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To ask other readers questions about Ruth , please sign up. Lists with This Book. May 21, Anita rated it it was ok Shelves: I started out really liking this book about Ruth a spunky orphan who came out west thinking she was a mail order bride, but then finds plans have changed. When she is proposed to by an 80 year old miner she runs away, following Marshal Dylan McCall to Wyoming.

The author is Christian, which is nice beacause it's clean, but when the Christian element of "saving" is introduced, the story kind of stopped there. Feb 09, Miss Clark rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Yeah, I got nothing. That is how memorable this was for me after two months.

And that was rereading after several years. There is a baby and they are on this wagon trail. And there is this arranged marriage to this ancient geezer and of course the lively and lovely Ruth marries the handsome but very ideal Christian lawman escorting her and the baby. Jul 17, Tasha rated it it was amazing. This is book 5 of the Brides of the West series. Ruth is the main character in this one and she claims to not like the Marshal.

Of course when circumstances forces her to follow him, she finds out that she really is stronger than she realizes. Marshal Dylan McCall doesn't won't to take Ruth to her cousins house or anywhere but she follow him anyway making him responsible for her. But events unfold where she may just be taking care of him rather than the other way around.

I like Lori Copeland's books. Okay they are probably a little cheesy with happy endings, but they always have at least some humor most have quite a bit some unrealistic problems but God can do the impossible Some Bible verses are taken out of context, but her characters are fun. Ruth, is someone I would enjoy knowing. Nov 29, Julynn rated it liked it. It was not my favorite of the series but still a good read about life in the west during the 's.

I enjoyed seeing the characters develop in this series. Loved the wrap up with crisis of faith and relationship conclusion. I always appreciate a happy ending! The cliff hanger about the last book has me hungry to read the story of Patience. Oct 04, Sarah Poling rated it really liked it. I loved this book and how through the the story Ruth realizes her strength and all that she can do. Dec 03, Gloria rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anyone; historical romance lovers; mail order brides.

I didn't feel drawn into this book until Ruth found the baby and the burnt wagon. The last chapter, or last few pages, set up the beginning to Patience's book. It takes a tough stubborn person to survive Coloradan winters and Dylan McCall and Ruth Priggish are just such stubborn people. In Denver City, Ruth gave the impression to a 70 year old that she would be honored to marry him - so she must escape. She devises a plan to have Marshall McCall escort her to Wyoming, where a possible cousin live I didn't feel drawn into this book until Ruth found the baby and the burnt wagon.

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She devises a plan to have Marshall McCall escort her to Wyoming, where a possible cousin lives. Unfortunately, Marshall McCall is not thrilled with the plan - so as Plan B, Ruth will follow him until he cannot drag her back to Denver City and leave her. The plan works, until a foggy day when Ruth literally bumps into Marshall McCall's horse and she's thrown into manure. Then she is left on her own with her horse, and though she wanders on, she has no idea where she is Dylan was checking on her every day until she comes to a burnt wagon and two men, shot with arrows.

She was about to leave, when she heard a baby's cry. She rescued the baby, got burnt in the process, and checked both men to be sure they were dead. She found Dylan McCall with two arrows in his back, but the other man was dead. The book follows their adventures, cold, sick, tenacious, and hurting as they are. They eventually get to Sulfur Springs, and then to Deer Lick. It is the story of how two equally stubborn people who get on each others nerves begin to love and then recognize that love. The author leaves a note in the back, and shows that she knows her target audience.

Many Christian families allow their teenage girls to read books such as these, so the note is an encouragement to wait on God's timing for their "man of their hopes and dreams", as well as about the series, the unknown, and how long she herself has been married. This is the fifth book in the Brides of the West series. Books in this series are about sisters whereas books are about a group of young women who headed West to become mail-order brides.

Although the events from book 4, Glory Brides of the West Book 4 are summarized in the prologue, I think "Glory" should be read first because "Ruth" picks up right where "Glory" ended. Ruth gets a marriage proposal from an 80 year old miner. Not wanting to marry him, she decides to go to Wyoming from This is the fifth book in the Brides of the West series. Not wanting to marry him, she decides to go to Wyoming from Colorado to seek refuge with her adoptive father's cousin. Marshall Dylan McCall's help to escort her to Wyoming.

Of course he refuses because he is busy with his Marshall duties. Ruth decides to deceive him by following behind him and then revealing her presence once it is too late to make her return. At first, the story was pretty funny, especially the animosityfueled by attractionbetween Ruth and Dylan.

Brides of the West: Ruth 5 by Lori Copeland (2007, Paperback)

Once they bump into each other literally! The story turned pretty serious with all the difficulties they faced. I liked it though because this wasn't just a funny, flighty story but had real meaning and depth. The story felt relatively short but had a strong spiritual message woven throughout the book.

