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Here is my main question. The potential benefit seems to be just to make your attack more likely to succeed by hopefully reducing the target's defence the trade off being get it wrong and the penalty will be on you to defend against his. In fact as far as I can tell this is the closest GURPS gets to simultaneous action with both attacks going ahead anyway, but with a potential effect of defence being the only outcome. And I think ordinary wait has better chance of 'stopping an attack' than stop hit does because if you hit your attacker first he might suffer up to -4 to hit from shock or even be incapacitated i.

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Whereas stop hit's benefit to you seems to be purely to make it more difficult for you enemy to defend against your attack, but at the cost of you taking an attack which you have at best your normal chance of defending. Now don't get me wrong a penalty to defend for your enemy is a nice thing, but since the description and rules suggests that this is a tactic that's most suitable for those with a skill advantage, why wouldn't I just do a deceptive attack on a wait using my skill advantage to reduce his defence before he gets to attack?

Admittedly It would take a -6 to my skill to get that potential -3 to his defence, but at least it would be to all his defences. Now obviously certain situations will negate my issues, say I'm really tough and so can get away with not worrying about his attacks while stop hitting?

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Maybe my target enjoys extremely high defences that I have to bring down? Ok but since its parry that gets reduced by the most -3 an extremely high Parry suggests an extremely high skill and therefore not the ideal target to try a stop hit on because I might well lose that MoS comparison anyway.

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  6. And if you going to this trouble to reduce extremely high dodge or block by -1, I'd suggest the risks far outweigh the potential rewards! Maybe my target is extremely tough so that hitting him first in a standard wait is unlikely to garner that shock penalty that protects me from his next attack. But OK in that case my blows will be ineffectual anyway, wait or stop hit. Most tactics AoA's targeted attacks etc designed to counter tough or armoured foes don't seem to be better when combined with a stop hit sometimes they're worse There is that extra bit about 0U weapons and weapons that unready after use, that's nice.

    But is that were all the benefit lies? If that's the case is it better than just relying defensive attacks with 0U? There is the potential bonuses to the MoS comparison you can get from "a matter of inchs". That said those extra rules tend to also disadvantage several 0U weapons who tend to be high ST and rely on swung attacks. Thus countering the the benefit gained to being able to parry during a stop hit. And those that don't tend to have long reach reaches long spears, staffs etc that can be used to play IMO more effective 'reach games' to better effect than stop hits anyway.

    Am I too mired in the dark medieval, should I be getting my swash on? I used to fence, and if right of way allowed you'd stop thrust, but that's because nothing else mattered if you had right of way and a legal hit. Last edited by Tomsdad; at Just a quick response - I wrote a whole blog post on Stop Hits a while back. Find More Posts by Peter V. Cheers for that, I still wonder If I'm missing something because your blog seems to be a much better worded version of some of what I addressed above?

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    Also it mentions that a well executed stop hit will allow you to go first: This is my issue in a stop hit being hit back seems inevitable and simultaneous, and the stop hit doesn't make that less likely, just your hit more likely although if you fluff it, the return hit becomes more likely as you defence drops. Maybe I'm over thinking that a bit as on a one second scale it's all a bit fluid anyway and not really IGUG. Maybe a stop hit is actually most suited to those who are tough enough to take the hit, and skilled enough to win the MoS contest.

    But then someone with those advantages can probably capitalise on them better with other tactics.

    Got a tip?

    Or of course skilled enough to win the MoS Contest and with high enough defences to make the inevitable attacks not an issue. But again there seem to be other ways to capitalise on this. And I certainly agree that the description matches a stop hit.

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