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The Torn Wing (The Faerie Ring, #2) by Kiki Hamilton

Ratings and Reviews 0 1 star ratings 0 reviews. After the princes hide the ring to observe it in the future, Tiki steals it and quickly discovers that she has done a lot more than just steal a ring from the Queen of England: She has stolen a ring that keeps the peace between the fey and human worlds and now that the ring has gone missing the fey will stop at nothing to keep the ring in their possession so that they can attack and eventually overcome the human world.

Tiki is constantly conflicted throughout the story and thankfully she does not whine about it. We get faeries who, when they remove their glamour, are monsters from your worst nightmares with a weakness for iron. I loved how Kiki Hamilton made the concept of faeries unique, they definitely stand out. However I will admit that my one major problem with the novel was the pacing, I would find myself reaching a climatic point early on in the novel and suddenly find the novel lacking and lacking until finally my attention was just lost. I would recommend The Faerie Ring to fans of The Infernal Devices , faerie lore and readers who want a quick and original read.

She believes in magic and the idea of hidden worlds co-existing with our own.

Kiki lives near Seattle, though she dreams of living in London one day. Glad you enjoyed the world and characterization! What I love it that we see two sides to these time, the rich and poor and we also see the Queen of England in this time. Like I said before, it's a very believable world that Kiki has created and honestly, I don't think many authors could pull it off - but Kiki does it so well. Tiki really goes through a self-discovery journey in this book, mainly because she has to find out who she really is and of course, we as readers want to know that too.

I really enjoy Tiki as a female lead, but what I enjoyed the most of this time around was how quickly she managed to adjust her feelings.

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She really grows and comes into a new person but always manages to remain herself. It's a fantastic discovery to watch and I know great things will come from her in the next story. What I also loved was the romance - it's a slow burning one that constantly keeps you guessing. I wasn't to sure what to expect this time around, but there's still a bit of uncertainty in the air to start with. I wasn't all hearts and flowers which makes it all the more real.

I love Rieker and Tiki together - they bring out the best in each other and you can see how they have each came alive with the other in they're lives. I am hoping that there won't be a love triangle with Dain - however, that's all I'm going to say on that because I don't want to spoil it for you. But Rieker and Tiki together are just perfect, they're moment's together are just perfect. But I do know this - I don't want to be either place without you. May 11, Alex rated it it was amazing. Not bad, I may be able to wait that long.

So I just finished reading it, I havn't had any time because of College: Dec 21, Melodramaticfool rated it it was amazing Shelves: I mean, the first book The Faerie Ring was amazing in itself, seeing Tiki and her life on the streets, but now things are different, and it is epic , Ladies and Gentlemen! So we pick up where we left off with Tiki and Co. Larkin in her desperation to escape has torn off her own wing, and a war is brewing in the Otherworld.

In the book, we get to finally see the Otherworld, and not just a glimpse! I wasn't prepared for him at all. When he tells Tiki: Don't make yourself so beholden to me that I'm tempted to seek my payment. Because you are very tempting. I was quite tempted to replace you, just now. Hello, small kissing scene! Of course you wanna know! I'll tell you, but you still have to read the book! Chyeah my reaction exactly. Her birthmark marks her as Finn the previous Faerie King's daughter and she claims the throne as the Faerie Queen! Not to mention, we get to see what she looks like without her lifelong human glamor.

Oh, did I also mention that Larkin is Tiki's Aunt? I mean several times, Tiki mentions how she feels Reiker is a stranger because of how rich he is which to me, was trying kind of hard. I understand she just got off the streets, but she was a Lady once, too. Whats the big hoop-lah?! Amazing book, loved it!

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Don't hesitate to pick this up if you loved Faerie Ring. Sep 09, Natalie Aguirre rated it it was amazing. Sep 09, Paula rated it it was amazing. Not only are we reunited with Prince Leopold, Queen Victoria and Victorian London, but we see a lot more of the unpredictable faerie world. Tiki still cares for her orphan family but we meet several new characters, including the mysterious and handsome Dain. Jan 13, Taschima rated it really liked it. We want you so baaad I love reading books about the fae, and this is a good one.

It blends the history with it and makes it truly believable.

