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Reading these fairytale remakes are making me think from another point of view. One can believe one thing based on what they have been told, but it only takes the imagination of another to make you see things could have been differently. I like how it followed some of the original story ideas but added them together in a twisted new version.

If you like zombies and fairytales, you are bound to enjoy these books. This one was far more descriptive then the previous ones I had read. This one is based on the Little Red Riding Hood tale. I have come to love these twisted fairytale stories and they are well worth the read. I know this is a set that I will gladly return to and read again in the future. It is well written, it shows that relationships can still be built, that love can still exist even though there is no hope for what is left of civilization.

Attack of the Giant Robot Zombie Mermaid (Epic Fail Tales #2)

I thoroughly enjoy the graphic detail that is written. It pulls me right into the story as if I am there actually committing the act or merely observing it from a distance. I have to admit that I enjoy reading all things fairy tales no matter how disturbing it may become. This book is well written, it is engaging and it pulls the reader in to the very last second wanting more. If you enjoy fairy tales and want to read an interesting spin on them, I would have to recommend this book to you. I enjoyed how it had also tied together some of the other characters that we had already met throughout the first five books.

This book helped to show that looks can be deceiving. I really enjoyed it a lot. Ada is such a sweet misdirected character. She lost her father when he decided to leave and her mother to an accident. She became nothing more then a street urchin that no one cared about and no one paid much attention to. She spent her time trying to sell matches in order to keep herself fed and warm. One day everything changes, eventually she does become noticed but not for the reasons she would have liked. I really enjoyed reading about what could have been, should have been or the way things can be twisted to be turned into something that is possible when you really put your mind to thinking about it.

Wendy is a girl that never wants to grow up and when she discovers Peter Pan he gives her that option. Her parents leave in the night to go to a secret meeting where they discuss how to deal with all the change in their town. They decide the way to deal with it is to hire someone that was appointed through the now dead priest. She decides to follow him in order to stop the guy that her parents hire to kill him. If you want to find out what has happened throughout the series thus far, you will need to read the previous stories.

Ariel sees a crab that Ursela had made look alive even though it was dead and that is all she wanted from the chamber and then she left all the people unharmed. When she goes back to the swamp and gets into a scuffle with one of the swamp hags she decides its time to move on! Ariel is tired of living with the swamp hags that we had met in the previous story with Wendy and Peter Pan. She has this human treasures that she keeps in a special place in her nest in the swamp and one of the hags deliberately destroys her nest sending all her special treasures all over the swamp. Some of the other hags turn up with them and use them in the feeding frenzy.

Ursela decides that she will go visit Eric and see about living with him. While she is there she meets Ursela face to face and a lot of interesting things happen. I enjoyed reading this story just as I have the previous ones within this series. I look forward to see how it is going to be wrapped up with the last two stories.

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Outside the school where she taught and spent her life helping the children of their small town. It is hard for the town to escape death it seems. The town Sleepy Hollow has managed to keep the undead out, but now they have dead townspeople among them. Her dad wants to protect her and will go to nothing in order to do so.

He thinks keeping her locked up is the only conclusion at this point. It turns out however, that her love is meant to be with the new school teacher that took her sisters place, which leaves one asking what about Brom? Does she stay with Brom? Does she hook up with the new school teacher? Or does she choose to move on with her life? The Queen has a gentleman caller coming to see her. He is interested in getting together with her in an attempt to try and save the kingdom, the kingdom that is ultimately falling to the dead.

In the end her mother gets sick and Snow White is forced to do her servant duties.

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Snow White ends up running from the castle without her mother, because the Queen holds her mother hostage, hoping the girl will come back. As the Queen is about to jump she notices smoke from the woods. This renews her fixation on capturing Snow White. She climbs down and goes after her. Does she get to her before the dead kill her? What becomes of the King that came to see the Queen?

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Does Snow White live or die? What happens to the Queen? I know you must hate when I Say this but you will need to read the story. I am sure that you will enjoy it as much as I have. Each story can be read alone or they can be read together, but each story helps you to visualize a the bigger picture, the imagery he was trying to get across about Sleepy Hollow and what it would be like if Zombies would have taken over the fairytale world as opposed to the sweet fairytales we have all grown to enjoy and love.

Philip as we had met in a previous story wants to go out on an expedition outside the safe walls to find princess Aurora. She had been kidnapped by the Evil Queen many years previously right before Phillips very eyes. He has always held out hope that she would still be alive and that he would one day be her knight in shining armor and rescue her from her captivity with the the Evil Queen.

Rip says he will pay anyone handsomely that wants to go beyond the walls with him in search of his daughter. He is already aware that his wife had passed. So Phillip and Jack see and opportunity to try and rescue Aurora. Does Rip find his daughter? Do Phillip and Jack live to rescue Aurora? Is Aurora even alive anymore after all these years? There are so many questions, but once you conclude this story many of them that you have had while reading the set of stories will be answered.

