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He wanted to call on Mann, who had moved to Paris after the war, but serious illness in his family prevented it. He laments the delays in and inconveniences of his upcoming trial, which were in part the result of the unavailability of Chief Justice Salmon Chase, who was presiding over the trial after impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. Immediately thereafter I returned to Liverpool and learned that my son who was at school at this place was dangerously ill, and on my arrival here found him so low that for weeks we had more to fear than to hope.

He is now convalescent but my wife is quite ill, probably consequent on fatigue and anxiety, and I have suffered from the disease which has afflicted this village. You will I hope excuse the delay in announcing myself to you and believe that one of our great desires in Europe was to meet you again. It was my intention to leave France before this date but all of my plans have been disturbed for the causes already stated.

Court before which I am under bond to appear meets again on the 23rd of November and unless notified that my presence is not required I shall have to be in Richmond, Va.

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My counsel expected to receive notice dispensing with my attendance because the case would not be tried in the absence of the circuit judge, the Chief Justice Chase, and it was well understood that he could not preside in the Circuit Court, because the term of the Supreme Court would commence in the ensuing week.

Having however been compelled on the two former occasions to go to Richmond and when it was known there would be no hearing, it may be that a like needless journey will again be necessary. We have looked to you for information and advice.

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  • Jefferson Davis Hopes the “Oppressed South” Shall “Rise Again”;
  • The (urban) South shall rise again;
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I need not say that the lowest rates consistent with comfort will be accepted. Their crimes would probably lead to a terrible reaction and their punishment would be more full and therefore more beneficial to the oppressed South, if it were possible to wait so long and yet have life to rise again. The sentiment in this letter is overwhelming, with Davis feeling persecuted, impoverished, and powerless, even as his worst adversaries maraude through the south and prepare to inaugurate Grant and his Republicans into the Execute Mansion.

If Davis borrowed the expression from the Redeemers in composing this letter, that would tend to indicate that he was in sympathy with them and their program. Although its exact genesis is not known, it is possible that some unknown person within the Redeemers originated it.

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  • "The South Will Rise Again"? Actually, It Already Has.
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  • "The South Will Rise Again"? Actually, It Already Has.

Another scenario is that it was adopted from an early version of a quote that Jefferson Davis used in , and which he borrowed from Thomas Carlyle: I studied some in high school and much more afterwards. Since America really did stand for liberalism, justice, and tolerance in this conflict, it is an excellent example, that is not emotionally loaded, of something to be proud of.

The South Shall Rise Again

Today, even the Germans and Japanese admit that they had a horrible form of government at that time. Both countries have made amends for their past. They have accepted it, embraced it, and moved on. They are some of the most peaceful cultures on Earth now. This is not to say they are perfect or that they do not have problems.

However, they are not singing the praises of that past era.

Jefferson Davis Autograph letter signed South | Raab Collection

When we look at the American experience, it is a completely different story. Like Germany, the south was beaten. A more liberal government was imposed on it, but oddly enough, we have not disavowed our past. There is a significant portion of the population that regrets losing and reminisces about the rise of the south. Keeping in mind that like Germany and Japan, the Confederate government instituted slavery upon a significant portion of the population.

All three were illiberal societies. They implemented a morally reprehensible form of government while disenfranchising liberal voices amongst others. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. What does this dream of a 'Risen South' look like? What kind of reality could be plausibly expected if this dream were indulged? Does it include secession? Please keep in mind that the OP of this thread has chosen to mark this post with the [Serious] replies only tag, therefore any replies that are jokes, puns, off-topic, or are otherwise non-contributory will be removed.

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If you catch my drift. It would probably involve secession, possibly another war They don't have to be black. I'd be an equal opportunity slave driver.

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It's a generational saying by ignorant and uneducated Southerners. I am from Alabama. Not all Southerners are ignorant - we made rock and roll, and put a man on the moon, but there are morons everywhere. It's an outdated geological theory.