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It does not disappoint. There was so much tension, these two characters needed the ice cream to cool down - and so did I! I loved both characters with their flaws, and how Liz got them together with a wonderful, unique third character - Rosie the vintage ice cream van. Tempted by Trouble is a witty, sexy and fun read, with moments of effective emotion. On a side note, I went to a wedding recently which had an ice cream van there - and I thought of Liz and Tempted By Trouble as I ordered my ice cream. May 14, Rachel rated it it was amazing. This is the second book of Liz Fielding's that I have read and I am rapidly becoming a great fan of her work.

Her writing is engaging, romantic, and well paced with likeable characters, and realistic situations. This book is about Elle, a girl who is a bit downtrodden and totally depended upon by her family, who meets Rosie my favourite character the ice cream van and Sean, the hunky delivery guy of said Rosie. The book is will they, won't they, will she slap him, will he leave - a great book This is the second book of Liz Fielding's that I have read and I am rapidly becoming a great fan of her work.

The book is will they, won't they, will she slap him, will he leave - a great book that I pretty much devoured in the course of one evening. A brilliant addition to any reader's collection. Oct 18, Nell rated it really liked it. I love Liz Fieldings books and this was no exception. I did struggle in a few places however with this one. The first three pages were very descriptive and at times the narrative became choppy and hard to follow but it had a guarenteed to make me cry and then be happy ending.

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Sep 23, Dora Okeyo rated it liked it. What made me read this book- Rosie's snippets on Ice-Cream. Forget the typical romance plot- just read this book because of the snippets on Ice-Cream. For example, "if your ice cream melts it means you are eating it too slow," or something like that. Apr 19, Jo rated it really liked it Shelves: Gently paced, sweet romance that ticked all the boxes: Good book about a woman who finds a new purpose in her life and a man who learns that loving is better than hiding, all because of an ice cream truck named Rosie!

Sep 13, Jesse Agee rated it liked it. I don't love the romance genre, but this book has personality and humor that I thought was great. It's the most charming voice in romance that I've read.

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Dec 31, Angela rated it really liked it. This was a lovely story. Aug 18, Nas Dean rated it it was amazing. Elle Amery put her own dreams on hold and stepped up to the responsibilities of two teen sisters and a Grandma who is not quite there. Taking all the extra shifts she could at the local diner where she worked, she tried hard to make ends meet.

All of a sudden Sean McElroy turns up with an ice-cream van and a business. Dare she leave the security of her weekly waged job to take over the ice-cream van? And can she do anything about the attraction she feels for the commitment-phobic Sean? He had grown up seeing his own mother yearn for commitment. Would he do anything about the instant flare of attraction he feels for family-oriented Elle? The witty dialogue between the sisters is hilarious. Nov 25, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: Fans of Jill Mansell will enjoy this book.

As the book unfolds, Elle and Sean engaged in a delicate dance of attraction, while helping each other figure out what they each want in life. The story is sweet, but not saccharine and the other characters, including the other sisters are well developed adding depth to the story. I really enjoyed it but it made me want ice cream! This was solidly cruising along to four stars and then a weird almost assault happened that the hero handled badly and in fairness, the heroine calls him on this and he acknowledges it himself immediately , and it just lost some of its luster.

But as a prequel to Anything But Vanilla, I liked it a lot. I assume a third book is coming at some point, and I'm pretty curious to see if it can break the three star curse. This was a good book and more 2. More for passing the time and nothing more interesting to read.

I liked the characters and the story line. This is a more emotional book. There were plenty of emotions too. The ending was really good though. This was a little slow for me but I enjoyed reading it. It's not a page-turner, more for relaxing or for something to read. There was sweetness, some anger, and some good old-fashioned nostalgia.

Jan 21, Emma Drakes rated it it was ok Shelves: It was an easy read with an obvious storyline, but nice enough for snuggling up in bed at night with. It certainly didn't give me any nightmares. Jul 08, Laura-marie rated it really liked it. A must read for the summer romnance. Gypsylcm rated it really liked it Jul 25, Vi rated it it was ok Jun 27, Katie rated it liked it Mar 16, Rachel rated it it was amazing Aug 20, Melanie rated it it was ok Sep 05, Kim Johnson rated it it was ok Apr 07, Trish rated it really liked it May 22, Sarah rated it liked it Apr 14, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Best-selling author, Liz Fielding, has more than 15 million books in print. She has also been given a Lifetime A Best-selling author, Liz Fielding, has more than 15 million books in print. She can tell there are fireworks smoldering behind those pale blue eyes.

But before the wedding night is over their unexpected connection will threaten to undermine everything they both believe about themselves and each other…. Ulteriori informazioni su Amazon Prime. Chi ha acquistato questo articolo ha acquistato anche.

Three Weddings and a Baby

Pagina 1 di 1 Pagina iniziale Pagina 1 di 1. A hilarious, feel-good romantic comedy. Formato Kindle Dimensioni file: Amazon Media EU S. Recensioni clienti Non sono ancora presenti recensioni clienti.

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Condividi i tuoi pensieri con altri clienti. Scrivi una recensione cliente. It was so good. I loved how they never sleep together, they just kiss and take things very slowly. You can actually feel like they are dating and getting to know each other and it is not just lust that is driving their feelings. They learn to read the others' expressions and can tell when something is not right.

I felt so bad for Zoe because every guy she thought she could love or did love had fallen for her best friend. I do not know how I could handle being in a situation like that and always wondering if he would want her best friend again down the road.

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It was a little sad but I did like Damien and you can tell his feelings for Zoe were real and that he had built up her best friend in a perfect role that she never even fit in because he never really knew the BF. Some romances just have lust and love withing 2 or 3 days that I find hard to believe can last a lifetime.

The book felt rushed two thirds through. The character development of the Hero was paced n believable. However, the heroine character never really developed. She did not overcome her own insecurities which made the marriage proposal unrealistic particularly as the proposal came after the realization that these insecurities kept their relationship from progressing.

I wouldn't recommend this book. Good but not gripping. Opposites attract in the latest mesmerizing charmer by award-winning Harlequin Romance author Fiona Harper! Waiting in his luxurious private jet, Lex Gibson is… nervous.

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Worse still, Romy comes with her baby, Freya, whose presence makes Lex want to hide behind the nearest desk! Lex may just be tempted to strike up a very personal business deal… Jessica Hart is another of my 'auto-buy' authors. Her characters are always such real people to me, and you can't help getting sucked into the heart of a romance when the hero and heroine leap off the page at you, can you?

I also have a weakness for butto ned-up heroes.

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All that restrained passion s immering under the surface And he met his match in free-spirited Romy. Day 1 Being shipwrecked on an idyllic deserted island for reality TV show Stranded sounded blissful.

Innocent 'til Proven Otherwise Mills & Boon Modern Heat Mills & Boon RIVA

I can't give a full opinion of Nicola's book yet, because I'm still in the middle of it! However, Jared is a great, sexy, smart-mouthed hero and Kristi is every bit his match. I cringed with poor Kristi at the thought of spending a whole week deserted with the man who broke her heart, but I'm really enjoying her method of revenge - wearing a minscule green bikini and watching him sweat! Even if I haven't reached the end yet, I know rest of the book will be punchy and emotional, because Nicola's books always are.

Can't wait to see if Kristi and Jared can last another four days You can even have a sneaky peak at the first chapter! Do you believe in love at first sight? Jennie Hunter and Alex Dangerfield did, and they married just a few weeks after they met!