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I had some time in the evening and read a few pages. When I woke early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, I decided to read for a while. I have read other variations on the 12 dancing princesses, but this one had different twist and turns that made it so much different and better!

Nov 07, Emer rated it liked it Shelves: He had fallen into an easy quick-march pace. A book that makes you happy, holds your hand, offers you a warm smile and a friendly embrace. I made a lot of contented sighing noises while reading this. It is a nice, easy read. It is not too taxing on the mind, not too heavy on the heart… everything just happens at a gentle pace. The retelling focuses on Galen: Here Galen meets the twelve princesses and in particular, the story focuses on Rose, the eldest princess.

Galen and Rose have a really sweet relationship. They instantly like each other and there follows some gentle flirting and teasing…. He had butterflies in his stomach, wondering if he was taking the teasing too far. Despite being locked into their rooms at night with maids and guards keeping vigil each of the twelve princesses appear each morning with worn out dancing slippers… where do the girls go to??? The princesses become weaker and sickly, yet still each morning they appear with worn out slippers??? Who is forcing them to dance against their will??

What witchcraft could it be??? Are they all cursed??? Or are they the ones doing the cursing??? Noble princes are sent to find out and are promised hands in marriage and kingship if they solve the mystery… but to no avail and mysteriously each of these princes soon die after returning to their own lands. It is up to our brave soldier-cum-gardener Galen to figure out the mystery, break the spell and banish the evil doers…. A magician so steeped in evil that he had ceased to be human, transforming himself and his most devout followers into something other: According to legend, centuries ago every country on the continent of Ionia had risen up against him and cast him into an underground prison.

He was too powerful to be destroyed completely, and trapping him in a sunless realm with only his followers to rule over had been the only solution. This was just so cute!!!!!!!!! It was like Princess Rose and eleven other florally named princesses who all merged together into one character… but I did not mind! I enjoyed the slow-pacing. I enjoyed the romance, the intrigue, the mystery… Sometimes we need life to go at a slower pace. We need to escape the harshness of the real world and I found my escape here in the pages of this book. Did it change my life? Make me feel all the feels???

But some times that is not the point!!! This book made me smile. It made me happy. It gave me good feelings.

It left me with a sense of contentment… And sometimes all we want from life is that happily ever after… Read this if you want something gentle, if you are tired, if you are ill… It will restore your soul and gently cradle you between its loving pages. Jan 04, Rachel E. Carter rated it it was amazing Shelves: Felt just like the fairytales I grew up on.

Maybe not my favorite book as far as YA or romance, but it was still spellbinding from first page to last, there's just something special about the storytelling that made me feel as if I were reliving the old illustrated collection I grew up on. I would get this book for anyone that loves fairytales in a heartbeat. Apr 10, Tatiana rated it liked it Recommends it for: No gore, no violence here, suitable for pretty much any age. The premise is straight forward - the King of Westfalin's 12 daughters nightly wear out their dancing slippers. Several princes attempt to uncover the princesses' secret for a reward of inheriting the Kingdom, but fail.

I am not familiar with the original tale, so it's hard to tell how much the author has expanded on it. Princess of the Midnight Ball is a nicely written story with an interesting setting and likable characters. Galen is certainly a peculiar hero with a penchant for knitting yeah, I know, not necessarily a turn-on for me either and princesses are mostly interesting too, especially those who are developed better.

The main weakness of the story IMO is that the magic is a bit shaky - it is unexplained why Galen knows how to do certain things. I can't say there is anything remarkable or of a wow quality here - no spectacular writing or characterization or mythology, but overall the novel is a cute, light, engaging read. I will probably read more retellings by Jessica Day George , whenever mood calls for something like it. Maybe these two put some new, interesting spin on it. The plot is more than close to the original story about twelve princesses.

The book is good but the idea and its execution were shamelessly stolen. Okay, it's a retelling, usually this is normal. But only if you take an idea and develop it in your own way. When you transform pages-story into a pages-one a lot of dialogues and inner monologues make wonders by pouring water between the lines, and then sign the result with your name I was waiting for unexpected twists, for some underground-orgies, court intrigues and revolutions… even a mere good romance could save the story for me.

The book is well-written, it fairytale-stuff looks nice, but the author did miss with her audience.

