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A good conversation consists of you coming out wiser than you went into it. An example is when you get into an argument with your significant other, you want to win, especially if you get angry. This is why Peterson says to listen to your enemies. Separate the wheat from the chaff and make your life better. Be Precise in Your Speech: There is some integral connection between communication and reality or structures of belief as he likes to say. Then you talk about it and give it a name, and then this fuzzy, abstract thing turns into a specific thing.

Once named, you can now do something about it. The unnameable is far more terrifying than the nameable.

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This is why Peterson is such a free speech advocate. He wants to bring things out of the realm of the unspeakable. This is mainly about masculinity. Peterson remembers seeing children doing all kinds of crazy stunts on skateboards and handrails, and believes this is an essential ingredient to develop masculinity, to try to develop competence and face danger. Jordan Peterson considers the act of sliding down a handrail to be brave and perhaps stupid as well, but overall positive. An example would be a figure skater that makes a 9.

Then the next skater that follows her seems to have no hope. But she pushes herself closer to chaos, beyond her competence, and when successful, inspires awe. Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street. This chapter is mainly autobiographical and he writes about tragedy and pain. The title of this chapter comes from his experience of observing a local stray cat, and watching it adapt to the rough circumstances around it.

Another thing you must do when life is going to pieces is to shorten your temporal horizon. Instead of thinking in months, you maybe think in hours or minutes instead. You try to just have the best next minute or hour that you can. You shrink the time frame until you can handle it, this is how you adjust to the catastrophe.

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You try to stay on your feet and think. I took about a month to finish Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, in part because I wanted to slow down and try some of the advice in my life. Equal parts philosophy, psychology, and self-help book, it covers a broad range of topics, with Peterson drawing from life experiences, religion, and history to build a strong case for his points and provide what seems on its surface to be very good advice for people.

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  6. This is where Peterson's background as a clinical psychologist comes in handy. It's not great at helping you be more successful if you're disciplined and self-reliant already. As someone who always struggled with grasping the world, however, I found it very helpful.

    Since I started reading this book, I lost 12 pounds, went from writing five hundred words a day to three thousand words a day, started waking up earlier in the morning consistently, and have been much happier. Some of that is attributable to the fact that I was already willing to make changes, and many of the things I was doing were obviously bad ideas. But there is something to be said for the lessons Peterson teaches. They are complicated, sometimes a little indirect, and mired in allegory.

    This makes them more valuable, if anything. Peterson doesn't use a magic formula, he uses principles of right action. This book provides general ideas and positions that can serve as a great tool to understanding how people think and why things go wrong. Not everyone will agree with it.

    There is a chapter in the book where Peterson reflects on the fact that he has opportunities with clients where he could tell them one thing or another and their minds would make it to be total truth either way. Perhaps that is what Peterson has done here: Or perhaps there is something to Peterson's words. His indictment of meaninglessness and his calls to purpose echo soundly throughout the book.

    There have been those who say that Peterson's calls for people to get themselves organized and his oft-mystical language is a cover for something sinister. But I don't think they've ever really listened to him. Approaching Peterson a skeptic, I was not sure that reading a book would have the power to change anything in my life. The first few chapters were met with nods, hesitancy, and the concession of points that sounded good.

    I wasn't hostile to him, and I found many of his points quite clever. But when Peterson delved deeper into the archetypes and depth psychology I became suspicious.

    9 Goddesses to Help With Money, Love, and Protection

    I had a moderate distrust of the Jungian method; I use it to teach literature, but I did not believe in using archetypes to assess personality. Peterson's point is that we are all part of something great and interconnected. Because it is so massive, we need to be working to make sense of it. It won't happen automatically, and if we go for an easy explanation we may find ourselves walking dark, treacherous paths of misanthropy and rejection.

    We are complicated pieces in an even more complicated puzzle.

    Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?

