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It gives the shake a nice crunchy texture. Usually it is completely covered in chocolate. Have you ever made it at home? For your viewing pleasure…my first failed attempts at making sea foam candy: Line a 9x9 pan with parchment paper. We use binder clips to hold the parchment in place on all four sides. Tag us on Instagram: NoBiggie using the hashtag NoBiggieRecipes, so we can see what you are making in the kitchen!

Do you have a candy recipe that you love to make at home? More sweet treats we LOVE: First of all, we might have the same tastebuds. First pickled beets and now sea foam? BYU's is the best. I don't think I've ever had it before. Adding it to my to-do list now! Love your blog but don't think I've ever commented!

I have a recipe for sea foam candy bookmarked and had to share the link. I haven't made it yet so I don't know if it's a keeper. When you do find the perfect recipe I do hope you'll share it! I have tried to bring it down to a science because I know the secret is in the temp rise and fall. I know the altitude needs to be considered and adjusted when boiling the candy as well. Being in the rocky mountains, I finally just gave up.

I switched to freezer canning also for the same reason. Wouldn't that be awesome if he did an entire episode based on your question? I hope that when that amazing person that has all the secrets tell you that you post it!!! This is one of my favorite things ever. My mom used to buy it for us every time we went to ZCMI. Remember when that existed? The candy counter was right as you came in. I'm thinking it's one of those things you have to make over and over again until you get it right. I have grown up with this too.

There use to be a lady that worked at a candy store in Utah called Russells. They were famous for salt water taffy. She was the mother of my cousin's wife who made wonderful chocolates. The candy shop is no longer in business. When we had a girls weekend with cousins, moms, etc. I can't find good seafoam now.

So I am with you in wanting to try to make my own. Let's keep trying and I will let you know if I figure it out. I've never had seafoam candy but I love your perseverance in trying to perfect it. I have yet to successfully make candy other than a simple peanut butter fudge. I have a tried and true recipe! We call it honeycomb in our family, and I like to make it without the chocolate, or just drizzle chocolate on it, rather than coat it.

Sour Patch Grapes – Healthier than the Candy!

I hope it works for you. The trick is to remove it from the heat before it gets too dark. I usually stop when it's the color of trying to think of a good color name: In a large saucepan, gently combine the sugar and water then add the honey and corn syrup. Boil until amber colored and the sugar looks like caramel. Add the baking soda, and with a wooden spoon, stir in gently. It will foam up a lot. Pour the mixture onto a silpat or a piece of parchment paper on a sheetpan, and let cool.

Here is a recipe from allrecipes. Must be worth trying…. Let me know if it works for you!

I grew up in Utah and my grandmother is a published candy cookbook author, so candy runs in my veins. If the recipe calls for egg whites, vinegar, etc. Seafoam is really easy to make and all you really need is a good candy thermometer and to plan ahead. Before you start, prep everything.

How to make Sea Foam Candy

The cooking is slow, but once you add that baking soda, you need to move fast and have everything ready to go. And I bet yummy too! What a colourful bowl of magic, unfortunately I am unable to get the ingredients for this otherwise I would definitely be giving it a try, so much fun! Sour Patch Kids are basically my weakness. I LOVE sour candy.

No Bake Salted Caramel Popcorn | Cleobuttera

Perfect time of the year for this recipe. Grapes are so good and on sale everywhere now. I love that they are so colorful. I just gained 20lbs with the knowledge of this recipe!! How would you store them for later? Airtight container in fridge? I stored them successfully for almost a week this was a trial run to know how long they would last. You can also freeze them. If not, would Jello brand work?

They both have sour to them. I hope you love it!


Where does the sour flavor come from? Is it the green grapes that do the trick? These look great on the table with all my Christmas baking and will be used with a fruit tray Christmas Eve. My boyfriend is a huge sour patch kids fan so i made up a batch for him as a Christmas present! Thank you for sharing! I really like your method! Less mess is always a good thing! These look so yummy! How did I miss that? I am going to the store right now as I have a bunch of grapes leftover from the New Years celebration and I can make them today!! Not at all, when I tried the flavor for the first time I was hooked too!

I found them at the local Safeway, but worst case scenario they are on Amazon for way more than I would want to pay though! Oh my gosh these look so good!!! I love grapes this would be a great way to add in some extra flavor for ithem! I love grapes too but the crunchy sour and sweet crust makes them another type of treat entirely! The jello powder in its concentrated form is quite sour. This would be great for a child diabetic snack made with sugar free jello.

I have 4 type one diabetics….. Thank you so much! Let me know if how that works or if you came up with a better solution.

