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The heat level between them was pretty nice. The thing that held the story back from being rated higher for me is that the plot seemed to wander. It just wasn't as tightly plotted as others in the series. It was nice to see a story take place in a different shifter town. I'm looking forward to Eric's story and I assume that either Shane or Jace with have a story too.

Wasn't thrilled with the first two, but this one hit the mark! Cassidy was a great strong lead heroine! I really liked her.

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Diego I liked too. He was a tad strong minded, but Cassidy was just as strong. I like when the main couple is on even footing. The plot was interesting. Lessons were learned abour loyality, friendship, family, love, and forgiveness. The sex was hot and the characters had great interaction. I borrowed the book from my friend Karen. Jul 09, Laura Kyahgirl rated it really liked it Shelves: The fae character Reid was a good tie in to the Texas shiftertown group.

Sep 30, D. I really liked having the hero being the human with the heroine being the shifter for once. I loved how close he was with his brother - this relationship was my favorite of the book - and I loved how he stood up to the shifters. I have a problem in this series that everybody seems able to look eye to eye to dominant shifters but here I believe it.

I mean, Diego was a cop and used to deal with all sorts of dangers. I'm sure he couldn't be intimidated easily. If there was a weakness in the book, it was the premise.

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I found it unbelievable that Cassidy was hot for Diego's bod just a year the description is wrong later after her mate died - it just seemed too soon and shifters live such long lives that for them a year is like a few months. I also found it unbelievable that they would forgive the fae at the end for what he did. And that whole premise in Mexico was unbelievable too! American policemen cannot go and arrest people in Mexico without telling the Mexican authorities!

Oh and the Spanish used in the book was horrendous too.

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The author was definitely misinformed as to what that phrase meant. Thankfully, there are no Irish people in this book so no accents for the narrator to mangle. When she doesn't have to do any accents, her narration is good! I'll keep reading the next few books but I'm still not completely sold out in the series. I thought this was going somewhere - that the author had a plan for the shifters - but she seems to be moving Shiftertown to Shiftertown to find new couples, not having an overall plan. I guess we'll see. Feb 14, Patricia rated it it was ok Shelves: This was so disappointing.

I'm not sure if the PNR-mhe mood hit me again or not, but here are somet hings I had issues with: Even though in the last quarter of the book that changed, most of the times everyone kept talking about how much better than humans Shifters were. I mean, I'm not the biggest fan of humanity, and observing yourself and other people does that to a person, but there is something to be said about how absolute the things the people here said were. I don't think it's neces This was so disappointing. I don't think it's necessary to point out that there was nothing sexual about siblings hugging eachother while in the nude.

I know that after Forbidden everyone is more aware, but still. By pointing out that there is nothing sexual you make it look as if there was a need to assume eben das. See, it annoys me so much, I'm switching languages all the time. The relationship left me cold. I didn't feel emotionally involved with the protagonists, and neither did I feel why they had a connection. I'm not sure if the book was so boring at times that I skipped pages, and can't recall now, but I don't recall getting an explanation as to how the two protagonists will be with eachother.

They mated, but he's human. I suppose there was an explanation for that in the first novel - which I haven't read. Somehow nothing seemed to have worked out for me. Seriously, I don't know why. I'm scratching my head right now well no, right now I'm writing but just before I started writing I did scratch my head because I really expected to like this novel and thought about how I should probably buy some of Jennifer Ashley's other books.

But this one here felt much more like her Immortal-novel than like Bodyguard or Primal Bonds two of Ashley's books that I enjoyed very much There were good parts, though, and I shouldn't forget them. The thing is that the negative parts seemed larger and more important, and somehow I'm really disappointed. Cassidy had lost her mate just last year, and she struggled with guilt and other things. Even though I didn't like that she just slept with Diego anyway, I liked that she didn't compare the two guys with eachother and thought about how her connection to Diego was so much stronger or more profound than her connection with Donnovan.

I can't say much about it, and I actually had some problems with how Eric dealt with things, but at the same time I really liked it.

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  4. That I did have issues with Eric makes me thing that the book was actually better than I am now making it, and that I'm just.. I don't know, PMSing or something like that. Same goes for Enrique. Ashley gave her evil guys some personality, something more complex than a flimsy motivation. On the downside, I liked several of her protagonists more when I couldn't see inside their heads. As I've said, maybe I'm in one of my moods again, where I'm still addicted to PNR novels but can't seem to enjoy any of them. I just can't believe how little I liked this novel, especially in comparison..

    Despite her gread worldbuilding I actually enjoyed Bodyguards, a novella, much more than Wild Cat. Too many good reviews to add anything new It was flamin' hot, sexy and wicked. Diego latino lover extraordinaire is TO When he calls her little names in Spanish, you just melt. I love that there was never any hesitation on his part to continue to want her - none of that "breaking up for her own good" crap.

    He made a choice and he committed. I also liked that his big fear spoiler so I won't mention it was NOT magically overcome. Fears are real and s Too many good reviews to add anything new Fears are real and sometimes too big to push aside and I think Ashley worked that angle nicely. Cassidy was a heroine you couldn't help but admire. She's the alpha female and she kicks ass. She's also a widow and still grieving a husband taken too soon. I wasn't sure how I would feel about her falling for Diego but how could you not?

    The man is swoon-worthy! Although she did try the "breaking up for your own good" bit, I totally get why she did it and I can even stick up for her on this one. I hope they CAN make it work with no repercussions. That's all I can say. Nov 09, Beanbag Love rated it really liked it. I've been totally pulled into this series and I have no regrets. This is the third in the series and deals with Diego Escobar a human police officer and Cassidy Wardon sister to Eric Wardon, the leader of the Las Vegas shiftertown, who we met in the previous book.

    Cassidy and Diego meet when Diego is called to the scene of a trespassing in an abandoned construction site. She saves his life even as she's the one being hunted. The rest of the story is poignant and sexy, but is Just a quickie. The rest of the story is poignant and sexy, but is also a little bit more scattered than the other books in this series.

    Romances are set up for several characters and the action bounces from one thread to another. Ultimately it's a great read, but I worried at first that Diego and Cassidy would end up thin since so much time was spent with others. They weren't, but it took a bit for me to relax into the more fluid character threads. I've already read the next one and bought the one after that. Not a cry for help, just pointing out that it can be a bit addictive. Especially if you're a shifter babe like me. What the hell happened?

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    This isn't what I've come to expect from this author at all. Excruciatingly slow and boring at times, just begging me to DNF. I was ready for the book to end halfway through. I didn't buy the romance. The writing concerning Diego was stilted. I couldn't care less about him. Eric and Iona's chocolate scene held more passion and intrigue than Diego and Cassidy's. Reid and Peigi's as well as Xavier and Lyndsay's pairing also drew more interest from me than th 2 stars, barely.

    Reid and Peigi's as well as Xavier and Lyndsay's pairing also drew more interest from me than this book's main couple. Wild Cat seemed drawn out to fill pages. The plot was contingent on compassion and forgiveness towards those that kill the ones you love which wasn't written in a way I could accept and believe. I'd need to feel more than a little pity to let a murderer who'd likely kill again, go free. They got seriously lucky on that score. I'm hoping Eric and Iona's story in Mate Claimed will be more enjoyable. Nov 21, Mandapanda rated it liked it Shelves: Solid shifter romance by a very prolific author.

    Great beginning to the story. I'm afraid of heights too and the scene where Diego has to climb around that tall building had me biting my nails. There were a couple of subplots competing with the main story of Cassidy and Diego but I don't mind because I've followed the series from the beginning and I'm interested in everything that goes on in this world. The romance is OK. Nothing earth shattering but still entertaining.

    Will definitely continue with these books. PNR lovers especially Shifter lovers. Just as exciting as the first two with the MC being a Cat Shifter and the mate a human male This series gets better with each book Jan 03, Maddy Barone rated it really liked it. I adore this series! I downloaded this book from Amazon at 6am the day it came out so I'd be able to start it during my lunch break.

    It's so hard to wait for a good book but the wait was worth it. Can I have Diego? Can't wait now for Iona and Eric! Diego and Cassidy Human cop plus Shifter wildcat ignites into a fiery conflagration. Diego Escobar, a tough Las Vegas detective meets his match with Cassandra Warden, younger sister and second in command to the enigmatic Eric Warden. Since I've been reading this series totally out of order, I already knew all of the major players and what they are like further along in the series.

    Even with that foreknowledge this was an enjoyable read. I don't need to read anyone else's Shifter stories as long a Diego and Cassidy Human cop plus Shifter wildcat ignites into a fiery conflagration. I don't need to read anyone else's Shifter stories as long as Jennifer Ashley keeps churning them out. I am fully invested in the world of Shifters Unbound! Apr 09, Vfields Don't touch my happy! But this was one busy, overwritten book.

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    As far as I'm concerned I could have done without all that odd fairy stuff. It strikes me illogical in fact nobody knows about fairies but they know there are shifters. Oh and if I knew there were a mass of shifters living done the street I'd learn everything about them. The ignorance of the humans is ridiculous. I did like the primary couple a great deal but gosh there 3.

