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Budden deals with this theme compassionately without compromising her own values. Radisavljevic, Amazon "There was an underlying problem that allowed this affair to not feel dirty and tainted as many affair books do.

There's an innocence and honesty in their relationship. Lots of plot twists, suspense and mystery It was a very fun book to read and would make a great movie. I LOVE a book where the interaction with the characters seems natural and their conversation is like normal people talk. Adams, Amazon "An Affair to Remember was an exciting read from beginning to end.

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I cannot wait to read more. That was in chapter 1, first paragraph! In fact, I had to read it twice and then I let out an audible, "No way. Despite many guesses, you the reader aren't sure who is on what side Hawke 1 0 1. Von seinen Nachbarn bekommt er nicht viel mit.

Es sei denn, er muss Momma I Made It: Donald and Trina Parker live in the beautiful city of Manhattan. Trina is a successful business owner of one of the biggest fashion companies in their area.

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With a young family waiting at home, he has much to be thankful for - even if his marriage has seen better days. When preparing to leave her office one evening, Monica is drugged and kidnapped then shoved into the back of a dark sedan. A short while later, a report of gunshots being fired at an abandoned warehouse comes in; Chase and his partner rush to the scene of the crime to find three dead men with guns sprawled on the warehouse floor.