I am aware that there is now a 13th bonus fairytale available if you buy the complete Zombie Fairytale series on Amazon, it is something to look into if you are interested in one more story. Pocahontas is a curious character that hides behind her innocence. When a ship appears on their land she and the people of the village become curious and they want to explore it and see what there is to be found within it.

When the Warriors of the village come back from the ship saying that there is no one to be found on the ship — it makes Pocahontas even more curious about the ship. When night falls she goes to explore the ship and finds a white man chained up beneath it. She foolishly helps him get free and lets loose an evil that cannot be undone.

I actually read it out loud to my husband and 14 and 13 year old. They seemed to enjoy it. My 13 year old has book napped my book so that he can read the previous stories. He is a true lover of the zombie type books. I love that my children are able to find books in which they are interested. These stories are great for those that enjoy fairy tale re-tellings. They are great for those that like things about zombies and are just great all together in my opinion. I always seem to have a hard time setting one down until I am completely through with it, so if you have read one, I think you should read the rest.

So far they were incredibly enjoyable in my opinion.

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Jan 29, Jojobean rated it it was amazing Shelves: These stories were awesome! All the stories interconnected with each other and were set in the same areas. In the stories, characters from previous stories were seen in the later ones as minor characters. These stories were very gory with lots of blood and violence. I totally loved them. There were short, about pages each which made each individual story a quick read. My favorite stories were: Hansel and Gretel are dead 3.

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Blood Red Riding Hood 4. Beauty is a Beast 5. Z These stories were awesome! Revenge of the Little Match Girl 7. The Little Mermaid of Death I highly recommend these stories if you love zombies and blood. This review is also posted on The Book Owl Extraordinaire This book was good but a bit gruesome for me in some areas. I had my favorite ones picked out but as I read more and more they got lost in the shuffle. I know the beauty and the beast version was really good.

There were so many that were really good and others I felt were just ok. I thought the whole idea was awesome on the authors part. They all were really well thought up in how they intertwined together. Dec 21, Victoria rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm bored and I give in. I'm really disappointed because there are a lot of good reviews out there and I was really looking forward to this. However, it wasn't scary, just a bit gross at a couple of sections.

Aug 13, Donna rated it really liked it. As someone who's not really into zombies, I wasn't sure I would enjoy them, but as a free boxset it was on offer when I bought it , I thought it was worth a look as I do love fairytales, and I wasn't disappointed. These stories are both very different from, and yet contain very clear nods to the originals. All have zombie plague themes running through them, and you need to read through the boxset in order as there are references to the earlier stories in the later ones.

These are definitely not As someone who's not really into zombies, I wasn't sure I would enjoy them, but as a free boxset it was on offer when I bought it , I thought it was worth a look as I do love fairytales, and I wasn't disappointed. Individual Story Reviews The Zombie Pinocchio This story is both oddly touching and very creepy, combining Frankenstein, a zombie plague and elements of the original Pinocchio story. It's so well written that you really feel sorry for Gepetto, even while disliking his actions and their results. Hansel and Gretel Are Dead This story starts with the execution of Gepetto from the previous story , and then proceeds into a seemingly ordinary Hansel and Gretel I liked how much the original story elements had been preserved in this one, and how strong a bond we see between the siblings.

The end's gross though! Blood Red Riding Hood This is definitely the bloodiest story so far, and with elements of the original, though more loosely than others. I did like the ending though. Beauty Is a Beast This is a very good twist on the story, and very romantic too in a bloody, zombie way!

An enjoyable short story. Zombie Cinderella This first half of the Cinderella story is very similar to the original, albeit with Cinderella being unwell after encountering a zombie! I found the extent of the evilness of the stepmother and stepsisters quite shocking and sad, and loved the revenge of Cinderella on the stepmother for this reason. I'm looking forward to part two to see what she does to the sisters! The Ball This second part of the story deals with the ball, and there are also appearances from Pinocchio, Hansel and Gretel and the other children during which we learn it was the stepsisters who were in the siblings way at the hanging of Gepetto.

Whilst extremely grizzly, I do like this story, as it's a real good-triumphing-over-evil story Revenge of the Little Match Girl This story is both heartbreakingly sad, and then sweet and victorious in revenge. The Curse of Peter Pan It was good to finally read about the mysterious Peter Pan figure that's appeared in a couple of the other stories.

But I felt very sorry for poor Wendy - too young to be a grown up, and too old to be accepted as a child. The Headless Horseman This Sleepy Hollow retelling is very good, and full of death, destruction, and action! Skull White This Snow White version is incredibly yucky. Sleeping Beauty Wakes in Hell This is the final story set in the world we've known throughout the series so far, and it's certainly the biggest finale - we meet just about every character, there's fighting, zombie feasting, a battle to save the princess from the evil queen The Screams of Pocahontas This final story in the box set is both funny and sad, serious and scary.

