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The courage of Captain Plum Author s: Tutis Digital Pub Availability: Fredonia Books NL Availability: James Oliver Curwood Publisher: James Oliver, Curwood Publisher: American Adventure Classics Book 1 Author s: American Cowboy Books Availability: Library of Alexandria Availability: Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. I think some of the Mormons felt the same way about Strang and his followers.

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Charles, I'll be interested in hearing what you think of it. Oscar, thanks for this information; I had assumed Strang and the Beaver colony were fictional, but a little research and I would have known better.

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This makes the novel even more of a curiosity. Well mixed with all the adrenalin is a head-spinning concoction of romantic and sexual appetites.

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James Oliver Curwood has given us a book intended for just about every prurient interest. Far-fetched as all this may sound, it has some basis in history. Escape through the swamp In the novel, Mormons are a nasty cult, and Strang is their cruel spiritual leader and monarch.

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Charismatic and cunning, he is a violent tyrant, with six wives and plans for a seventh. While his name suggests the stranglehold he has on the hearts and minds of his followers, he also has a reputation as a ravager of peaceable settlements elsewhere. Plum, the young captain of a sloop loaded with barrels of gunpowder, comes ashore on the island with plans to put Strang out of business.

The Courage of Captain Plum

The two men escape through island marshes with baying bloodhounds in hot pursuit. The Mormons beat them back and take Nathaniel and Neil prisoner. Thrown into a dank cell, they await certain execution. The young captain is distraught.

The Courage of Captain Plum by James Oliver Curwood

Taken from the prison in the dead of night, the two men are rowed to the mainland where they are tied to stakes and left to die from strangulation, choked by leather thongs around their necks. Returning to the island, Plum arrives in time for yet another armed assault, this time by a force of U. Historically, the novel is set at a time of open hostility between the U. The Mountain Meadows Massacre occurred the following year, in As Curwood represents them, they embody the darkest imaginings of the general public—cruelty, violence, and sexual excess.

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Except for brief references to Joseph Smith and Mormon settlements in Kirtland, Ohio, and Nauvoo, Illinois, he shows no evidence of having researched Mormonism itself.