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If you haven't read this series, I would not recommend starting with this one. View all 12 comments.

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Oct 30, Anne Goldschrift rated it it was ok. Abgebrochen auf Seite ! Der erste Teil war absurd, aber okay, aber der zweite Teil Three houses, three dead families. The killer also left a couple things for Smoky…. The hits just keep on coming as it becomes clear a complex, insidious plan has been in the works for years. Those responsible have a simple goal. They just want you to tell the truth. I was a quarter of the way through before my heart rate returned to normal.

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There is a mountain of information to sift through with tentacles that stretch in surprising directions. Real life events of the past 30 years figure into the plot which adds an uneasy truth to the story. This entry has a different, less linear format than previous books in the series. Hence, the following warning.

I have to give Mr. Despite many scenes that made me squirm, I kept reading because I HAD to know how it would all play out. Do people like this exist? God, I hope not. But in the end, after so much darkness, there is hope beaming out of the final pages.

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View all 19 comments. Not my favourite of this series - certainly waited long enough for it to be published! To say I was disappointed, would be correct. Would have liked less sermon and more action like the other books. Extremely wordy book - am wondering if it was all Not my favourite of this series - certainly waited long enough for it to be published!

Extremely wordy book - am wondering if it was all just filler which it seemed to be for me for a preset number of pages in a book. Oct 09, Sebastian rated it liked it. Hochschwanger in den Wahnsinn Fangen wir mal ganz von vorne an: Smoky und ihr Team werden nach Denver abkommandiert, wo eine Familie brutal ermordet und auf bizarre Weise in ihrem Haus zur Schau gestellt wurde.

Nur so viel sei gesagt: Droht Smoky Barrett zu zerbrechen? Keine Sorge, man bekommt zwar einen Abschluss geboten, muss aber nun wahrlich kein Hellseher sein um vorauszusagen, dass dieser Fall wohl in Zukunft noch einmal auf Smokys Schreibtisch landen wird. Auch bleibt durch den starken Fokus auf Smoky selbst leider der Rest des Teams ein wenig auf der Strecke — mit einer kleinen Ausnahme. Feb 13, Luke Cumbo rated it it was amazing.

I NEED this book when is it available in English and Cody's previous book the innocent bone quite annoyed by the lack of information but love Cody's writing style and Smokey Barrett and team just want to read them!!!!!! Answers please Cody, im an excited fan please let me know when I can read your amazing works of art??????? View all 7 comments. Jan 07, Laura von Eden rated it liked it Shelves: Sehr langatmige Passagen, Smoky ging mir wirklich sehr auf die Nerven. Nov 01, Patrizia rated it did not like it Shelves: Leider ist diesem aber nicht so und nicht zuletzt hatte ich mich auch noch wahnsinnig auf dieses Buch gefreut.

Diese beginnt zu Anfang sogar noch recht vielversprechend, ich dachte mir: Da gab es einfach so viele Konstruktionen, die mir vollkommen unauthentisch erschienen. Nur um mal ein Beispiel von vielen zu nennen: Mir ist schon klar, dass man sich im 7. Ein bisschen zu viel Risiko, wenn ihr mich fragt. Das Motiv Der Mensch ist des Menschen Wolf ist wahrhaftig nicht neu, aber hauptsache man wirft eine Abartigkeit nach der anderen in den Mixer, um daraus den Cocktail mit dem besonders hohen Ekelfaktor zu machen - Sinnhaftigkeit?

Und wo war da jetzt bitte der rote Faden? In Die Stille vor dem Tod erscheint diese Aufarbeitung meiner Meinung nach nur als eine Aneinanderreihung von bereits bekannten Katastrophen, die sie erlebt hat. Also beschloss ich mir vorlesen zu lassen. Ich bin mehrmals bei Kapitel 20 eingenickt. I received this book through NetGalley. German and english review Es sind vier Jahre her, seit dem ich den vierten Teil in der Serie gelesen habe.

