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The Aesop's Fable version may be an earlier example in English. Aesop — BC is credited with creating the fables that bear his name and, whether he was the author or not, they are certainly pre-Christian. They were much translated before the first English version, which was Caxton's translation into Middle English, Caxton doesn't use the phrase or even reproduce the fable in the form we now know.

In Sheep's Clothing

His version has a dog, rather than a wolf, masquerading as a sheep. It appears that the oldest explicit reference to the tale of a wolf dressed in a sheepskin, in print in English, is in Wycliffe's Bible. Where the writers of the Bible got the story from is anyone's guess. The cautionary tale wouldn't have been new to them; some form of the tales that we now know as Aesop's Fables would have been in circulation in the Middle East at the time the Bible was recorded.

One of my interviewees told me:.

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He was right — when you innovate, you confront the momentum of history. Other researchers have reported similar findings.

In Sheep's Clothing

Stability and safety are cost mitigation tactics that do diminish costs, thus freeing up interest, fulfillment, confidence and past experience to work their magic and promote innovative behaviour. It turns out that optimizing your environment for stability and well-being, rather than disruption, makes innovation more likely. Pets in Victorian paintings — Egham, Surrey. The history of pets and family life — Egham, Surrey.

Available editions United Kingdom. Disruption does not always drive the most monumental or ingenious innovation.

Stability and Safety

The stress of running from wolves is hardly conducive to good planning. Eleftherios Soleas , Queen's University, Ontario. True 'innovation' generates ideas, not wealth My research has shown me the face of an under-hyped insight: EVC Scales Adapted from Soleas When I asked innovators their major motivation, one respondent from a sample of said their primary driver was monetary.

Stability and Safety There is a common thought that innovation is disruptive by its nature.

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  3. A Russian reader Rasskazi. Povesti (1898-1903). Anton Chehov: Vocabulary in English, Explanatory notes in English, Essay in English (illustrated, annotated).
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  5. One of my interviewees told me: A sense of stability can free up creative energy. CC BY Stability and safety are cost mitigation tactics that do diminish costs, thus freeing up interest, fulfillment, confidence and past experience to work their magic and promote innovative behaviour.

    When opening the door to McDonough's office, Geneva will be found standing next to him instead of kneeling, though the results of any dialogue choices or actions undertaken remain the same regardless.

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    Experience and material rewards as well as special dialogue with Piper will be dispensed as usual. Quests in Fallout 4. Retrieved from " http: Fallout 4 side quests. Articles with verified bugs.

    Optional Heal Danny with a stimpak, or fetch a doctor to heal him, or ask Curie to heal him. Go to Mayor McDonough's office. Press the button under Geneva 's desk. Talk to Mayor McDonough. Convince McDonough to free Geneva.