It starts almost like a normal Pocahontas story, though with a comedy twist, but then takes a sinister turn with the arrival of John Smith, alone on a ghost ship where he's locked in manacles below decks It's definitely my favourite of the whole box set, and finishes it in style.

Bought this on a punt for some travel time reading and am really glad I did. The great thing about the complete collection is that each story is great on it's own but there is an over-arching story and progression which links them all together. Character Bought this on a punt for some travel time reading and am really glad I did. Characters turn up, get killed or are referenced in other stories which is nice and there is a clear beginning of the virus with Pinocchio and ending with Pocahontas which is great to read. The stories are given a really nice spin to them it isn't just a straight re-telling with some zombies added in - what Richey does to 'The Little Mermaid' in particular is great.

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  • The level of writing is superb and really gory in places with some really creepy horror suspense added in the descriptions. I think my only negative is that I read the book a little too fast in one go - it really is a book you can enjoy by dipping in and out of chapters a lot better than trying to read it all on a plane. Really recommended - a great find! Jun 09, Gidg rated it really liked it Shelves: What a dark and twisted but fun ride in an alternative fairy tale world.

    I like how the author wove one story into the next with subtle references or appearance of one character or two that would later show up in the next story or the story after that one. Sort of like tie ins to make each story somehow related to the previous or the next. The Mermaid of Death was appreciated as well. Dec 19, Alex Apostol rated it it was amazing. This is one of my new favorite zombie books!

    It's a new take on zombies as they can make decisions and think, which sometimes we get a glance into. I love that they are all connected by the town s the beloved characters are a part of, too. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of horror and fairytales. This was a great retelling of the fairy tales we know and love infused with gore and zombie fueled madness.

    Jun 18, Jenne rated it liked it Shelves: Read these in order! They all build off of one another. Was this awesome writing, not really but not was it cheesy like I was expecting it. It wa very gory I don't recommend eating while you read this lol. Pinocchio didn't want brains he wanted friends LMBO! Hansel and Gretel are dead: The sibling relationship was sweet even in death lol! Blood Red Riding Hood: Everyone's attitude sucked and I was happy to see them all die! Beauty is a Beast: It was entertaining and Beast's mom I have to say she went the most zombie psycho!

    Revenge of the Little Match Girl: It was sad like most of the kid's tales were in this book. The Curse of Peter Pan: I wanted to strangle her reading this. Peter was just downright creepy too! The Little Mermaid of Death: Ariel had to have been the most restrained zombie of the entire bunch. It could of had some real potential too! Truly morbid and twisted! The evil queen was quite the villain!

    Sleeping Beauty Wakes in Hell: Out of all the stories it had me glued to the pages. The Screams of Pocahontas: It was really cheesy and didn't tie into the other tales. Retellings of classic stories and the additions of horror elements are actually quite common and no longer hold the same novelty factor that they once did, which is a shame as once you get past the novelty factor there's usually not much else going for them. I'm delighted to say that this was not the case for this fantastic collection of fairy tales!

    The book is set in one kingdom and details the events of a zombie plague, but these events happen to revolve around fairy tale characters in a vague Retellings of classic stories and the additions of horror elements are actually quite common and no longer hold the same novelty factor that they once did, which is a shame as once you get past the novelty factor there's usually not much else going for them.

    The book is set in one kingdom and details the events of a zombie plague, but these events happen to revolve around fairy tale characters in a vaguely fairy tale way. For example the little mermaid is a zombie who lives in a swamp and preys on passers by until food runs low and they venture of on a raid where she meets Eric, the kings nephew.

    Since she remembers nothing of being human she becomes fascinated with him and one event leads to another and the next thing you know she's eating him. Of course she is, she's a zombie! There are no traditional happily ever afters in this book! The stories are clearly recognizable as the original fairy tales and retain most of the elements that make them so endearing, but they've been completely re-worked with quite amusing results!

    Each tale flawlessly linking in with the rest. An idle comment in Pinocchio from a priest about how he knew a man who liked to wander off into the woods for a nap, a mention in the little match girl about a missing father who vanished without a trace and then in sleeping beauty you actually meet rip van winkle who is the little match girls father and the man the priest knew. I absolutely loved these tales and will be reading them again and again. Now, as soon as she turns fifteen years old, it will be her turn. Finally, she reaches her fifteenth birthday and sets out for the fun park, hungry for brains.

    She has a wonderful time then towards the end of the day spies the perfect brains. But before she can eat this tasty treat, the park closes and she retreats. When she returns home, instead of sharing stories with her sisters, she pines away in her room. Brains, all she wants is brains. Each spread is full of guts, gore, and gratuitous asides. Readers will lap up the horribleness and laugh at the barely recognisable tale that sits underneath this multi-gory story.