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Paul J Middleton is a writer to monitor.

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There was a problem loading the comments at the moment. Carries on brilliantly from the first book. The world continues to fall apart, forcing the characters to depend on each other more and more. The story is great, taking some unexpected twists which still feel completely realistic. If you enjoyed the first book then you'll love this one.

Unpredictable things happen in this entertaining and un-putdownable novel, thoroughly recommended and it reminds me of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Having thoroughly enjoyed the impressive Volume 1, I was keen to start Volume 2 Its a brilliant read.. One of those books that keeps you up all night Now waiting patiently for Volume 3 I highly recommend. So pleased to get the second volume of this fantastic book. I read this all the way through without putting it down.

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After all, what we perceive of the world is put together by our own individual minds. And this line of thought opened the door to more outlandish suppositions.

How do we know the person next to us is actually there? After all, they are just made of data assimilated by our brain, and if that is so, what then is Real? It is a fantastic romp, where Alice steps into a mirror, and is transported into an improbable alternative world. But it is her encounter with the sleeping Red King that enthralled me. Tweedledee tells Alice that the Red King is actually dreaming about her, and if he woke up, then Alice would go out, bang, like a candle. Tweedledum then tells her, what I believe is an extremely philosophical observation, that as she is just a dream of the Red King, then she is not actually real!

And then, at the end of the book, after Alice wakes, she postulates who it was that dreamed the whole adventure up. Was it her, or was it the Red King. And the last sentence asks: Which do you think it was?

This children's story had quite an impact on me, bringing to life again the debate I'd enjoyed in the English lessons so many years before. And as I read the finishing poem and put the book down, I closed my eyes, and dreamt, and when I woke, the Lokkr Chronicles were born. I have wrapped this question, what indeed is Real, in the world of , the time I was at school, but history as we know it, alters. It is a tale with high octane drama, a dramatic fight for survival, with moments of horror, suspended over a mystery, where reality is not what it seems, and the very fabric of time and space hangs in the balance. - Google Диск

The tale takes place over two novels. He becomes the primary suspect, pursued relentlessly by the embittered Detective Inspector Yvonne Marnak, who has become so obsessed, that she disobeys a direct order to drop the case, and follows her quarry instead into the growing storm that threatens the destruction of mankind. Volume 2 - The Amulet of Dagon, is a continuation of the tales primary theme, but is set in a world now at the end of time, where only a few appeared to have survived.

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  • The Lokkr Chronicles, Volume 2 The Amulet Of Dagon by Paul J Middleton!

Volume 2, completes the tale, and like, Through The Looking Glass, leaves the reader with a question? I am currently working on a third volume, Memories of a Dark Star, which is set in the year the comet P Shoemaker Levy 9 slammed into Jupiter, and takes place in the United States of America.