Princess of the Midnight Ball

The plot is too simple, clean and steady for ya-guys, there are no blood, real kisses or strong language. For me the book was a waste of time. But juveniles would love it, I guess. View all 10 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. So, unfortunately I promised a few people that I would write a review on this book I mean, maybe one I am not particularly good at writing thoughtful, lengthy reviews To be quite frank, upon finishing Princess of the Midnight Ball I felt deeply annoyed at myself for ever having picked up this book -- and having it sit in the corner of my room, making me feel guilty, for almost eight months.

At times this book showed some potential So, unfortunately I promised a few people that I would write a review on this book I mean, maybe one At times this book showed some potential most definitely not as a YA book, however but the plot was so askew and the characters -- especially Galen and Rose, two of the most annoying POVs ever -- were cliche and didn't have the slightest depth.

I got so bored mid-way through the book, and already felt like it should have ended by then even though the story is already very short at pages. There were lots of problems with the story itself, and it lacked much excitement and most definitely a good romance. Galen and Rose were such an annoying pair and their feelings for each other didn't seem real to me; I honestly didn't much care whether their "relationship" would work out in the end or not.

And -- I suppose this is a spoiler, but it was so pathetically lame that I don't think it really matters if you read on -- Heinrich returning to Lily in the end during Galen and Rose's WEDDING, wow made me groan and actually put down the book for a few minutes. The King Under Stone was a terrible villain, and Rose's story began to get quite tiresome to me. There were many loopholes in the plot, too -- for one, why did the king only realize that the princesses wore out their dancing slippers every third night after they had already been doing it for YEARS?

And why did Angier still seem completely oblivious to what was going on with the princesses even after gaining possession of Queen Maude's diary? Despite its many faults, I do believe that if I had picked up Princess of the Midnight Ball at an earlier age I might have enjoyed it more. Unfortunately, though, I don't think I'll be giving any of Jessica Day George's other books a shot for a while now. Perhaps they just aren't my thing. I also know how much thought and hard work goes into writing a book like this, and I appreciate that fully -- this is purely my opinion, not meant to offend anybody.

I did enjoy some of the humor in this book, and some parts of it were pleasurable. But I must say I'm glad to have finally gotten it over with. View all 17 comments. Nov 14, Lola rated it really liked it Shelves: A delightful retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses with charming and interesting characters and the true meaning of love.

Mar 25, Sesana rated it really liked it Shelves: Maybe I haven't looked closely enough, but one rarely sees this particular story get retold. Probably because it requires a big cast of characters. Yes, there are indeed twelve dancing princesses here, and George tries valiantly to give them all personality, but there's only so much an author can do in pages.

That said, the featured princesses were all interesting enough that it didn't bother me that some D Princess of the Midnight Ball is a retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses story. That said, the featured princesses were all interesting enough that it didn't bother me that some Daisy, for example weren't given much substance.

Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George

I was also thoroughly charmed by our hero, Galen. I will cheerfully admit that I decided to read this book because Galen is a knitter. And his knitting is not only an integral part of the character, it's an integral part of the plot. The story itself is mostly a straight-forward retelling of the original. The last bit of the book is taken up largely with unnecessary complications that result mostly from Galen, who before had always been clever and wise, acting like a bit of an idiot. And then dance with one of the princesses, making sure you draw everybody's attention!

And yet, I still enjoyed the book. There's something to be said for a retelling that doesn't mess too much with the source material. And there's something to be said for a sweet and simple fantasy with a nice romance. View all 5 comments. Oct 29, Paige Bookdragon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Princess of the Midnight Ball is a fun read. I enjoyed reading it because on a scale from , the fluffiness level of this book would be 7.

Don't expect this to be an epic read because it's not. This book is just perfect if you want to read something breezy with a little mystery. We're all familiar with the original story. There was a king because we can't have princesses without a king and this king has 12 daughters. These poor princesses were cursed to dance every night This is supposed to be a 3 star rate but because the author has this certain charm of weaving different fairy tales into one whole story, I gave it an additional star.

Mar 26, Krista Wright rated it really liked it. A sweet, charming, and simple fairytale retelling! Nov 02, Katie rated it really liked it Recommended to Katie by: After reading the book, I am glad I took her advice to get a copy! I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet fairytale!

It made for a very easy read and the story plot captivated me. Galen was easy to grow to like as the hero of this tale. I was surprised that most often the story was written from his POV point of view and not Princess Rose, but it wasn't a bad surpriseJessica wove together the entire story wonderfully well. And I enjoyed reading it from a guy's POV. All in all, a delightful fairytale that young teens and adults will both be sure to enjoy. It's a very light, quick, easy read.

