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She has around hp with no armour and does no dmg. If you aggro her and fail to kill before tough shit appears just run out of map and get back. She will be on hp you left her on and enemies won't be aggroed anymore. I think they changed the burn time on logs or copper. IIRC, it used to take more than 20 wood to smelt 20 ore into 10 ingots.

Now it only takes 19 wood. I could be misremembering, however.

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Stutter step still exists. I think they were maxed out at 30 before. I'm hoping for positive feedback. If Steam Save is enabled: Your characters should be there. You need to use the same Steam Log In for this. If Steam Save is disabled: Make sure Steam Save is disabled on both computers. Ok, another question based on that. Where do I go to activate steam save?

Is it in steam itself, or in the game? Is that the same as cloud save in game, or is that entirely different? I haven't been around since the game released the early stages of Homestead, where you couldn't even get in yet. So this may be a new feature to me, I'm not entirely sure.

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I am super excited to get a look at everything post Homestead though! Yeah that is what I meant!

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I think I got it, I just have to activate it on my PC. Need to call a family member in the morning. If for some reason it doesn't work tomorrow, I'll reply in here again for possible additional help.

But I don't see why it wouldn't work. Thank you very much Raiyaz! Originally Posted by Machdude. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.