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Mar 24, Karissa rated it liked it. I read the Faerie Ring quite some time ago and really liked it. I immediately purchased this book on my kindle yep it was a few years ago now and am just finally getting around to reading it. This was an okay book. I enjoyed the historical London setting but thought the plot was incredibly predictable. Tiki is recovering from the first book and enjoying living in a place where her and her small cobbled together family have warms beds and food to eat.

Then the Seelie King is murdered and the fey I read the Faerie Ring quite some time ago and really liked it. Then the Seelie King is murdered and the fey start to seep over the boundary into London again. While I still enjoyed the historical London setting I felt like this book was just incredibly predictable. The whole story just kind of felt like it was going through the motions. I also thought Tiki was a bit annoying throughout.

She is constantly trying to ignore the fact that the fey are seeping back into her life and that she has some responsibility to help deal with these world-changing issues. Instead she whines about her faerie mark and turns a blind eye to those around her; it was annoying.

There is a love triangle of sorts forming between Tiki and Reiker and another fae we meet. Not a huge fan of love triangles either. I did enjoy the historical London setting and also really enjoyed getting to visit the different faerie courts and meet some more fae. Overall this was an okay historical fantasy involving fae. In Kiki Hamilton's sophomore novel, the second in her The Faerie Ring, The Torn Wing is a full canvas, palatable, historical fantasy that blends the world of the fey, the otherworld, and Dickensian London in Our journey takes us from the alleys to palaces to enchanted woods.

In a nutshell, it's a really fun fantastical read with lots of historical accuracy mixed in. The main character, Tiki, is one of the best in the genre. She's very persistent and passionate about keeping her family saf In Kiki Hamilton's sophomore novel, the second in her The Faerie Ring, The Torn Wing is a full canvas, palatable, historical fantasy that blends the world of the fey, the otherworld, and Dickensian London in She's very persistent and passionate about keeping her family safe and has a heart of gold.

This book is filled with people with alternate identities - some are fey who have a "glamour" on when they're in the human world. One thing I really liked about The Torn Wing was there wasn't a ton of romance. I'm a guy who doesn't mind some or sometimes a lot romance in what I read, except it was a nice change in The Torn Wing.

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There was one kiss and a love triangle, but there wasn't a ton of sexual angst, everyone was focused on the actual problem without letting any of their romantic interests get in the way. Kiki Hamilton has a writing style unlike any other, it paints a large canvas picture in your mind and allows you to create your own images.

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You can see the Winter-y London along with the colorful and sometimes dark setting of the Otherworld. The Torn Wing is a strong, enjoyable second novel. Though Kiki has switched from publishing with Tor Teen to self publishing, it's still edited like a professional novel and should not be overlooked.

May 17, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love Kiki Hamilton's writing so much. I read another review and they described the writing as "weaving" and that is such a perfect description because it is completely true. Kiki is the master of weaving in details and backstory and description. It makes reading so exciting, and it makes me go from enjoying a book to getting sucked into its pages and falling in love with it.

I loved The Faerie Ring for the magical world that was created and I was so happy to get to live within its pages again.


The Torn Wing is every bit as magical and awesome as the first book. I love the mix of history and magic and secrets. It is just so cool. Plus you get to spend more time with Tiki and her family and they are just the best! We find out lots more in The Torn Wing and I feel like we are finally getting some answers. I love uncovering secrets and there certainly was a lot of that in this book. It is just such an enjoyable ride. I can't wait to read the next book.

This is turning out to be a favorite series for me. Kiki Hamilton is great about laying a bit of a foundation for those that may not have remembered everything from the first book. But she doesn't do too much of it so that it gets annoying. Another reason why her writing rocks. She is great about balancing detail. Never too much or too little. I need the next book asap!! Nov 10, Kristi rated it really liked it. This series if just fabulous! Tiki and Rieker are trying to protect the human world from a faerie invasion.

New foes are introduced as well as allies, and old foes seem to be changing their ways. Wow, did the plot thicken! Though we had some resolution in book one, there were several unanswered questions. I am happy to say that question is answere This series if just fabulous! I am happy to say that question is answered and a few other bombs are dropped as well.

I was glad to see the family dynamic between Tiki and her gang of orphans was still present in this installment. That was one of the things that I really enjoyed in book one and I had hoped to see it again! There was some progression with the relationship between Tiki and Rieker, but could it have happened any slower! Goodness the tension between those two! I love the historical elements of this story. I know the story will keep you flipping the pages like it did me! And I was still wanting more! And feel free to kill off Larkin anytime….

