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Trust in yourself and remember that the beauty is in the journey. Who is it that you want to be?

Realizing Your True Nature

We each have something very special to offer. What are your gifts and how can you share them with the world? Be strong and sure of who are you are. Let your true colors show Get out of your cocoon Take yourself lightly Look for the sweetness in life Take time to smell the flowers Catch a breeze!

Click on a card to see your timely advice from bear, owl, mountain, tree, dolphin, eagle, and many other friends of nature. Whenever you see a green leaf like this one, click to learn more about Your True Nature and the wildlife around it. Individual trees are connected underground by their extensive root system making it a single organism that lives for thousands of years!

My week in Costa Rica was nothing short of life-changing. Walking in with zero expectation, I was ready for anything. Along the way I found a host of new friends, new adventures, and new insights on how to live a more mindful, sustainable, and positive life as I move on from this experience. I am forever indebted to True Nature and Costa Rica for this humbling experience.

I have found myself again. I loved the bond that I have made with several of the other people in the group. I have made many friends for life.

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Seeing how little acts of kindness goes so far makes me want to do more to change the world for the better. The service work we did really opened my eyes to what is needed in a new part of the world. I help out in my community but now I want to help as many places as possible. The evening circle should be a nightly thing.

Realizing Your True Nature | Dharma Wisdom

I feel that it made everyone bond. Parasailing awakened my soul. I saw the beach for the first time and it was life changing. Everything about the trip was great for my heart and soul. I feel like I am closer to God, nature, and humanity. I had no idea what I was signing up for.

This trip was amazing! I got so much more than what I was expecting. The service work was absolutely humbling and put many things in perspective. The group I was in was amazing and I feel like we all bonded as a family. I have 21 new friends.

Living Landscapes

Sergeant Schmid's actions reveal the wonderment and pain of what it means to realize one's true nature. While in prison waiting to be executed, Schmid wrote to his wife of the horror of seeing children beaten as they were herded into ghettos to be shot: I could not think and had to help them. In one of life's many paradoxes, witnessing the Nazis' acts of inhumanity was the gift that opened Schmid to a deep, spontaneous realization of his true nature and led to his self-sacrificing actions. I don't mean something extraordinary by this, but rather the ordinary humanness of his act.

What he did was simply help people who were being brutally mistreated. This impulse to spontaneously help seems to arise out of the essence of human nature. It happens millions of times each day among family members, friends, and even between complete strangers. But Schmid's story stands out because so few others came to the aid of Germany's Jews in those terrible years, and because it not only meant his death but also that he died a traitor in the eyes of his government.

Each of us can only pray that we too can "behave as a human being" when we encounter the challenges that lie in our life's path. It was Schmid's ability to meet an extraordinary situation with an ordinary human response that reveals a critical point about finding your true nature. So often there is a feeling that spiritual growth means achieving some extraordinary, other-worldly, blissed-out state where you are somehow transported out of daily life. This view leads you to constantly search for the next spiritual high.

Or you feel that with all your commitments and responsibilities you have little opportunity for developing your inner nature. Both of these views reflect an error in perception. It is your daily life that is the raw material for your spiritual development. The fight over who washes the dishes, the desire to make more money, the jealousy over what another has, the pain of losing loved ones, or the discomfort of one's own aging or ill health are not impediments to inner development.

Rather they are the grist for the mill that will slowly grind up your ignorance and all else that hinders you from knowing your true nature.

You Are Not Your Worst Traits

But like Schmid you must be willing to submit to the process. Many people fail to distinguish between their true nature and their personality traits, particularly their less desirable traits. The fact is you are not the worst characteristics of your personality. It is the nature of the untrained mind to want what it perceives as advantageous and to fear or hate what seems painful.

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  4. Discovering how your heart and mind can work together to use these feelings allows you to move beyond them and start to experience the kind of freedom that Schmid found. He was thrust into discovering his true nature, and this allowed him to act against what seemed his own self-interest to "not think," in his words. It is not an easy task.

    You may feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of your present life or bound by past traumatic events. Again, this is a failure in perception. They are just mind-states which can be known. They can be seen as impermanent and not belonging to you and, therefore, they do not ultimately define your true nature.

    A spiritual practice can provide you with the knowledge and discipline to investigate and work with these conditions. You have to discover that this is true for yourself, for you will not ultimately believe what someone else tells you. You can do this investigation within the parameters of your present life. There is no need to wait until you can go to a monastery or get your life more together.

    YANNI - True Nature

    The intensity of your desires and fears can be a source of energy that propels you to look more deeply for that which really matters. Roger Cohen, the reporter who wrote the article about Schmid, quoted Germany's current defense minister as saying at the dedication of the army base: Does this not apply equally to your personal history? You do not have a choice about your personal history. For reasons of heredity, chance, environmental circumstances, and your own actions, your life is as it is at this time. But, you can choose from your history those things that will lead you to a deeper relationship with your true nature.