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Alzheimer’s & Dementia

One tends to lose confidence in oneself. One suffers from senile dementia, confusion, bashful and is averse to strangers. One is also childish and suffers from grief over trivial matters. Conium is made use of to treat the elderly for depression, shyness, and fear of also being alone. The remedy does also treat memory loss, as well as relieving the mental confusion as well as loss of cognitive function that does set in as a result of grief over the loss of a spouse. Conium often does help people regain the ability to concentrate as well as.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes, the part…. Why not try out these popular remedies for your weakening memory and clearer thinking? Danteshwari Bhaskar April 23, What is Alzheimer disease? Age Usually, after the incidence does double for every 5-year increase in age. Mild cognitive impairment People who suffer from mild cognitive impairment and have memory problems or other symptoms of cognitive decline that are rather worse than might actually be expected for their age, but not as severe enough to be diagnosed as dementia.

Nux Vomica They tend to find fault with everything and everybody and also extreme sensitiveness to the words as well as the attention of others, inclined to kill his or her best friends and wants to commit suicide but is also too cowardly to do so. Mercurius There is no sense of decency and filthy in body with groveling mentality.

Ignatia Extreme mental sensitiveness due to grief, disappointment in love affairs Calcarea Carb There is complete lack of development of the brain as well as other organs with forgetfulness. Later in the disease, remote memories are also affected. Over time, the ability to read and write also declines. It may be challenging to manage finances, balance checkbooks, and keep track of bills and pay them on time.

These difficulties may progress to inability to recognize and deal with numbers. Responding effectively to everyday problems, such as food burning on the stove or unexpected driving situations, becomes increasingly challenging. Once routine activities that require sequential steps, such as planning and cooking a meal or playing a favorite game, become a struggle as the disease progresses.

Most people can expect to keep their current symptoms at bay for a time. Disposition to find fault with everything and every body; extreme sensitiveness to the words and attention of others, inclination to kill his best friends; wants to commit suicide but is too cowardly to do so; very irritable, quarrelsome, vindictive. Complete loss of all sense of decency; filthy in body with groveling mentality; great weakness of memory; impaired vision; foul breath; heavy coated tongue.

Complete lack of development of brain and other organs with forgetfulness. Slowness and inability to acquire knowledge. Great depression of spirits; despondent; worried about his salvation; about being able to perform his duties; about passing in examination, fretful, irritable, morose, very vehement and angry.

Constipation, eructations of sour food. Pesticides, additives and other artificial chemicals only add to the toxins burdening encumbering the system. Research indicates that genetic engineering has also resulted in toxic foods. The herbicide glyphosate, although almost omnipresent in the food supply, is found in particularly high amounts in GE foods.

Glyphosate has been shown to disrupt various metabolic processes, disturb the digestive function, produce mineral deficiencies and generally produce systemic toxicity. Of the many other types of toxins involved in cognitive impairment, heavy metals are probably the most commonly implicated. Eliminating sources of exposure and promoting detoxification can address this. Two important steps are the removal of metal dental fillings and discontinuing the use of aluminum cookware.

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The latter would also include avoiding prepared or restaurant foods cooked with aluminum. There are a number of methods remove of heavy metals including supplements, botanical and homeopathic medicines. Chlorella and cilantro, either in capsule or tincture form, are powerful cleansers. Zeolites, mineral compounds derived from volcanic lava, chelate with the metals and eliminate them via urinary excretion.

Low potency homeopathic preparations of the various metals along with lymphatic cleansers also stimulate the body to cleanse itself.

Dementia in Hindi - Discussion and Treatment in Homeopathy by Dr P.S. Tiwari

Cosmetics and perfumes are also a common and significant source of chemical toxicity. If the label contains lots of chemical compounds in the ingredients - or doesn't list the ingredients at all, it is best to discontinue or switch to brands that rely on natural, organic ingredients.

Alzheimer’s Disease, Homeopathic treatment-‘don’t forget’

Zeolites and homeopathic detoxifying preparations are useful in ridding the body of residues of these chemicals as well. One of the factors that can play a major role in person with dementia is allopathic medication.