There is a bit of 'magic' in the book, as the girls go to an 'underworld' of sorts, but the magic wasn't a very heavy part of the book. I look forward to reading the next book in the series!

About Princess of the Midnight Ball

Sep 06, Rashika is tired added it Recommended to Rashika is tired by: This is going to be a real quick overview since I don't have much time right now but I cannot hold in all my feels for this book. This is a dark re-telling but at the same time it's kind of fluffy. It has that fairy tale feel to it since well it is a re-telling so not everything will always line up but somehow this story still charmed me to no ends.

The romance could be seen as insta, no doubt, but it didn't bother me. I enjoyed it if only I wished there was a little more development going on b This is going to be a real quick overview since I don't have much time right now but I cannot hold in all my feels for this book. I enjoyed it if only I wished there was a little more development going on but that's what I mean when I say this is kind of fluffy.

There are some things that are done in a very fairy-taleish way but it works. I mean with a soldier turned gardner who is to save the day with his epic knitting skills, how can you not help but be charmed? The characters, were so adorable too! Both Rose and Galen are mature but at the same time, they seem innocent too in this childish way that is just so hard to put into words. They made this book so much more funner to read. The plot, I'd say could use a little more polishing but at the end of the day, this was a highly entertaining read and I couldn't help but be charmed.

This book in general, as you can conclude from my overview, is somewhat hard for me to describe or explain because it seems almost contradictory. It's dark, no doubt, with it's setting and just the general atmosphere of the book but at the same time, it'll make you smile and giggle and just leave you with a huge smile on your face, the kind you'd get from reading a fluffy book.

It's a quick read too so if you're not sure about it, I'd still tell you to give it a shot because you might just end up liking it! With all that said, I have no idea what to rate this book so I am just going to leave it as it is. Jul 28, Jenn rated it it was amazing Shelves: A truly delightful retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairytale that follows a soldier who is returning from war and is caught up in the intrigue of where the princesses go each night and how to help them.

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There is snappy dialogue and unforgettable characters. And, oh yeah, this book is dedicated to me, so there is that as well. Aug 14, Colleen Houck added it Shelves: I loved this retelling of the twelve dancing princesses. I also loved that the hero knitted. I've knitted a hanger cozy and that's about it, but I remember enjoying the process a lot. The description of the Under Stone kingdom was awesome. I can totally picture it in my head along with the twelve dark princes.

Sep 04, Olga Godim rated it really liked it Shelves: A retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses , this charming novel for early teens is also good for a grownup reader. Moreover, the curse makes it impossible for them to tell anyone or to ask for help. The heroes of this story, the eldest princess, eighteen-year-old Rose, and a former soldier, nineteen-year-old Gale A retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses , this charming novel for early teens is also good for a grownup reader. The plot follows the source pretty closely, but as always with fairy tales, the characters are much better developed.

Rose, as the oldest, feels responsible for her younger sisters. She is a delightful girl, beautiful inside and out. A son of a soldier, Galen grew up with the army. He fought in battles since he was fourteen. At nineteen, he is a veteran. He is a practical guy, with no illusions but lots of compassion. He sees that the princesses suffer and he longs to help. It was a light, uncomplicated book. A little magic, a little teenage affection, and everything clean and sparkling, with no resemblance to anything even remotely related to real life.

Otherwise, it was a book to rest your soul after all the battles and flawed heroes of modern adult fantasy. I must be sliding back into childhood: George is helping me. They make me happy. Feb 03, Erin rated it really liked it. The stories are relatively well known and have been reworked and rewritten… the long and the short of it is that they have been done and done to death. Finding a fresh outlook is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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George fleshes out the back story and makes a few small changes to the original telling. The result is an enchantingly fresh and original look at the classic fairy tale.

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One particularly notable aspect is that the story is told not by one of the princesses but from the perspective of battle weary soldier turned under gardener, Galen Werner. The Twelve Dancing Princesses is very much a girls story. I think shifting focus to the male character really helps the book by adding a sense of balance to an otherwise light and frilly fantasy.

In fact, many retellings reduce the number of princesses in order simply the narrative. On his way to the city of Bruch to live with his mother's sister Liesel Orm, Galen meets an old woman. After he shares his food with her, the woman gives him white and black yarn and an invisibility cloak, saying that he would have to use them when "He" tries to get to the surface. When Galen meets Rose, she knows that he can try to break the curse, but will he succeed despite the complications they come across?

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