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Why More Is Less 5 stars.

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The Dream of Reason: A History of Philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance 5 stars. Intellectuals in the Middle Ages 5 stars. Kant and the Platypus: Essays on Language and Cognition 5 stars. Confessions of a Philosopher: The Structure of the Objective World 5 stars. A History of the Mind: Evolution and the Birth of Consciousness 5 stars.

A History of the Boom, — I Think, Therefore I Laugh 5 stars. The Making of a Philosopher: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals 4 stars. Mapping the Mind 5 stars. An Introduction 5 stars. From Sex to Money to Food: Taming Our Primal Instincts 5 stars. Why Stock Markets Crash: Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems 5 stars. The New Financial Order: Risk in the 21st Century 5 stars. Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious 5 stars.

The Modern Denial of Human Nature 4 stars. My Life In and Out of Markets 5 stars. The Statistical Mechanics of Financial Markets 5 stars. Tartar Steppe Verba Mundi 5 stars. Work smarter not harder, sign up for my free weekly Brain Food newsletter. You can follow Shane on Twitter and Facebook. Sign in Get started. This is an outstanding book on the side effects of interventionism, written in extremely elegant prose and with maximal clarity. These interventions trigger endless chains of unintended consequences —consequences for the victims, but none for the interventionistas, allowing them to repeat the mistake again and again.

Puri, as an insider, outlines the principles and legal mechanisms, then runs through the events of the past few years since the Iraq invasion; each one of his chapters are models of concision, presenting the story of Ukraine, Syria, Lybia, and Yemen, among others, as standalone briefings to the uninitiated.

This book should be mandatory reading to every student and practitioner of foreign affairs. Their books are like reviews of comparative squid ink recipes written by anorexics, or descriptions of the Loire Valley by visually impaired travel writers. They are well written, which masks the BS. It is the real thing on several accounts. Secondo, Wolfram is the developer of a new way to do useful mathematics, an entirely new method, which allows us to tinker with mathematics, something that is an anathema to purists.

Thus he depicts Ramanujan, not with the usual mathematical prism of the theorem crowds, but as someone who, starting with intuitions, does experiments till a mathematical identity feels right. Mathematica allowed me to be a car mechanic who looked under the hood; such experience makes us look at the pompous theoretician as a cook would a nerdy chemist. The book is about this refreshing perspective: Terso, Wolfram is fair. He shows a fair —even adulatory— portrait of Mandelbrot, in spite of attacks by the latter. Indeed, if Mandelbrot hated someone, the person has to be good and threatening.

Otherwise he would not bother mentioning him. The Secret of Fatima 5 Stars Masterly! This is the page turner par excellence; every new page brings some surprise and it was impossible for me to put the book down. I even read some of it during elevator rides, not being able to resist. A Mathematical Adventure 5 stars A gem: There is no book like it.

Villani is playful in real life, his research is playful, and the book is playful. This is a gem for a singular reason. One sees exactly how Villani or a pure mathematician goes from abstract to abstract without ever exiting the world of pure and symbolic mathematics, even though the subject concerns a very concrete real-world topic.

I kept waiting for him to use simulations or even plots to see how the equations worked. Later in the book he relied on others to do the numerical work… as an afterthought. Most physicists, quants, and applied mathematicians would have played with a computer to get the intuition; Villani just worked with mathematical objects, abstract mathematical objects, and very abstract at that. And this is a big deal for the subject because it belongs to a certain class of problems that do not have analytic solutions, usually requiring numerical approaches.

Landau damping is about something many people are indirectly familiar with. Fokker—Planck equation, itself the Kolmogorov forward equation, is used commonly as the law of motion of particles hence diffusions in finance. We quants use it in the main partial stochastic differential equation. In plasma physics it is related to the Boltzman equation, which, by using mean-interraction in place of every interration mean-field , leads to the Vlasov equation.

Proving it outside the linear version remained elusive. Villani and Mouhot set to prove it. I read it in the English translation because I was in a hurry to get the book , but noticed an oddity that may confuse the reader. I would have read the book in one sitting. It grips you like a detective novel. PS- Some UK BS operator, the type of journalist with an attempt at some PhD in something related to physics who thinks he knows it all and is the representative of the general public trashed the book in the Spectator.

I do not think there is another book like this one. This book in the Latin alphabet makes both Swadaya and Turoyo alive and easy to read, with all manner of real-world expressions. One can use it to supplement scholarly studies, or just to figure out how modern people speak our ancient language. There are Arabic influences, but the distance between the spoken language and, say, Bar Hebraeus is quite narrow. I would suggest the authors expand the dictionary. It would be the only one in the latin script.

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Most excellent, except for very few and small mistakes. Talking about a sucker problem. Now this book is the bible for the field. It has been diligently updated. It is complete, in the sense that there is nothing of relevance that is not mentioned, treated, or referred to in the text. My business is hidden risk which starts where this book stops, and I need the most complete text for that. It is also a book that grows on you. I would have given it a 5 stars when I started using it; today I give it 6 stars, and certainly 7 next year.

I am buying a second copy for the office. Theory and Practice 5 Stars There are two methods to consider in a risky strategy. Let us call it Markowitz-style. In order to implement a full Markowitz- style optimization, one needs to know the entire joint probability distribution of all assets for the entire future, plus the exact utility function for wealth at all future times. I have shown that estimation errors make the system explode. It is very robust. In practice one needs to estimate the ratio of expected profit to worst- case return— dynamically adjusted to avoid ruin.

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And model error is much, much milder under Kelly criterion. For the first method, think of LTCM and the banking failure. Method 2 is much, much, much more scientific in the true sense of the word, that is rigorous and applicable. Now this book presents all the major papers for the second line of thinking. Buy 2 copies, just in case you lose one. This book has more meat than any other book in decision theory, economics, finance, etc… 9. Peter Bevelin is one of the wisest people on the planet.

It makes you both wiser and eager to reread Sherlock Holmes. Evidence and Probability before Pascal 5 Stars Indispensable. More are linear combinations of other books and ideas rehashed without real understanding that the idea of probability harks back the Greek pisteuo credibility and pervaded classical thought. Almost all of these writers made the mistake to think that the ancients were not into probability. If the ancients were not into computable probabilities, it was not because of theology, but because they were not into games.

They dealt with complex decisions, not merely probability. And they were very sophisticated at it. This book stands above, way above the rest: In addition Franklin covers matters related to ethics and contract law, such as the works of the medieval thinker Pierre de Jean Olivi, that very few people discuss today. Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes 5 Stars When readers and students ask to me for a useable book for nonmathematicians to get into probability or a probabilistic approach to statistics , before embarking into deeper problems, I suggest this book by the Late A.

The treatment has no measure theory, cuts to the chase, and can be used as a desk reference. If you want measure theory, go spend some time reading Billingsley. A deep understanding of measure theory is not necessary for scientific and engineering applications; it is not necessary for those who do not want to work on theorems and technical proofs. It the subject itself that is difficult, not this book. The book, in fact, is admirable and comprehensive given the current state of the art.

I am using this book as a benchmark while writing my own, but more advanced, textbook on errors in use of statistical models. Anything derived and presented in Papoulis, I can skip. And when students ask me what they need as pre-requisite to attend my class or read my book, my answer is: Papoulis if you are a scientist, Varadhan if you are more abstract. This is of course surprising as one would have expected the exact opposite from the products of the communist era.

Mathematicians should be using this book as a model for their own composition. You can read it and reread it. Professors should assign this in addition to modern texts, as readers can get intuitions, something alas absent from modern texts. This book gives a complete overview of the basis of probability theory with some grounding in measure theory, and presents the main proofs.

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It is remarkable because of its concision and completeness: There is not a single sentence too many, yet nothing is missing. Learning probability from him is like learning from Aristotle. Varadhan has two other similar volumes one covering stochastic processes the other into the theory of large deviations though older than this current text.

The House That Crack Built 2: Russo & Amina (The Cartel Publications Presents)

The book on Stochastic Processes should be paired with this one. Emanuel Derman has written my kind of a book, an elegant combination of memoir, confession, and essay on ethics, philosophy of science and professional practice. He convincingly establishes the difference between model and theory and shows why attempts to model financial markets can never be genuinely scientific.

It vindicates those of us who hold that financial modeling is neither practical nor scientific. From the remarks here, people seem to be blaming Derman for not having written the type of books they usually read… They are blaming him for being original! This is very philistinic. I owe a lot to this book. I figured out the value of intensity training and maximizing recovery. I use the ideas but with minor modifications my own personal workout is entirely based on free weights and barbells, but I incur —and accept —a risk of injury. I have been applying the ideas for more than three years.

Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Developing Number Concepts, Book 3: Place Value, Multiplication, and Division Oct 09, Only 11 left in stock - order soon. Developing Number Concepts, Book 2: Only 15 left in stock - order soon. Developing Math Concepts in Pre-Kindergarten. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. The Learning Environment Jun 01, There are real life Mona all over and it is wrenching to think about our young women putting themselves through such degradation in an attempt to grab what they think is happiness.

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The moral of the book for a parent is to raise your children right, hold them close and do not let them succumb to the streets. The moral for the young Mona's out there is to see value in yourself, work hard, overcome the obstacles of your upbringing, and remember nothing is free or easy. Unfortunately, I do not know if the young aspiring Monas out there will see that the path they are taking will lead to destruction. I tend to think that most young women similar to Mona will not see themselves in the book and will think they are smarter and slicker than the next girl, just like Mona did.

I have to give Kudos to Kashamba Williams for creating such a moving story that will surely get a great message across to those "Blinded". The novel "Blinded" written by author Kashamba Williams is based upon the money hungry, fast paced but beautiful Mona Foster. Mona is all about "getting that paper" and has no back bone for she uses men for everything she's got. Mona's first intrest in this novel is rapper Controversy. Sexy and rolling in dough, Mona thought this was it.

She's found that sugar daddy, until a man with twice as much dough as Controversy, by the name of Camron, also known as Cam walks into the picture, "spits some game" to Mona and winds up having this girl hooked. She moves in with him and believes she's started the life she's always dreamed of. That is until Cam shows what he's really made of.

Cam becomes abusive and possesive until the point where Mona is running to others. But how far can she get with Cam's hand around her neck? This is a journey all should take with Mona as she fights for her life thats she sometimes regrets she had. In addition to other commenters I have to agree that the moral of this story is fantastic and unlike many others.

I will also agree that the point to this story is "all that glitters isnt gold". See all 58 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on April 20, Published on November 16, Published on August 2, Published on May 30, Published on May 7, Published on February 22, Published on November 8, Published on June 25, Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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