Mir zittern immer noch die Knie und mir ist ganz schwindlig von den Wendungen, die es in dem Buch gab. Ich hab die ganzen Charaktere echt vermisst First things first: Ich hab die ganzen Charaktere echt vermisst. Aber ich gebe eine kurze Inhaltsangabe: Schlag auf Schlag, sind Dinge passiert, die ich nicht habe kommen sehen. Und dann alles was zum Ende hin passiert ist?! Ich komme damit immer noch nicht klar und bin so erschrocken.

Now it finally happened and I could experience the fifth book. And what an experience it has been.

My knees are still shaking and I'm still a bit dizzy from all the twists and turns that the book had to offer. But it was just amazing to read about Smoky, her family and her team again. I really missed all these characters. Overall, I won't say really that much about the story. It's a thriller and I think they are much more enjoyable when you know nothing much about what is happening and what's in store for you. But a short summary: She and her team have just been summoned to a baffling scene in Denver: In a suburban cul de sac, two seemingly happy families have been slaughtered and carefully displayed.

This leads Smoky into an enormous underground bunker and a plot that threads through the entire community. And then…well, this is a crime that will grip the world. Smoky went through some serious stuff in this book. And not just she did, but I as a reader felt like being there with her every step of the way.

That was a rollercoaster ride where most of the time you just keep rushing towards the ground and you can't seem to get a break to catch your breath. Blow upon blow, things happened so fast, that I didn't see coming at all. And everything that happened towards the end?! I still can't deal with some of the things that happened and I'm so shoked. Although, I got really nervous when I realized there weren't enough pages left for us to get real closure at the end, that there were still some things left open that will have to wait until the next book.

I'm so excited for the next book and how things will develope on the hunt for big bad. Hopefully we won't have to wait that long again. Was war das eigentlich??? Aber das war's auch schon. Unterm Strich kann sowas auch interessant sein und funktionieren, hat aber meiner Meinung nach in einem Thriller nicht viel verloren. Denn bei einem Genre, dessen Hauptmerkmal "Spannung" ist, ist auf diese Weise leider ganz schnell die Luft raus.

Spannung erzeugen auf Biegen und Brechen: View all 4 comments. I received a free iBook copy of this novel, just as well or I would have felt I had wasted my money. Having read all the previous novels in the series I was really looking forward to The Truth Factory after such a long wait but I was sadly disappointed. The premise of the novel is excellent with 3 families living next door to each other all brutally murdered and Smokey and the team flying in to Colorado to investigate where they are ambushed. After that it goes downhill with a poo I received a free iBook copy of this novel, just as well or I would have felt I had wasted my money.

After that it goes downhill with a poor execution, limited resolution of any issues and a cliffhanger at the end paving the way for a second part to the story. The first problem I see with the novel is the first person narration which involves all sorts of touchy-freely emotions and boring discussions of theory. It also allows for a lot of padding and unnecessary discussion. The second problem, although maybe not a problem as much as a criticism, is that it is an extremely violent, nasty novel and all the love shared between Smokey, her family and friends seems saccharine in comparison.

I don't envy Mr McFadyen his imagination. The third problem I have lies in the plotting.

Download e-book for kindle: Flucht vom Waterberg: Roman (German Edition) by Dietmar Beetz

I don't think I'm stupid but I found it hard to follow the links they made to arrive at their conclusions, especially after long and unnecessarily detailed expositions on problem analysis and game strategy. Would I read the follow up to The Truth Factory? Yes, if it were more like the first four novels in the series, no, if it were more of the same. I think my earlier comments said enough so my low rating should not surprise anyone. The sad thing is, the story starts really exciting and the case has a lot of potential.

These chapters are not insignificant to the story as a whole, but also what comes later just wasn't as exciting as I had hoped it would be. For me this was too analytical, felt too much like reading a text I think my earlier comments said enough so my low rating should not surprise anyone. For me this was too analytical, felt too much like reading a text book with lots of examples for different anomalies, to be exciting.

The true extent of how tiring such writing can be for me was obvious when I read in bed at night, when the only options were to continue reading or go to sleep. I had lots of early bedtimes last week Ansonsten konnt ich mit der Smoky aus diesem Buch nicht viel anfangen Apr 25, The Final Sentence rated it really liked it Shelves: Well, that was pretty damn good.

