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Bruges, Belgium , Effects of short-term energy restriction with and without training on physiological and psychological measures of performance. Acute effects of energy restriction during endurance training on physical performance.

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Glycerol as prohibited substance: Validity of the Sensewear Armband. Iron status in elite young athletes: Eur J Appl Physiol. A-Z of nutritional supplements: Br J Sports Med ; Micronutrient intake of young elite German athletes. Liverpool, UK Urinary excretion of exogenous glycerol administered before endurance exercise. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise , 45, 5, S Simulated and real-life energy expenditure during a three-week expedition.

Urinary excretion of exogenous glycerol administration at rest. Drug Testing and Analysis , 3, Evaluation of two portable sensors for energy expenditure assessment during high-intensity running.

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From Lab to Kitchen. Comparison of two portable devices for assessing energy expenditure during high-intensity running. Parallel assessment of nutrition and activity in athletes: Validation against doubly labelled water, h urea excretion, and indirect calorimetry.

Journal of Sports Sciences, 28, 13, — Verunreinigungen von Nahrungssupplementen- Eine Quelle verbotener Substanzen? Dietary supplements — risk and benefits. Jeukendrup A, Wolfarth B eds.

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Proceedings of the Sport nutrition conference, Munich Nestle Nutrition and Power Bar, Munich 15 Nutrition strategies for a 3-week solo dessert crossing: Oslo, Norway Iron status in young elite athletes: Dietary supplement use of elite German athletes and knowledge about the contamination problem. Magnesium — dietary intake, supplement use and serum concentration in elite young German athletes. Meat products as potential doping traps?

Dublin, Ireland ; Examination of the timing of carbohydrate and protein intake among young elite female football players. Routledge, London, New York, , Introduction. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise , 44, 5, S78 Dietary supplement use, impact on micronutrient intake of young German athletes.

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Written by way of popular specialists within the box, Sampling concepts for typical assets and the surroundings covers the sampling suggestions utilized in ecology, forestry, environmental technology, and common assets. The e-book provides easy methods to estimate mixture features on a in line with unit region foundation in addition to on an elemental foundation.

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What's the kick we get from our morning cup of espresso or tea and why are we attracted by way of the odor of spices or body spray? How do the holes get within the cheese and why for those who now not fresh your enamel after consuming a tumbler of wine? The authors have succeeded in explaining daily gadgets in a systematic method to exhibit hidden biochemical techniques.

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