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Caddyshack meets Breaking Bad! In a classic cautionary tale of a happy marriage gone adrift, follow our hero Tom as his obsession takes hold and steers him down a dark twisted road of substance; in this case the substance is golf! When Tom's new found golf lust and Carol's spirit world collide, magic happens. Tom comes to believe he's channeling the spirit of the great one, Ben Hogan, and becomes hell bent on unlocking the secret of the "Hogan Swing.

Almost simultaneously John, the writer, was born. His initial foray into writing was A Rooster in the Henhouse, an acerbic memoir based on his wife's pregnancy experience seen through a man's eyes.

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It was this attempt at memoir that evolved into his highly praised one-man off-Broadway show of the same name. John's next writing project was his two person play, Sweetspot, Confessions of a Golfaholic, which was performed before packed houses of enthusiastic golfers in Connecticut. In that sense, golf obsession may depart from other forms of addiction. First off, congratulations on the book. The introduction says that all the characters in Sweetspot are fictional, but we all "know" people like Tom, Carol and Marty the Golf Pro.

Are they loosely based on real people you've come across? The short answer is yes, I have a bit of a problem with golf myself and when I took a job in the golf shop at our town course I quickly discovered that I was far from alone in my addiction. I noticed golfers getting out of their cars looking anxious and jittery like someone in need of a fix. My favorite story, one that got me writing, was a simple one. A fellow came into the shop on a day that was raining so hard that the first fairway was completely under water.

He looked at me, then the first tee. Then, back at me and then back at the first tee.

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He nodded at me like a happy five-year-old, slipped on a pair of Wellingtons and off he went. At first she was delighted that I had found something that gave me such pleasure and brought out a long dormant sense of dedication that she was unfamiliar with.

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She soon lost her appreciation for my zeal when the chores around the house went for want of a useful hand. For example, I had all the ladders and paint brushes out to paint the garage for an entire summer, but never got around to actually painting it. I blush to think of the ridiculous excuses that came out of my mouth! It's obvious from reading the book that you know a lot about golf and its history.

Are you a "golfaholic" yourself?

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When my addiction was at its height, I would sneak over to the driving range any chance I got. Of course I was late to all sorts of appointments, parent-teacher conferences, soccer games and the like. When I went out for milk I came home an hour later dripping perspiration, no milk and a golf glove hanging out of my back pocket. I started lying about my whereabouts all the time to escape the scathing accusation that I had been hitting balls or sneaking in a quick nine.

So I emptied my garage and put the net up in there.

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I could swing and hit for hours at a time. I still work at the golf shop and teach Jr.

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How did your years as an at-home Dad contribute to your portrayal of the characters? It was during my years as a stay-at-home dad that my sneaky behavior was at its worst. I told our babysitter every time I left to go play that if my wife called from her soul crushing corporate job in the city that she was to tell my wife I was out shopping.