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Never mind that his predictions of starvation and disease as a result of population growth have been thoroughly discredited by world history since then.

Parent vs A-hole Philosopher: Childfree or Not? Is It Selfish to Have Kids?

Last, a senior writer at the Weekly Standard, believes the real crisis America faces is not its national debt or any looming fiscal crisis. Instead, it is its fertility rate, or lack thereof.

Today, that rate is 1. The replacement rate is 2. Unless we make more babies, the nation is in for a world of trouble. Some places in the world already face this crisis.

Is overpopulation a problem? |

In shrinking Singapore, the report noted, the government is offering cash premiums for children, with greater amounts going to those with multiple kids. The United States is, of course, not shrinking. Birthrates are falling south of the border. The entire world is voluntarily going infertile. Demographers, Last said, believe world population will peak in about 60 to 70 years, then begin to decline. The result will be a population that skews toward the elderly, without enough young workers to support them. Last uses data to argue that population growth leads to innovation, invention and conservation.

Commodity prices have come down, diseases have been cured, and water and air have become cleaner.

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Only when our conversation turns to a solution does Last become uncertain. Neither liberals nor conservatives have one, he said. Religion holds a big key. Let us, commence the list: Global Warming - Too many people, too many pollutants released into the atmosphere. I think we all know the consequences of this? Rising sea levels is just one of many. Global natural resource depletion - Too many people, massive overuse of oil, natural gas, coal and every other finite resource which will result in the world literally running out of its majority used non-renewable resource fuel.

Bee's dying out - Too many people, too many pollutants, bees and other insects are rapidly dying out. Yeah, right now there is space and resources for everyone, it's just distributed poorly. What about when there is 10 billion or 12 billion or 20 billion or 40 billion. You want to know what happens then? We all die and a few thousand people that are rich beyond belief will be fat and lazy eating all of the food that we won't have.

Then we all die. If we don't fix the problem, it will fix itself. Every single day the earth loses resources that one day might be everything we need to depend on. Conflicts and wars will start if we don't fix the problem. Earth is not a matter of joke its what we humans depend on. Every single family in this planet can have a house with a yard and fit into Texas.

The overpopulation myth

This is just a small part of the Earth, which means that we have enough land and space for even more than 7billion people to live in. A lot of people are trying to prove that we are overpopulated by giving examples of some urban overcrowded areas, which only happen in cities, not everywhere.

This happens because people from lots of different places come, not because people are rapidly reproducing. People say we have too many people on Earth that food production cannot keep up. Agricultural experts believe that Africa could feed the whole world all by itself by using modern farming methods. The WFP listed the key causes of hunger, and they did not have overpopulation on the list.

Overpopulation? We should be so lucky

Poverty was already a problem where there were only a few people in the world. The population of poor people had actually decreased as population has grown. Human beings are not only consumers; we are also producers as well. The science proves that we get more and better access to the goods and services that they need as the population grows, since the people get better opportunity to have a better life in urban cities as the technology develops and the population increases. A population density map has so much more low density of population areas than areas than are very densely populated.

But even within that area, if we are all together, with a house and a yard we only take up about the size of Texas, which is a very tiny corner of the entire world. And the modern technology is developing rapidly, that by the time we reach the population with a massive number, the technology would be improved that we might be able to live in oceans, forests or even outer space! Did we think or knew that we would be able to be like this these days? With rockets in the outer space, being able to travel to the moon and fly around?

No, overpopulation is not a problem, because there are still many, many places in the world that are uninhabited.

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There is plenty of food in the world to feed everyone, it is just distributed poorly. There are very few people in most of the United States, such as in Montana, or Iowa. People who think we are overpopulated live in big cities. A few generations ago—in the US and other westernized countries anyway—families had far more children. This was an insurance policy. More kids died young back then, so having more of them ensured some would survive.

Medicine improved, as did infrastructure and a whole lot of other things that stave off infant mortality, so birth rates fell as a result. However, not all countries have experienced this trend at the same time. Iran and Bangladesh are currently stabilizing, while many lower GDP nations are still a little way off. Over time, Kurzgesagt predicts things will even out everywhere and the exponential increase in population will begin to dip. This has been your obligatory piece of uplifting news to round out an unremittingly awful year.

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  • Capitalist oligarchs run businesses with profits higher than many countries. Music and art are no longer viable careers. The internet is overrun by abusive trolls and fundamentalists. Overpopulation is just something that a few people got scared about and made it public, while in actual fact, many places around the world are not inhabited but are still habitable.

    There are plenty of places to live in the later years to come, maybe we might even live in Antarctica if it moved up a bit! Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic.