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I will be glad to see May flowers. April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. Something I thought was lost and gone forever was found today at the Appalachia Cultural Arts Center. With the problem I have with my fingers not having the dexterity they used to have is a problem for me. I am unable to fasten the clasps on my necklaces but I try and I learned my lesson two months ago. I fastened the clasp on a diamond heart necklace Gary had given me 26 years ago for Christmas and later that night, to my surprise, it was not hanging around my neck.

I was very upset and tried to think where I had been but I had to reconcile with the fact that I had lost it. Saturday, we were working at the ACAC and there my necklace was caught on a black satin cloth and shinning very brightly. A man who was removing the picture I had placed in the window two months earlier saw the necklace on the satin and he said, well, look at this, and you could not believe how I felt.

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I have never experienced anything like this before, but one thing I have learned, make sure Gary fastens all my chains! Friday, April 13, a very well-loved man in our community is celebrating a birthday. John Tull is a fine example of a Christian man, faithful husband, loving father, a good council member to the town of Appy.

John was very devoted and caring to his parents, Rev.

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Tull and his wife until their death. People like John Tull are very few and hard to find, so on his special day, we want to make sure he is wished a happy birthday from all his friends and family!

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Please keep Matt Smith in your prayers. Recovering from surgery, he is in a great deal of pain and he needs a healing touch. We are a comedy murder mystery dinner theater with audience participation and can hold a maximum of people. Two professional actors greet all guests at the door to explain how the evening is going to be played out. At that time, the actors will give every audience member a part in the show.

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Parts can range from playing a character in the show, complete with costuming, or a smaller part in a group with others. The first course to enjoy is appetizers, served buffet style. Your next course is a small house salad, with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and mushrooms with your choice of 2 dressings. Enjoy this course with a glass of wine that is included in the price of the ticket. Most dinner theaters give you one basic choice of chicken, beef, or fish.

We didn't do it as a dinner theatre, but we had a lot of fun with it! One of my favorite murder mystery plays is Death By Dessert. Set in a building with two competing italian restrauants run by two competing families, the landlord is murdered and yet narrates the story while the audience has to figure it out.

Complete farce, and great fun.

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  • We did it this past year and it was a huge hit. He will supply you with a PDF to print as many copies as needed. The playwright has several other Murder Mystery plays to choose from also. Below is a link:. Every year for the past decade we have performed a mystery-comedy-improv by Eileen Moushey. Read some samples at Mysteries By Moushey. My kids have a great time with them! As I said, the set is very complicated, involving half a dozen entryways, a revolve, some complex pieces of art which you must create , and a very special table.

    But it will have the audience screaming with both laughter and fear. If you choose to do it, message me--we came up with some very clever twists, particularly with the artwork one of which spawned a nowyear tradition! For a dinner cabaret style variety show I teamed up with our advanced foods class teacher. We split profits since he had to make back what he spent on food, etc.

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    The school I am in now doesn't have a foods program which is very sad. We ran a very successful murder mystery dinner theatre event last August and we're doing it again this summer. The kids love it.