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The results indicate a strong desire for more knowledge about health issues. Maxwell intends for this to be the first of many projects with the Mixtec community in Ventura County: Among the stated aims of the current study is to strengthen the collaboration between MICOP and UCLA to facilitate future joint projects that will benefit the community. As deforestation and soil erosion in Oaxaca drive entire communities north in search of work, the Mixtecs have become one of the largest indigenous groups of workers in California.

From a public health perspective, these are very positive characteristics that should not be overlooked. Skip to content Skip to navigation. Promotora Silvestre Hernandez serves as interpreter for the Mixtec participants. Promotora Virginia Garcia conducts surveys of the Mixtec community as part of a needs assessment. In Oxnard, one of the largest suppliers of strawberries in California, many of the pickers are Mixtecs.

Coming from a poor region of southern Mexico, they are drawn by the prospect of better futures for their children, but face many hardships. Faculty Referenced by this Article. Nonetheless, Memorizing cognates is a useful tool, as it greatly expands your vocabulary with little effort since the word and its meaning are already familiar.

Speaking Their Language

Just be careful with how you pronounce cognates. Just because they are written the same, does not mean that they are pronounced the same, you must remember that each language has its own phonetic pattern. If you would like an expanded list with near perfect cognates with different endings, please refer to this article in Real Fast Spanish , which provides a more thorough list.

Hello class, I have added a new Memrise course with the vocabulary words with Long I vowel sound.

There is only one thing study is good for

Please follow the link to download the course and start studying as there will be an exam on Saturday, March 18th. Please let me know if you have any issues accessing the content. These are the links to some of the Fruits and Vegetables Themed games we have been playing in class. Feel free to play them whenever you get the chance as it will improve your understanding. I have created a new Memrise Course with the images, spelling and pronunciation of these words.

Please follow the link below to download the course and begin practicing this new vocabulary. There will be an exam so make sure you dedicate at least min a day to learning all 40 of the words on the list! Those of you have joined us in the beginning of this semester be sure to head to the Memrise Courses section of the site and download the courses for short and long vowels A-E so you can catch up. If you have any questions please leave me a comment, send me a text, or feel free to ask during class.

Hope to see you all in class!

Hemos estado aprendiendo acerca de los sonidos de las vocales y la diferencia entre las vocales largas y cortas. Por favor sigan el link de arriba para descargar el curso y comenzar a practicar el nuevo vocabulario. Los veo a todos en clase! Sure, study for it. When the goal is to pass a test or improve your grasp on something specific, then study is the way to go. But if you don't speak the language confidently right now, then it's time someone broke this news to you: When you study, you acquire vocabulary, you improve your grammar and you do exercises.

Logically enough, your level improves.

Speaking foreign languages to make friends

With time, your potential increases and you can understand more and you can theoretically join in on a wider scope of conversations. Not today though — maybe you just need to study a little bit more. The academic system seems to have drilled into us that studying is the way to speak a language.

Some artificial ways are quite useful , but they are still artificial. When you look at a language the same way you look at geography or history or other subjects in school that can be tested , then you simply don't know what a language actually is. Stop looking at conversations with human beings as a test that you have to pass so, every time you make a mistake you get a big red X and if you make a certain amount of them, then you fail.

It doesn't work like that!!

A language is a means of communication. It's not a table of grammar rules in some dusty old book, or a piece of paper that you have to spread ink across in the right way for your teacher to be happy. German isn't a rough sounding collection of Datives and Accusatives, it's families sharing what they did that day. Czech isn't a frustrating collection of consonant clusters, it's young couples flirting with one another and someone buying his morning bread. These are not things that you can put under a microscope.

They are people living their lives and sharing experiences with one another. That is what a language is for. When you are locked away in your room you are avoiding this contact and that's why so many people never speak. They still think about everything they don't know and see the world that speaks their target language as one big test that they are doomed to fail. So, if studying isn't how you learn to speak a language, then what is? I'll tell you, and it's going to blow your mind. You have to speak it!

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Yes, I know — it sounds absolutely crazy, doesn't it! To speak a language you have to actually speak it.

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It will be hard at first — you won't know how to say things, it will be embarrassing, you'll hesitate a lot and feel frustrated that you can't say things precisely the way you want to. This will happen even if you study for decades. Until you actually use the language in its natural context or at least in a course that gets you to speak to people you will always have this barrier to get through.

"Speaking Their Language: Textisms in Today's Communication" by Adam Lloyd Drum

You simply have to break through it. If you practise often enough and enthusiastically enough you will get to the other side quite quickly. You can do this in person if there are natives or other learners close by, or over the Internet with millions of natives.