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Her story with Stemple, didn't disappoint. At one point, I was so emotionally tied to the main character, I cried at his loss. My second favorite story ended up being the first in the collection. Alex Finn's short story I loved this book of short, creepy, phobia-related stories! Alex Finn's short story "The Door" put me directly in the shoes of an agoraphobic and it was fascinating! My brother struggles with Agoraphobia and this story allowed me to see it from his perspective. I never understood how he could go from being an outgoing and outdoorsy person, to vomiting if he left his room, until now.

What makes many of these stories creepy, is that you can see how easy it would be to develop a phobia. This book is great for kids because, a lot of kids think they are invincible or they have trouble relating to people with different fears. I think this book would allow kids to be able to see things from a different perspective and help open their minds.

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Also, the writing of these stories is simple and easy to read. The stories are entertaining, while not overly graphic or scary, making this book perfect for the 5th-8th grade levels. Apr 04, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: What I expected from this book before I read it: A therapist's discussion of various phobias and client's experiences with them throughout therapy.

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I was hoping to gain some insight about my own phobia swimming in deep water and gain a better understanding about the roots of phobias and how to potentially treat them. What I actually got from this book: An anthology of stories by teen fiction writers, each story was narrated from the perspective of the person with the phobia. Out of the 10, a What I expected from this book before I read it: Out of the 10, about 3 were actually pretty good.

The rest were pretty mediocre, to be honest. However, each one was really descriptive about the phobias, leaving me with a clearer sense of what someone might experience when faced with their ultimate fear not like that needed too much description, the panic I feel when I don't feel a pool's floor is all that I need to remember.

Feb 07, Esmeralda rated it it was amazing. Well I have cynophobia that is the fear of dogs. Or maybe I have zoophobia because I am afraid of most animals but not as much as dogs. I really enjoyed this book the whole way through. It gave you the personal view of the character who had a fear. I can relate to the one when the guy was scared of cats and the guy who was afraid of public speaking. This book is amazing! It's good to know that their is other people out their just like you. I actually picked this book up second hand and of course Well I have cynophobia that is the fear of dogs.

I actually picked this book up second hand and of course judged it by the title and cover.

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Glad I chose this book. Dec 09, Margaret Palladino rated it liked it. Jan 08, Tara rated it liked it Shelves: When he touches them, they relinquish their phobias to him and they are free. Definitely the one story in the book I would love to see expanded into a novel. Couldn't help picturing Hogwarts in my mind with the headmistress being a wicked form of McGonagle.

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Dec 28, Rdpoll rated it really liked it. I'm not usually a fan of short stories, but I enjoyed this book very much and read it in just a couple of hours. The last story- Fear for All- was very enjoyable. It was like getting a preview of various writers, which just leads to more books to explore. Sep 24, Kemanne Smith rated it really liked it. I think it was a interesting book, I learned about a lot of different kind of phobias that I did not know people would even have.

I think I would recommend this book to people who have phobias of there own and can learn about others. Apr 12, Betsy Jibson rated it it was ok. Good collection of short stories from noted authors. Sep 08, Alysha rated it liked it. The last story, Fear-for-All by Neal Shusterman was by far my favorite.

I would give that one 5 stars. The collection overall though was interesting, but just not as memorable as the last story. May 09, Brock rated it really liked it. This book was very interesting and I learned a lot about different fears people can have. It is basically a bunch of short stories about different kinds of phobias people have. I feel the theme is everyone is scared of something no matter how tough or brave you seem there is always the one thing.

I definitely would recommend this book to my friends because it was very interesting and informing. Mar 15, Alice Zhou rated it liked it. I like that it was a nice mix of stories the short story format is new to me. The last story had a really cool idea, would have liked to see it expanded further maybe even into a full book? P , but I guess that's just the nature of good short stories! Leaves you wanting more. Dec 24, Cody Whittington rated it it was amazing. Since I have no known phobias, the authors did a good job at giving insight to the feelings of someone experiencing a phobia attack.

It also sheds light onto some of the lesser known phobias that do exist. Jul 11, Sofia rated it really liked it Shelves: Wow that last story I really enjoyed this collection of short stories. Each was unique and gave different perspectives towards phobias and the impacts upon an individual. Really helpful for my research and an overall really interesting read. His prose is as fluid as the water that surges and swells through all his landscapes.

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