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The two men vanish into their separate worlds, Richard with his churchy wife and children in Sudbury Hill, Abe with his sister in the house they've inherited from their father in Kensal Rise. If we expect action, we'll be disconcerted.

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Janet Davey's subtle and challenging third novel, set in a carefully mapped London and its environs, begins and ends at Paddington, the place of transients. Its events mimic the blurred, unheroic something-and-nothing of real life, in which coincidences just fail to happen, big chances are missed, phone calls are not answered, and people inhabit a state of chronic ordinariness, "all right, neither better nor worse, like a packet of sugar at the back of a cupboard".

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Jogged out of the usual in a chain reaction, characters achieve a flustered and largely inarticulate state of uncertainty, as change ripples unsatisfactorily along a group, setting up a paltry kinesis that peters out in insights that fall short of revelation. I kept waiting for the plot to unfold.

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It refused to oblige. At every crisis, the author dodges exciting upshots, withholds romantic gratification. In its costively subversive way The Taxi Queue attempts something radical with the fictional form: Passing the point of view from one character to another, however minor, Davey realises a world in which what happens today is determined by the routine muddle of yesterday. When change occurs, it triggers false surmise and misdirection. Richard's wife, Vivienne, finding a card with a phone number, concludes that her husband is seeing another woman.

Richard hunts for Abe in the unfamiliar regions of Harrow, where he locates he is certain of it Abe's house: His reaction is to stay away.

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Chapters later Laura McDermott, a violin teacher, is surprised to be visited by a young man who thinks she might be called Kirsty. Taxi rank - definition of taxi rank by The Free Dictionary https: Switch to new thesaurus. American cab a car, usually fitted with a taximeter, that can be hired with its driver, especially for short journeys: I took a taxi from the hotel to the station. The plane taxied along the runway.

There is a taxi rank at the railway station.

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References in periodicals archive? The year-old fiend, who cannot be named for legal reasons, repeatedly punched Christopher McNeilly at a taxi rank in the town's Gilmour Street.

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Teen thug knocked out Good Samaritan over taxi call row; court Victim left scarred for life after vicious attack in Paisley. TWO taxi drivers were allegedly attacked at a Sunderland taxi rank. The year-old man was kicked in the head by a group of men at a taxi rank on Ranelagh Street in the early hours of Saturday morning. I found this increasingly alarming, along with the fact that the taxi rank was not there either.