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Add a bit more water to the grapes and roll a bit slower. I would like to add an alternate method. After rinsing the grapes in the colander, shake it a few times and pour the grapes onto a papertowel lined cookie sheet. Dry the colander well and pour the grapes back into it. Slowly sprinkle the jell-o over the grapes, stirring with a wooden spoon as you go. Remove the papertowels from the cookie sheet. Pour the grapes back onto the empty cookie sheet.

Put in the freezer or refrigerator until chilled to desired temperature. Green grapes with pineapple jell-o is my favorite although the kids at our end of season lacrosse jamboree loved the TMNT booykasha berry and the watermelon jell-os on green grapes. Thank you for this amazing recipe!!!! I actually have a whole section of my site dedicated to just that — tips on blogging success. I have tried this ten times, frozen grapes, refrigerated grapes, warm grapes.

The jello either doesnt stick or sets and then gets mushy what is the Secret????? Sorry this comment took so long to get to, it ended up in my spam filter somehow! You may be using too much water. Dip the grapes room temp or fridge temp is fine , let excess water drip off then roll slowly. If you see it soak through the jello quickly its too wet. Then refrigerate until it completely dries out. I was wondering how much sugar is in these? I made small snack bags for my kids, I did 1 tbsp of the powder and 10 grapes.

I have a question…. If not, how do u get the sweet and the sour in one grape? Is the grape the sweet n each of the mixes r all sour! I might try freezing the grapes a bit before rolling them in the mix might make them a bit more firm to help with rolling in the mix. If you want to trouble shoot more, feel free to email me at contact dinnerthendessert.

Talk about an instant hit! Thanks so much for such an amazing idea!!! What a great compliment!! Thank you so much for coming back and letting me know what a hit they were! I am so going to try this with blueberries and serve them frozen! Thank you for the idea!! It would be interesting to try this with Cotton Candy grapes. I love them frozen! So glad I came across this awesome idea. My grandson asked me the other day if we could make sour candy. Since we are trying to keep him off candy, thisvis an excellent alternative. Making them this week with him. Are they better in the fridge of the freezer?

I love them either way but for summer, I think the frozen ones are spot on! Hope you enjoy them too!! I tried making this and the butter separated during the boiling process. I was whisking the whole time, not sure what happened. Any ideas about what could have gone wrong?

No Bake Salted Caramel Popcorn

Candy can be really finicky. I have had my toffee separate too, but I do have the most success with this recipe. If you used medium heat, it might be helpful to try medium low next time. This article has some really good tips if you decide to try again, even some tips for saving toffee that has separated.

I cooked it on medium-low setting and it was at a rolling boil while stirring constantly. Well, it did not work. As soon as I removed from the heat and added the vanilla, the butter separated from the sugar and no amount of mixing made it blend together. I ended up with a full cup of melted butter after I poured it off of the toffee.

So I wasted a full pound of butter and 2 cups of sugar. Just made this and it is awesome! I read the comments and someone said she took it off the stove when it reached the color of peanut butter. Thank you very much because the second try was perfection! I had to make it once or twice myself before I got it just right. That has helped me get it just right too! And pistachios are a great idea! How long can it be stored?

It will be good for at least a few weeks, so you are fine at this point to make it for Christmas. The biggest issue now would be eating it all before then. I live in Florida where it can get humid, so I keep mine in sealed containers in the fridge. Some friends have hidden theirs in the freezer, only to find it months later and it is still good.

I make it all during the month of December. They all separated before goal temp. I researched toffee making, and found a number of incorrect instructions in this recipe. I used the cooking method found here, and it came out perfectly the first time, using the recipe from this site. Just had to outsource for cooking instructions.

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I have been making candy for 50 years and this is the worst recipe ever. Inconsistent, greasy, and not right. I have never made toffee before. Everyone raved over this deliciousness. So much so, in fact, that i have to make more. Thank you for this recipe! Follow the link to my pinterest page and you can see a picture! Thanks so much Angie! The peanut butter method seems to work every time! When it comes to making toffee, you either can or you cannot. After a couple years go by, I try again. I think that was my downfall. The temperature never reached and the butter eventually separated from the sugar.

Down the disposal it went. The second attempt, in regular old pot, was better, reached , and made it to the pan. I need to stick to cookies! I changed the name of the board on Pinterest. It took forever and the butter separated several times. I read on another site to add hot water and whisk until it goes back together. I had to do this twice. Finally, it was done and I forgot to the put the vanilla in!! Anyway, its setting up in the fridge.

Update-even though it took two hours, struggled with butter separating, forgot the vanilla, the toffee tasted great. Then I sprinkled milk chocolate chips and let them melt and then spread them to cover toffee. Then I cut in bite size pieces. Will definitely make notes and make again. I made this again and followed some tips I found on line. I also made sure I stirred and cooked on medium heat. I think I was stirring too fast and scraped sides and I guess that can cause it to be grainy.

I guess practice does make a difference.