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The author imparts his personal strategies for surviving fatherhood by suggesting how-to tips served up with warmth, sweetness and poignancy.

A few representative chapter titles are: How To Give a Baby a Shower 8. Art of Being Mean Five Rules for Raising Daughters You Embarrassed Me Chauffeuring your teenage daughter and her friends is the next best thing to reading her diary. When your boomerang daughter moves out for the third time, move to a sq ft condo and happily inform her, "You can come stay with us anytime you want.

Children are successful if they 1 aren't involved in drugs, 2 don't smoke, and 3 use their adverbs correctly. Be a parent first, a best friend second. After living with five daughters , the easiest part in becoming a devout monk would be the oath of silence.

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Kindle Edition , pages. Jacobson is a stunning odyssey of what it means for parents, specifically fathers, to raise daughters in the modern world. Timeless, funny and, at times, poignant, this autobiographical collection of sixty-four essays shares the good, the Timeless, funny and, at times, poignant, this autobiographical collection of sixty-four essays shares the good, the bad, the confusing-and almost everything in between.

Yet it's light reading and enjoyable--the way a book should be. Any father with a daughter learns that loving her until your heart breaks is not enough. You start wondering if you are dealing with a different species.

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The author makes his experience vivid and extremely helpful -- it would have been more helpful if I had it for the last four years. Insightful, with much imaginative resourcefulness. And, God, is it funny. The day I got the book, our dinner was dreadfully prolonged because father, son 24 and daughter 17 took turns reading out loud choice passages.

Some really sharp observations at the end. One person found this helpful. Jacobson has keen insights he shares with his readers in this funny, affectionate, magnanimous summary of his life. Buy a copy for your favorite teacher, sister, dentist, florist, chef, travel agent, personal trainer, accountant, dog walker and keep a copy for your own entertainment - with five daughters, he's just starting this author period of his life.

I read this book out loud with my son. There were multiple situations per chapter where I couldn't read on because I couldn't stop laughing. Not just for men with daughters-only. Makes me feel warm inside that I'm not alone in wonderment at womankind! Alternatingly side-splittingly funny and profoundly moving, this book will touch you deeply, while offering a generous helping of humor on every page. Though I will concede that there are unique challenges to raising daughters, especially five of them! I know all of us parents of teens can relate to the typical conversation that Jacobson relates that took place between him and his year-old daughter nearly every day after school; as Jacobson asks question after question, his daughter responds, "Fine.

I guess there are some exchanges that are just gender-blind! I laughed uproariously as I read this; how wonderful to commiserate with other good parents in the throes of parenting teens!

Surviving Five Daughters by Lynn Jacobson

I can also relate to the common refrain in our household as well, "Why can't you just be normal like other kids' parents. The book is packed with jewels of wisdom that any parent, confounded by their child's behavior especially when they begin that painful developmental stage of differentiating, can glean.

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Take the suggestion of chauffeuring your kids and their friends around to activities and social gatherings, providing "sleepover headquarters," and keeping the refrigerator well-stocked with treats as the "next best thing to reading her diary" because kids and conversation are freely circulating in your earshot! On a serious note, Jacobson also challenges popular parenting convention: I heartily recommend this book to loving, dedicated, involved, creative, and sometimes exasperated parents of all children, regardless of age or gender.

This book is also a testament to the absolutely glorious, singularly rewarding adventure of parenting, despite the absolutely piercing, heart-wrenching trials along the way.

Surviving Five Daughters

I loved the stories of the sweet, precious moments of parenting, like singing your baby to sleep while she lies on her tummy on your chest see chapter, How to Give Baby a Shower. And how I chuckled, in parental collusion, at all the funny "Mini-Mean" tricks parents can play on their all-too-trusting younger children all in good fun, mind you --I suppose an inoculation for the insufferable adolescence yet to come!

And, I agree with Jacobson, really nothing compares to witnessing the miracle of your child learning to read her first book or acquiring some other amazing life skill. And what about the incomparable pride you feel when she demonstrates greater proficiency than you in the very skills you have taught her, even as you are outshone and outsmarted!

Read this book and weep out of hilarity and profundity, as you live the escapades of parenting through Jacobson's inimitable and hilarious take on life and parenthood!

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And, keep it close as a handy desk reference. This is a practical guide to parenting that can be referenced time and time again, as you require a little inspiration, encouragement and reassurance along the way.

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Surviving Five Daughters is a delightful memoir and guide told in short stories.