Homeopathic treatment for Alzheimer's & Dementia in New York City

The side effects from these drugs are extensive, chief amongst them being poor coordination, confusion, disorientation and impaired memory. The list of these drugs is quite extensive, making it extremely likely that this is an issue in geriatric patients who commonly are being prescribed numerous medications. Oftentimes, reducing or eliminating medications will in itself bring a person out of their misdiagnosed dementia. In addition, supplements such as acetyl-l-carnitine, phosphatidylserine, and phosphatidylserine increase acetylcholine.

Chinese club moss, known as Huperizine-A, also promotes acetylcholine production. Amongst the biotoxins toxins produced by microorganisms , Lymes disease and systemic mycosis fungal infection are quite common and can severely impact cognition.

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These are both challenging conditions to address and are best treated based on the particular history and individual presentation in each case. These strategies involve the dietary changes and a customized combination of supplements, herbs and homeopathic medicines. Numerous hormonal imbalances can contribute to dementia. Perhaps the most common is insufficient thyroid hormones, but also deficiencies in the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone, as well as imbalances of endogenous steroid hormones like pregnenolone, DHEA and cortisol can be involved.


Supplementation of these hormones can be helpful, but addressing the causes of glandular dysfunction is important. For instance, low thyroid function can be the result of heavy metal toxicity or other 'goitergenic' substances such as soy products. Low thyroid function can often be addressed by iodine supplementation. In addition, iodine acts systemically to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Other mineral and vitamin deficiencies are also all too common. These include magnesium, Vitamin D, and the B vitamins. It has been found that genetic mutations can impair certain metabolic processes that impact the brain. Supplementation with forms of B vitamins, specifically methyl B6, B9 folate and B12, as well as eating a diet high in folate can promote detoxification, increase cognitive function and stabilize moods as well have protect the heart.

There are botanical medicines too numerous to mention that stimulate healthy brain function. Some of the most well known are: Gingko biloba and Bombyx Mori enhance cerebral circulation; Bacopa, known as Brahmi in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, promotes nerve growth and signaling; the mushroom Lion's Mane, found locally in New Enlgand woods, is a brain tonic that stimulates the synthesis of nerve growth factor NGF ; Eleutherococcus senticosus - commonly referred to as Siberian Ginseng, is a powerful adaptogen that balances and restore physiological processes, increasing energy and reducing the effects of stress.

Rhodiola is another powerful adaptogen that promotes on the one hand stimulates cognition and promotes memory while on the other calms the emotions. The prevalence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease is increasing dramatically. Some of the most important measures to prevent the onset of dementia have to do with lifestyle: One particular nutritional measure that is simple and inexpensive is the use of coconut oil.

In adequate quantities, it is one of the best-known and effective ways to stimulate cognitive function, and prevent or reverse dementia. The discovery of the cognitive benefits of coconut oil is credited to Mary Newport, a physician whose husband developed severe Alzheimer's disease at the age of Improvement was nearly immediate and quite dramatic.

For decades MCT oil - 'super fuel' oil consisting of MCTs extracted from palm oil - has been fed to premature newborns because it is easily absorbed and helps them develop faster. Subsequently, it became a popular ingredient in infant formula. In recent years, MCT oil has become readily available as a nutritional supplement and can be substituted for or mixed with some of the coconut oil. Homeopathy is also another very powerful modality that can play a central role in the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Homeopathic medicines engage the vital energies of the body, thereby restoring a healthy physiological homeostasis, activating the immune system, and promoting detoxification by dissolving acids, toxins and metabolic waste. What is unique about homeopathic treatment is that it is individualized for each person based on his or her presentation and characteristic symptoms. There is both a science and an art in the choice of the most appropriate homeopathic medicines because it demands a careful history and an understanding of nature of the patient. For instance, Alumina, a homeopathic remedy prepared from aluminum oxide, is sometimes called for in cases of dementia.

This is no doubt partially the result of poisoning from aluminum cookware. These persons exhibit a slowness on the mental level and dryness on the physical.

Homeopathy A Safe Treatment for Dementia

The thought processes are hazy, and they have difficulty expressing themselves. There is a great deal of confusion to the extent that they lose their sense of identity. They feel as though anything they perceive or say is being seen or said by another person, or that they are inside another person. They can present as shy, weak willed and indecisive. Yet, internally they can feel both hurried and impulsive. The sight of a knife or blood can trigger an impulse to kill or to stab themselves.