Wenn der Autor pro Seite bezahlt wurde versteht sich warum die Geschichte sich zieht wie ein zu lange gekauter Kaugummi. Die vielen Jahre ohne Buch hat er dann wieder reinbekommen. So viele Abschweifungen habe ich noch nicht erlebt - Meine Augen konnten sich vor rollen kaum noch erholen.

Sollte es einen 6. Total timewasters, all my enemies - do not read! Preordered this as soon as I realized the author is still alive and will publish a new book, which is just a few years late after it was first announced. Word was that he was seriously ill and I expected no more books from him, instead I prepared myself for his death notice. Not knowing what really happened it may simply be an extreme case of writers block , I am glad he can write on and hope he is not ill anymore. Sorry to say so, but this book is as bad as it gets. Just having skimmed a few re Preordered this as soon as I realized the author is still alive and will publish a new book, which is just a few years late after it was first announced.

McFadyen - people change, although I think, this smells of writers block, but that is just a guess. This drags, it is now quite a few years 5 I think since I read my last book by Cody McFadyen sidestory, I bought into this author first, as I thought he was a female, but sadly, I was wrong. That last book was Der Menschenmacher which was first published in German - my first language, so I read it in German, and after reading it with its philosophical theme of Nietzsche I understand why. But that was still suspenseful and brutal. This book drags, beginning shortly after an over the top brutal and fast paced beginning with a lot of dead.

It consists of inner musings of the MC, and scenes of torture, some from history reminding me of The Devil of Nanking aka Tokyo. The deaths, torture etc. Currently I cannot bring myself to read further and whatever happens, even if it picks up, I think, both I and the author have changed too much, so I might drop this author, even if and when I finish the book.

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The vision of the author might be to take a major turn in this series and begin a short? That might be interesting, even for me, but I do not feel it. Maybe something totally different happens and this might be the last book in this series, I will only know once I finish, but as I do not want to spoil it, just take this: Even if some books by my favorite authors dragged in the middle, this one is too long and too far out, even though I had an advanced course in Philosophy during my last school years and have still some interest in it.

So far I would rate it 2 meager stars. And as always my review is longer than usual with this rating. Read at your own peril.

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After a few days and a few books in between, I am not too sure, I will finish it. Life is too short for bad books! August 21st, , nearly a year since I last looked into the book. In trying to clean up my 50 e books strong "Currently Reading"-shelf, which mostly consists of started-bored-me-on-to-the-next-book, I will try to get books either as definite DNF or FF.

Might peek into the next books, to see how it ends, but not if they are as expensive as I expect, and if they take as long to be published - I have lost my drive to read the worst of the worst with this book, and most books I read are not as boring. While I can recognize this over-the-top dark book, it offers no suspense and I do not like the torture offered by it.

Strongly discourage picking this up, even for free or lent. The second star is for fans of the series, those who need even the bad books by an author to complete their collection. For someone in the search for really bad ideas this might be a brilliant book, but then again, there are better examples in older literature, the Classic de Sade's days of Sodom comes to mind. And even that I have only read parts, not everything.

The sheer encompassing timeline and the story are strong, but the storytelling not, it reads like non-fiction-lecture-book, lots of inner monologue little action and so it bored me. Even then there are lots of parts family scenes which should have been cut for getting a shorter book.

And Callie's way of speaking with her constantly using "Honey-love" grated on my nerves. Could have been that way in the books before in the series, but they where shorter I think and had stronger stories, more crime, more suspense, so even then I could skipp that in those books, or it was not present.

Oct 18, Frau Zentner rated it did not like it Shelves: Wahrscheinlich sogar des Jahrzehnts! Unaussprechliche Morde, abartige Kriegsverbrechen, Kinderpornographie, Ich habe sehr oft den Durchblick verloren und musste mich oft bei Freunden erkunden wer denn nun Person XY ist. Hat Cody Mcfadyen im Laufe der Jahre schon selbst vergessen was er bisher geschrieben hat? Oder klaut er seine Stories jetzt schon bei sich selbst?! I'm glad I was not the only one disappointed with this book. It felt like some parts - the exciting and interesting parts - were written by Cody McFadyen, while others were fillers, soulless manifestos and textbook explanations.

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