of the ETA in his home; police suspected that Danais had found out about this. Two months later, Groix committed suicide in his prison cell. He was reported to have been unable to bear the burden of having been accused of murder.

Michel Fourniret admitted that he committed two more murders in France between and , after a ten-year break. Driving with her back to Belgium, he blackmailed her into having sex with him before strangling her with a rope and dumping her body in a forest in Sugny, Vresse-sur-Semois. He invited her to come to his house and play with his son.

Accepting this offer, Thumpong climbed into the car and was driven to Nollevaux, Paliseul , where Fourniret strangled her. Thumpong's remaining bones were found on 1 March In February , Fourniret confessed to killing two more women in Auxerre: Two French journalists have suggested that Fourniret killed former Minister for Labour Robert Boulin who was involved in a real estate scandal at the time , based on a letter Fourniret wrote to Olivier.

There are suspicions that Ranucci may not actually have been the killer although he confessed, his confession was later retracted. It has been suggested that Fourniret may have been involved as Fourniret was in the area at the time and had practically the same car as Ranucci. Analysis of photographs, however, suggest that the man in photographs produced as evidence could not have been Fourniret.

Fourniret was also named the "Virgin hunter". Although it is unclear where this nickname came from, it is alleged that Olivier promised Fourniret to help hunt "virgins" for sport, in return for Fourniret helping Olivier to murder her first husband which never took place. Rachida Dati the then French Minister for Justice, who advocated legal reforms in France, wanted a more relaxed attitude to preventative custody and parole under supervision.

She was heavily criticised by the judiciary. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sedan , Ardennes , France. Retrieved 19 April Retrieved 17 February Retrieved 24 April Le Figaro in French.

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Agence Bretagne Presse in French. Retrieved from " https: Earlier Monday, the man dubbed the "Ogre of the Ardennes" repeated his threat to "boycott" the trial if it was not held behind closed doors. When the presiding judge asked him if had anything to say about the events of June , when Marie was abducted, Fourniret replied: In a letter sent to his son Selim, Fourniret reportedly furnished the details of what he planned to do to Marie had she not fled.

The charges against the couple state that Olivier played a key part in many of her husband's meticulously planned schemes to abduct young women. Fourniret was charged earlier this month in two other cases that do not feature in the current trial -- the murder of British student Joanna Parrish and the killing of Frenchwoman Marie-Angele Domece. Discover how to save time and money, by managing your finances and overseas transactions with ease.

Join the event for pursuing an international career in the Netherlands, featuring a range of employers and presentations. Wife of French 'serial killer' denies murder pact 1st April , 0 comments "A pact was never signed between us, there was no agreement," Monique Olivier told the judge on the third day of Fourniret's trial for the kidnap, rape and murder.