    I did like the primary couple a great deal but gosh there were some serious flaws in logic going on. Dec 19, Kelly rated it really liked it. I love reading Shifter books, so this series has definitely been fun to read. I've read them all out of order, but I've been able to follow all the characters and the storylines easily enough. Police detective Diego Escobar is possibly my favourite Alpha of this series - even though he's human. He is nowhere near as strong as all the shifters and fae in the storyline, but he never shys away from a fight and protecting Cassidy.

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    Even though Cassidy is still grieving from the murder of her mate, sh I love reading Shifter books, so this series has definitely been fun to read. Even though Cassidy is still grieving from the murder of her mate, she cannot resist Diego cause he's SO hot and refuses to ignore what is between them. Jun 20, Karin Corneau rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have to say that it isn't too often that I am reading a serial and enjoying each new book more than the last.

    And guess what's happened? Even though they are from two completely different worlds, they sense an attraction between them that i I have to say that it isn't too often that I am reading a serial and enjoying each new book more than the last. Even though they are from two completely different worlds, they sense an attraction between them that is impossible to deny and must be explored.

    What I love most about this series is that the heroine's are strong, kick - ass, confident women. They don't NEED a man, but they sure do appreciate all good things they have to offer.

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    I also love the shifter world that Ms Ashley has set up. Though some things don't really make sense, like why they can't have iphones or access to cable, I'm assuming it will all come together in the end. And even though I can almost predict what's going to happen, there are still some twists a long the way.

    I'm not to sure about the huge cast, but as I keep reading i think it will all make sense. They definitely deserved their own stories! Had been on my to-read list for many years and i am glad that I have finally dug into it. Mar 08, Deiras rated it liked it. Jan 13, Steph rated it really liked it Shelves: This is what I said after reading the previous book Primal Bonds I was really looking forward to the rest of this series, but after this book and the synopsis of Wild Cat, I find myself a little disinterested.

    The next book moves away from this shiftertown, which we have only just started learning about and moves to a new town in Vegas. I'm never a fan of things like this, I want to stay where we are and learn more about the people in Liam's town. I think I will have a break from this series This is what I said after reading the previous book Primal Bonds I think I will have a break from this series after reading the two novellas and come back to it at a later date. But I am very happy to say that I was wrong.

    I really enjoyed this book, more so than I did Primal Bonds. Diego loving the name by the way was fantastic. His terrible fear of heights totally justified after being hung upside down off the top of a building forced us to remember that he is only human. This made him even more likable. He knew nothing about Shifters so was completely out of his depth when he fell in love with Cassidy. I loved the relationship Diego has with his little brother Xavier. They have the exact same sense of humour that provided this book with some great scenes. Cassidy lost her mate Donovan a year ago.

    On the anniversary of his death she is being hunted through Las Vegas where she stumbles upon Cop Diego. After setting her under house arrest for two weeks, Diego has to visit her every day to make sure she is sticking to their agreement This couple were amazing together and extremely passionate. They work really well together. Diego wants her but understands her need to take her time in getting over Donovan.

    We met the Alpha of this pack, Eric in the last book and I wasn't too sure about him. We didn't learn that much about him. But in the second half of this book we get a few scenes from his POV. We see him find a Feline Shifter in a night club. She is living in his territory, unmated, off the radar. But what Eric likes about her the most is the fact that she is collarless It is now his job to make her known to the humans so they can collar her and place her in a shiftertown. Only Eric doesn't want that for her, he wants her to be able to stay free.

    Only Iona is starting to lose control, she is ready to mate and doesn't know how to live with her felines needs. She is at risk of outing herself and being punished by the humans if they find her. Eric is desperate to help her, but she isn't making it easy. There were some really great new side-line characters. He was so seductive and charming; I hope he gets a book at some point in this series. Diego Escobar est un flic, un humain, dont la seule faiblesse est une peur irrationnelle du vide. This time, I'm still in a 'familiar' mode.

    I have to admit that I love Diego, the Spanish cop who is the hero of this book. He is loyal, he is fierce, and an Alpha without being too agressive. Since he's not a Shifter, I can "take a break" of all the usual you're-my-mate thing that happens generally in shifter novel.

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    I also en 3. I also enjoy his brother, Xavier, who seems to be more carefree, despite his background of being involved in a gang. Cassidy Warden, on the other hand, doesn't impress me much. Truth be told, I'm more intrigued with Iona, the un-Collared Shifter, who seems to be the heroine for next book.

    At first, the plot seems to be like this hunter Fae it turns out that has been trying to kill Cassidy.