Ruth had a strong relationship with God yet tended to try to fix problems on her own, even resorting to deceit at times. Dylan had a bad childhood living with a so-called Christian so he is not a believer.

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Yet as he and Ruth grow closer together during their harrowing journey, he learns that Ruth's God is different and can be trusted. The epilogue ends on a cliffhanger surrounding one of Ruth's fellow mail-order brides, Patience. Her dilemma begins the next book in the series, Patience Brides of the West Book 6. Overall, I enjoyed this story Jun 29, Sunshine rated it it was ok. I guess I liked the book fine, but it wasn't one of her better books.

I'm just wondering how many of her leading females are going to threaten their men at gun point and still end up being loved and cherished by them by the end of the book. Ruth's situation didn't grab me as being sever enough to run away. She could have easily set things straight by announcing the misunderstanding. The old man was more annoying and silly than a fearful suitor.

She wasn't in danger. Ruth was supposed to be this I guess I liked the book fine, but it wasn't one of her better books. Ruth was supposed to be this strong willed girl who could pull a gun on a large US Marshall and get what she wanted from him, but too frighten to stand up to a little old squirlly man wanting to marry her.

She was inconsistent in her strengths. I wasn't sure how I felt about her. She was spunky, strong and hot tempered, but she was too helpless to detach herself from a silly old man. Ford as though he was some grunt worker, not a man used to being in control.

It wasn't as if Mr. Ford was uninformed that Dylan was a US Marshall, why would he try to take advantage of him. Ford wasn't arrogant, just a real lousy man. It just didn't add up. I disliked how long it took them to travel 20 miles, even in the snow. I felt impatient for them to finally reach the little town. However, I did like the scene in the beginning when Ruth is ticked at Dylan because he has refused to help her run away.

She dowses him with a bucket of water and runs for her life before he catches her and drops her in the watering trough outside.

The Brides of the West Collection: Faith / June / Hope / Glory / Ruth / Patience

There were some fun moments, so the book was okay. Another fine addition to the Brides of the West Series. You realize the grit these women had and the challenges they endured. I love mail-order bride books and western historical books. I realize how strong these women had to be. Ruth is a Christian young woman, just a teenager really who has had a hard life. Her parents and siblings died from Cholera when she was about four and they were traveling west. Found by Indians and taken and left at an orphanage to be raised. Adopted by a Christian couple who were teachers and then when her adopted mother died, her adopted father took her back and left her at the orphanage and she is abandoned again.

Traveling with a group of five other mail order brides to Denver City, CO to find out that they have been tricked and sold into a mining camp, escape it.

Tyndale | The Brides of the West Collection: Faith / June / Hope / Glory / Ruth / Patience

Taken in by the town minister and his wife until a groom comes along and then offered marriage by a man old enough to be her grandfather. She takes off in the direction of Wyoming, tailing after Marshall McCall. They met up but he leaves her alone after she pulled a gun on him, his own gun. She finds him shot twice in the back with arrows along with another man dead and a baby crying in a burning wagon. The rest of the story and their encounters will have to be read. I loved the quote made by Marshall McCall, "If wishes were pickles and buts were bread, you'd have a fine sandwich but nothing else.

May 10, Melissa rated it liked it Shelves: She will never be able to have children. The thought is terrible and shockingly devastating to her. She thinks that no man will ever be able to love her in this condition. Marshall Dylan McCall, who thinks that no frilly, conniving woman is worth loving. But then he meets Ruth—strong, stubborn, complex Ruth, who steals his heart and shows him a God who truly loves him, watches over him, and cares for him more than he can ever understand. The characters in this book are more developed than any of the others, and finally Copeland delivers characters who still have much to get through—emotional scars from the past, etc.

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A suspenseful, funny, and romantic read. Jan 03, Kathryn rated it really liked it. This series keeps getting better and better. After he dies, June stays on to work at the local orphanage, where she realizes Inman is allowing the orphans to go without in order to build a showy tabernacle. June delivers a lighthearted, entertaining story along with strong moral values and a Christian worldview.

Federal agent Dan Sullivan shelves his retirement to infiltrate a band of payroll thieves. As she intimidates hardened criminals into cleaning house and talks Dan into rescuing her, Dan believes God had a reason for throwing her in his path. With a bagful of gold and no change of clothes, she sets out in search of a new life.

Far too naive for the cold world before her, she ends up on the run from a greedy uncle who wants her gold—and who will kill her to get it. She manages to latch on to a wagonneer named Jackson and a group of teenage mail order brides. In her travels and adventures, Glory grows into a beautiful young woman with an unshakable faith—but will her faith be enough to win the heart of the handsome wagonneer?

Spunky, young Ruth Priggish is on the run from an year-old suitor. Her only hope of eluding him is to seek help from an unwilling protector, U.

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