Jan 23, Heather rated it it was amazing. One of the best books I've read in a while and a sequel I wasn't disappointed in! Can't wait for the next one! View all 19 comments. Jul 31, Jocelyn rated it it was ok. Better than the first one, but I still think the whole premise could have been better done. Also, random typos near the end a bit strange.

Apr 24, Kurio rated it it was ok. Sadly this book didn't do it for me. It honestly felt like just a pointless bit of running around that did nothing to progress the story at all. I was super disappointed in it. Tiki goes from being independent to constantly a worrying wet rag. It's a complete step back from her character.

I don't think I'll be continuing the series due to how much this dragged along. Hmm, where should I start? The Torn Wing continues the story of Tiki and her band of misfit orphans, now living with the ever-handsome Rieker, aka Lord William Richmond. I've always loved the historical setting of 19th century London. To mash it with the land of the fey is just perfect. Two worlds, both uniquely beautiful in their own way, with a deep mystery at the heart of it all. Right from the prologue, there is a stirring for war as the UnSeelie Court threatened to take over both the thrones Hmm, where should I start?

Right from the prologue, there is a stirring for war as the UnSeelie Court threatened to take over both the thrones of the Seelie Court and of London's from Queen Victoria. The mystery surrounding Tiki's involvement with the fairies is further developed, although her initial denial of any such involvement deeply annoyed me. The characters were sweet and intensely themselves.

By that I mean, Hamilton writes in a way that makes each character something special and uniquely their own.

Tiki's family of orphans are all so different, not just because of their age. They are young, but their eyes have seen the horrors of living on the streets. They've developed street smarts, they're loyal and caring for others less fortunate, yet they still maintain a sense of innocence. It's hard to describe, but even when you want to shake them for being stubborn or doing little petty things, these are trademarks for what makes them such great characters. They come alive, doing things as little children or young orphans do.

With such great secondary characters, of course the protagonists were also enjoyable to read. Tiki may be hugely stubborn, but her heart holds enough love for anyone. Rieker always remains an enjoyable love interest, and I was a little saddened to see that Hamilton didn't further develop him in any way in this book at least. Besides being a love interest, he's different from any other main male characters in the YA genre these days. He also lives a double life, as a pickpocket and a lord, but there's so much more to him. He's just not predictable, which makes him more exciting.

The plot wasn't as intense, although the book started off with a chaotic event. Besides that, it didn't really pick up too much. Mostly, Tiki was learning to accept what she may be, and Rieker was dealing with I don't know what to make of her. There are so many layers to her, and I'm still figuring her out as I'm writing this. Hamilton is good with the twists and turns. As new characters come into the story, new pieces of information keep falling out that continually surprises me.

My goodness, talk about unpredictability. Lastly, I have to say, not everyone loves historical novels. I myself sometimes do find it a tad tiresome as it's set in a society that may not be as exciting or fun as modern or even post-apocalyptic societies may be. However, to mesh olden day London and its real life history i.

Queen Victoria and her sons , with similarly "true" legends of the fey there, it's absolutely fascinating. I love the author's note explaining real life places where Tiki and her friends have gone to in the novel, and teaching the readers how to pronounce some of the Gaelic words that are used.

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It makes everything more real and solid, knowing Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace are real places I could visit if I wanted to. It takes talent to creatively piece actual facts with an imaginative world of faerie lore, and to do it with such elegance and air of magic. For that, even though the pacing wasn't all too amazing in this one, The Torn Wing has reminded me of what storytelling should be like these days. I may be biased, but I absolutely love the setting in which this series takes place in. Imagine 19th century London with a hidden veil of the Otherworld of the fey at certain locations.

Cemented into this glorious setting, a dark adventure unfolds as Tiki is drawn farther into the dealings of the fey, with an old enemy coming back to warn her and the gang of an impending war. Wrought with well-developed characters from The Faerie Ring and new ones appearing, Hamilton delivers unpredictable plot twists and surprising developments as some answers are given of Tiki and Rieker's involvement with the faeries.

Jun 11, Mara rated it liked it Shelves: And as always, I love the title font. She is, for the most part, an all right protagonist.