    Peterson's approach is one of self improvement. When we take steps to sort ourselves out, we also need to enter a symbiotic process of bringing order to our world. The purpose of this is not to achieve some sort of superiority. It is to achieve survival. The world will change, and we will be forced to adapt. Peterson states that "life is tragic. Anyone can handle good times, because that's what we are able to rest and relax during. The true test of a person comes when they lose a loved one or a job or their health.

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    They need to make a decision: Peterson uses haunting examples to illustrate what happens when this goes wrong. Using everything from Dostoevsky to the Soviet Union and countless other insights from modern and historical figures , he creates case studies of what happens when things go wrong and people turn to dysfunction rather than improving their situation. His 12 Rules serve as a guide on how to go from that point of failure to a point of redemption, offering a series of suggestions and guidelines to take a life that is becoming corrupted by hatred of the world and everything in it and turn it into a vessel for growth and self-improvement.

    Is it a perfect guide to living life? Does it give insight to great truths? See all 3, reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 hour ago. Published 3 hours ago. Published 5 hours ago. Published 8 hours ago. Published 12 hours ago. Published 17 hours ago.

    12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B Peterson – digested read

    Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Philosophically I am an individualist, not a collectivist of the right or the left. Metaphysically I am an American pragmatist who has been strongly influenced by the psychoanalytic and clinical thinking of Freud and Jung. This response captures much of what, for good and ill, informs 12 Rules for Life , his long and often peculiar foray into the self-help genre. The effect is bizarre, like being shouted at by a rugby coach in a sarong.

    Most of his rules are to do with personal responsibility, and making the kind of life choices that will allow a person to function efficiently in the world. We should choose our friends wisely, lovingly discipline our children, respect the wisdom of tradition and so on. He takes the view that one should build outwards from small-scale personal choices towards larger social and political questions. If you cannot bring peace to your own household, how dare you try to rule a city?

    As a good student of Jung, he likes an archetype, ideally one he can ground in biology. Each had their own distinct area of expertise: Calliope was Muse of epic poetry; Clio, history; Erato, the lyre; Euterpe, the flute; Polyhymnia, hymns and mime; Terspsichore, dance; Thalia, comedy; Urania, astronomy; and their mother, Mnemosyne, Muse of tragedy and memory. Hesiod suggested that the Muses were the ultimate party girls of Greece, "their hearts set upon song and their spirit is free from care.

    Inspiration for creative endeavors, joyful self-expression, and sacred sisterhood. Call together your favorite women, gather in a sacred circle, make declarations about your creative endeavors, and promise to support each other in fulfilling your dreams. Tara Ta-rah is the much-loved Tibetan Buddhist mother goddess.

    Monks and devotees around the world chant and evoke her energies daily, calling upon her for everything from world peace, to inner peace and protection. Tara is worshiped in both mild and wild forms, and exists in a rainbow of colors based on various attributes. As Green Tara, she is a goddess of action, great strength and special protective powers who wards off evil and shields you from spiritual harm. Deflecting negative energy, overcoming danger, quelling fear and anxiety. Light incense and chant her mantra.

    White Buffalo Calf Women is a Native American spirit woman considered a holy woman-savior who came here to give instructions for living the sacred life to "The People. Activating your ability to build peaceful community and spread peace. Focus on peace, every day. Take a "peace break" in lieu of a coffee break, and softly or silently chant: Peace to my right. Peace to my left. Peace in front of me. Peace in back of me. The Great Goddess is the Great Mother of all things.

    The earliest artifacts of Goddess worship date back over 40, years and many believe that the first God worshiped was a woman She is the earth we stand on, the air we breathe, the fire we cook with, the waters of life that sustain us and the spirit that lives inside us and all around us. She can be found in the history, mythology, sacred texts, spiritual practices and folklore of every culture. Connects you to all ancestors and all women, unconditional love and nurturing. Spend time in nature. A walk in the park, a talk on the patio, a hike up a mountain, a moment gazing at the full moon, a swim in the sea will all bring you closer.

    I adapted this article from my book, The Goddess Pages: Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.