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The jihad in the south: The Jihad of Shehu Dan Fodio: The Fulani concept of jihad: Ibadan University Press, I slamic law and judicial practice in Nigeria: Journal of Muslim MInority Affairs, vol. The Talibanization of Nigeria: Center for Religious Freedom, Freedom House, The Waziri and the thief: Hausa Islamic law in a Yoruba city: Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law: In search of one word's meaning: Sharia and Christianity in Nigeria: Journal of Religion in Africa: Thus ruled Emir Abbas: Michigan State University Press, Spectrum Books in association with Safari Books, Hausa vrouwen en Islam: VENA working papers ; no.

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Education and Islamic trends in Northern Nigeria: Education and the growth of religious associations among Yoruba Muslims: I slamische Erneuerung und politischer Wandel in Nordnigeria: Le radicalisme islamique au sud du Sahara: British fears over Mahdism in northern Nigeria: Les mouvements religieux et le champ politique au Nigeria septentrional: Charismatic authority and the creation of a new order: Cruise O'Brien and Christian Coulon. Islamic reform in contemporary Nigeria: I slamic protest under semi-industrial capitalism: Between two religions of the Book: The children of the Israelites in Northern Nigeria: Religion and change in African societies: Mahdist triumph and British revenge in Northern Nigeria: The ASC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Vol 58, Issue 2, Islamic Fundamentalism in South Asia. Tips on citation download.

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Terrorism itself is not an ideology. It is an insurrectional strategy that can be used by people of different political convictions. Little Brown , , pp. For a survey of Muslim revivalist thinkers, see Rahnema, Ali ed.

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Zed Books , Google Scholar , Crossref. For a critical assessment of Maududi's works, see Faksh, Mahmud A. Praeger , , pp.

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Also see, Emmanuel Sivan, Radical Islam: Yale University Press, American Trust Publications , , p. Qutb was the leader of the Muslim Brethren, which split from President Nasser's secular socialist revolution in Consequently, he spent most of his remaining life in prison until he was executed in His brief stay in US in the s seems to have sharpened his anti-Western militancy and his contempt for Muslim modernists.

Holy Koran Publishing , , pp. For an discussion of Faraj's ideas on holy war, see Jansen, Johannes J.


The right to rebel against a ruler who compromises with Islam is justified by the Shiite traditional teachings, partly due to the injustice done to the House of Ali, the fourth Caliph, and partly, the spiritual political status of the Ulama. See Rahman, Fazlur , Islam London: Tibi, Bassam , The Challenge of Fundamentalism: University of California Press , , pp.

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Brill , , pp. Quoted in Ronald Bruce St. John, Qaddafis's World Design: Libya's Foreign Policy, — London: