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There is never a doubt that Blake thinks the world of Layla and Axelle and would do anything for his girls. Not only is this information weighing on him, he also has to confront his past with his parents.

A Father's Fight

There is a scene in the OB office that had me laughing out loud! The angst is also spread throughout the book, allowing the flow of the story to be perfect.

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And thank goodness no cliffhanger! Dec 30, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. In Blake and Layla's follow-up novella, A Father's Fight, the past rears its ugly head again, just when everything in their lives is finally coming together. They've been through hell, but they also fought like hell to outrun it, never allowing it to take the fight completely out of them despite how hard it tried. Now, Blake and Layla are expecting their first child together and the fears and stress that comes with having a baby is compounded by the scars of the past refusing to lay dormant.

But this is a fight both Blake and Layla refuse to surrender to because there's too much at risk Their happiness is worth fighting for and Blake and Layla's willingness to confront everything head on speaks volumes to the type of fighters they are. Blake's upbringing left him feeling battered and unloved, but in retrospect, it also gave him a fighter's heart Fight hard always because in the end, no one can take the fight from you as long as you're unwilling to give it to them.

A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. Jan 09, Kirsty rated it it was amazing Shelves: I absolutely loved this book! It had been a while since I had read about Blake and Layla, but the minute I opened this book I was right back where I had left them. I remembered it all. Blake and Layla are having a baby and couldn't be happier, but before they bask in that happiness, they both have old wounds that need re-opening and dealing with. Both of their struggles are hard, and watching the two of them struggle through whilst they deal with them, sometimes had me close to t I absolutely loved this book!

Both of their struggles are hard, and watching the two of them struggle through whilst they deal with them, sometimes had me close to tears. It was of course a short read, but I feel like we got all to feel all of the necessary emotions, that accompany the plot of the story, without it having to feel rushed and forced.

A major player for me in this book was Braeden, Blake's brother. I can't recall whether we've met him much beforehand we probably have and I forgot.. I'm hoping that we'll be given the chance to get a closer look in to his life, in a future book. On the whole, this was a great book, one that I zoomed through and loved every part of.

I want you to have them back. You want to wear white; you fucking do it and own it. Throw a big fat middle finger to the past, and take control of your future. Apr 17, Soonya rated it really liked it Shelves: I decided to read this one next, because it tells the story of Blake and Layla Fighting for forgive and I really wanted to know about them once I finished the first book. I liked how they built their family and another baby, how they managed to have relationship and how Blake changed family man that would do anything to protect what's his.

I think the only problem I had with this book was I get it,to truly move on they needed answers and all that. I just thought that they could overcome it together. I'm happy that he was ok with his dad, and they would try to build a good relationship from now on. I was happy for her to have answers to know who Axelle's daddy was and that it was somewhat better that she expected.

Honour Your Father and Mother

IT all made me happy. But I didn't that to believe in their HEA. Sometimes real life doesn't give you all the chances and it's ok. They were a family, and that was that mattered for me. They all hugged and that was emotional scene, because this was all those people needed. When view spoiler [Blake told Axelle that he loves her as much as their baby boy Oh that was so emotional for me.

This guy will have a lot of work to do! Dec 31, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book so much!!! Blake and Layla's love for each other just vibrates off the pages. I laughed, shed a few tears and in the end had a big silly smile on my face. Feb 06, Lexi Buchanan rated it it was amazing.

Blake was so funny at the OB's office - hilarious.

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I really hope to have a Brae book!! Jan 02, Diane plourde rated it it was amazing. This was the only story from this author I had not yet engaged in. I tend to stay away from Novellas because they are too short. This one was a solid 5 star story that sucked me in and I still wanted more. Now I wonder why I never read it. This is about Blake and Layla that were first introduced in Fighting to Forgive. Layla is pregnant with her second child and all hell breaks loose in their family. Why was it so amazing?

7 Ways to Honor Your Father

It was so funny. I This was the only story from this author I had not yet engaged in. Imagine Blake, a tough alpha man going to a prenatal visit and the delivery was to die for. I laughed out loud so many times to count. He made it quite entertaining. I loved everything about this story. It was amazingly written with a great storyline. It really felt like a story by itself. I strongly recommend this story and all the others from this series.

Jan 19, Kat DM rated it it was amazing. They have forgiven each other, but the past still haunts them. Layla has been through hell and back. What she had to endure to bring Axelle in to this world, was admirable. It didn't matter how she was conceived, all she wanted was to raise a healthy baby and to not have her experience what she did back in high school. The past haunts her even in her dreams. She has nightmares that scares her to death. When this happens, all she wants to do is to crawl and hide in Blake's arms. Where she feels safe and protected. Blake is one over protective fiance.

He is an MMA fighter and does not take any nonsense from anyone. He will protect his family until his last breath. He went to jail for protecting Layla from her past and he will do it again with no hesitations. I loved how he treated Axelle, as if she was his own blood. He's what every woman's dream husband should be.

He had me swooning by how he can be aggressive and dominating in bed, but could be so gentle at the same time. When loving someone you give the freedom of who they want to be. You let them decide for themselves. Right or wrong, you'll be right by your loved one's side. No matter what the consequences might be, you would sacrifice everything just to have that kind of love, to the point where the air that you breathe is through your special someone.

You're each other's oxygen. And when that one oxygen runs out, there's no other reason for the other to live. No reason to breathe. That's how I felt, what Blake and Layla had. Will they both be able to move forward, with the obstacles to fight through? To have the future that comes with a tiny heartbeat? May 12, Maddie rated it it was amazing Shelves: According to me a Prologue or the 1st Chapter of a book is THE reflection - SO it must capture my attention from page 1 I will continue a few more chapters to give the Book a fair chance to change my mind!

SO Herewith my review! Will I read it again? Jan 27, Cherry Hurtado rated it really liked it. All these characters have a special place in my heart. I love that we get a bit more of Blake.

A Father's Fight (Fighting, #) by J.B. Salsbury

I really liked his character, loved the way he cares so much about Layla and axel. And of course he doesn't disappoint in this book either. Now I have to say this book brought me to happy tears when Layla is giving birth. As a mom I know the feeling of giving birth to a baby and Blake made that scene even more emotional loved it jamie! Now don't kill me jamie but this book wasn't personally for me one of my favorites. I did enjoy parts of it but other parts I don't know I kinda got a bit annoyed.

I love your books but this one didn't do it for me personally. I think what annoyed me was Layla. I'm not a fan of her being with Blake because of her age. But I was able to like her in the second book.

But in this one I just couldn't connect with her. I found her a bit annoying. Moving on I loved, loved Blakes brother. I really hope we get a book with his story. I want to know more about him. I really enjoyed reading about the general. It now makes sense to me why he was the way he was with Blake. Not okay but I get it. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of cam you know that's my main dude in this series! All in all good book and it completes Blake perfectly!

Can't wait for the next one Jamie. Paige I loved the second book of Layla and Blake as much as the first. As a couple they show us just how strong their bond is. This is reflected in and out of the bedroom. He was strong and demanding when he needed to be but sweet and sensitive when he had to be. Blake made me laugh and cry. I truly love the man and the father he turned into. Layla has proven how strong she is. Now that she is in a caring, loving relationship she is able shine. She also proves Paige I loved the second book of Layla and Blake as much as the first.

She also proves how stealthy she can be when she needs to be. The prologue of the book is difficult to read but sets the tone for her story. I loved reconnecting with Axelle, Killer, Jonah and the other fighters in the group. I also enjoyed reading about some new characters that hopefully will get a book of their own. There are also a few storylines that could warrant another book about Blake and Layla too.

Review copy provided for an honest review. Jan 13, Angie rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this novella. It packed a punch. Layla and Blake are extremely close to expecting their first child together. It's down to the wire. The book begins eighteen years ago giving us a peek of Layla's pov the night Axelle was conceived.

Things may not be exactly the way Stew portrayed them. Layla is in over her head when a blast from the past desperately wants to talk to her about that night. Blake is going through his own issues. He's worried he's going to turn out like his own dad. B I really enjoyed this novella. But his brother, Braeden, convinces Blake to take a trip home because of some important news. Are Blake's parents ready to make amends? A Father's Fight was a great addition to the series. It was interesting and entertaining and definitely emotional. I hope Killian and Axelle's story is next and I'm curious to see how things with Trip will play out.

Jan 14, M. This was such a beautiful and emotional journey for both Layla and Blake while dealing with tough issues from their pasts'. You should definitely check this one. If you haven't started this series, you should absolutely check it out! Jan 20, Evelyn Johnson rated it it was amazing. Blake and Layla's story was a must to be told. JB has done it again, her stories are amazingly written and beautiful. This story was funny , sweet, sexy and I got to get my FIX of all the characters. This story has so much emotion and LOVE that it was exactly what we needed.

His love for me and [my siblings] was always unconditional. And I really, really wish I could call him on Sunday. As I realized this, it was easier to look past these things and see the love he really had for us — his kids — and his grandchildren. So, I really do miss Daddy. I miss not being able to talk to him when I have a problem with the car, or get his opinion on a new air conditioner, talk about the weather, or just vent a little frustration…. Like being a man of your word; loving your kids; paying your bills. And even if you talk like a mean old coot sometimes, when it gets right down to it, you still need to be a man of integrity.

These are things I also want to teach to a younger generation. And if relating to your father is hard sometimes, cut him some slack. So, please find a way to honor him if you can.