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Introduction to Quantum Information Science

The course is loosely structured after the book: It is inspired by the instructors' experience teaching Quantum Information Science to undergraduate students at the Oxford Physics Department and other places, as well as by their pioneering research. Quantum information and Computation Summary This course will provide a technical and conceptual introduction to the field of quantum information science, a fast-moving research field focusing on the overlap between information science and quantum physics.

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This book serves the broader readership growing out of this development by starting with an elementary description of the underlying physics and then building up a more advanced treatment. The reader is led from the quantum theory of the simple harmonic oscillator to the application of entangled states to quantum information processing.

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An equally important feature of the text is a strong emphasis on experimental methods. Primary photon detection, heterodyne and homodyne techniques, spontaneous down-conversion, and quantum tomography are discussed, together with important experiments. These experimental and theoretical considerations come together in the chapters describing quantum cryptography, quantum communications, and quantum computing.

Graduate students in physics, electrical engineering, and chemistry. The quantum nature of light 2.

What is reality? Quantum information and Computation

Quantization of cavity modes 3. Interaction of light with matter 5. Paraxial quantum optics 8.

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  • What is reality? Quantum information and Computation?
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Preliminary Syllabus Classical and Quantum Information Classical information Quantum mechanics Quantum information Quantum Entanglement Introduction Quantifying entanglement, relation to thermodynamics. Experiments on entanglement Quantum computation Quantum algorithms Entanglement, computation and quantum measurements: To be anounced in Course length: