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Saw him 3 times in concert Comment Well, mykl, then you've obviously never had typing lessons: Comment True, how did you guess. Comment easy, just how can I make you blush and speechless good combination, BTW? Comment By following Carly's and mykl's example, but please don't ;o Why would you want me speechless, anyway ;. I leave a lot to be desired, let alone, to be admired Back on Monday, over and out. Comment shame ; Have fun, see you. Comment sagi, Are you going to hit me with a garden rake, or shovel, should I wish you a grand, prolonged weekend? Comment bye you alls: Nur kurze Zwischenmeldung, mich gibt's noch, verbringe aber meine freie Zeit lieber im Garten als im Keller wo der PC steht..

Comment Hi and bye, Wari: Wish Kimmy-cat would venture out into the garden, rather than joining me upstairs in the office and, out of boredom? Comment mykl, Today's newspaper had an article on Woodstock Revival, listing some of the groups: Via Rocca, Zwei Ungescheiten and then "Special Guests" - not sure whether this is a band found one online , or the "internationale Besetzung" of which the organizer had spoken.

Comment Hi Carly, thanks for the info. I've spoken with the Knaus Camping platz and the good lady said that I don't need to reserve a place as they've got loadsa room free. If I turn up on the 20th and there's no room she'll have 90Kg of angry me hanging on her neck. Comment mykl, Just as long as they play Woodstock music, I'll be perfectly content I'd insist on having a reserved spot!! Comment Yep, did that, but I also added that I don't require water or electricity connections, just somewhere to park.

She said that they have a seperate area for transit bus campers and that it'll be no problem. I'll be there at some time during the morning so if there's a last minute rush hopefully I'll be there before it happens. Comment So people, another day done, another Dollar earnt. I wish y'all a super evening. Have fun and may your Gods go with you. Now I know where you've been all day: And do you know what I'm going to do this Saturday?

That ought to be FUN!! Lower Saxony still has sun??? As my southern grandmother would have said: Am going nuts - thought the next 5 manuals were going to be a snap - but they've gone and changed terminology AGAIN, plus added new words, which all have their own variants, and since this is an indoor sauna, more instructions. Comment Hi Emil, we have sun as well in Munich: Carly, my deepest sympathies, once more: Comment shout at her?

Use a water pistol? Or let her get stung Water pistol is downstairs - Mommy is highly deathly allergic to wasps - no sooner had a posted, than did a wild goose chase take place - in the process, accidently hit Kimmy across the nose, while batting at the wasp Anyway, finally swatted wasp to death, so I thought, picked it up with handy Kleenex, dropped it out the window, to see it fly off: Comment Oder alle drei - in umgekehrter Reihenfolge.

Ich glaube es bezieht sich jetzt langsam. Wouldn't her throat swell up should the wasp sting on its way down her mouth?? Comment Well, that IS the danger, certainly. I'm inclined to try and convince myself as far as my own cats are concerned that it's natural selection doesn't work - the convincing, I mean.

But there is really not much you can do. Well, water pistol in a computery vicinity might not be the best of ideas Sorry, Carly, it'll have to be shouting ;o screeching more like Good night, you all, see you tomorrow. Comment good morning, noone here yet? Hey, what do you think?? It's my moms birthday today, so that's where we're gonna spend the evening: No idea where mykl is.. Anyway, have a nice weekend, all of you! We'll have the first asparagus of the season tomorrow.. Comment G'day people, a very happy friday to one and all.

Mykl's got to babysit the software people again and be prepared to sit here 'till 10pm. Hence the late start. Comment For that I'll withdraw my threat of revenge. Came upstairs about 2 hours ago to take another crack at saunas, but Biggi needed my help, which I gladly gave - then my landlord pops into my office with 2 other men. The landlord has a storage room, right off my office.

About 4 weeks ago his daughter came and moved all my things out of upstairs' landing to park her things there - was going to "pick them up" the next day. Well, the next day arrived today - had to move my downstairs' landing stuff into apartment, catch Kimmy first, on and on OK - enough complaining: We informed the heads of departments that the team was coming, but the information wasn't passed on to the relevant "workers" and now there's the weekend Putzkollone is coming so the software people can't work.

Wunderbares Schneckenwetter auch hier! Comment Hi Emil, it's dull and damp here too, bye Emil. Comment och, jetzt hab ich die Ohrkraulerei verpasst: It's raining in Munich, well, sort of dampish single drops falling out of the sky now and then. Galvanising perhaps ;o Oh, well need top get my work done and then be off. Comment Bye Isi, try to find time for fun sometime. Catch you next week: Welllll, he was to drop by this afternoon to pick up a CD they had left here Easter. My daughter came to, which was a nice surprise He had been planning to ask her during Easter, and went ahead, even though his father just passed away - he said his father would have wished him happiness and given them his blessing Comment Congratulations and felicitations your mother in lawship, Carly.

Ladies love a good reason for a communal cry and there's nowt to beat a wedding. Is your kitchen table big enough for another mouth to fill?? Comment Yeah, mykl - I can comfortably sit , and in a pinch: They told his mother yesterday evening, and asked for her thoughts on a June July wedding -she confirmed that that is what his father would have hoped for, too. Well, due to the fiasco with th eplanning I'm just about done here, I'm off home and then to see the Pops.

Enjoy your distraction Carly, the sauna will still be there tomorrow and from monday there will be others to help. And about what I said to him though I'm too excited to express it diplomatically, as I did to him - it will help your mother and the whole family, as you all have spent the past 15 years planning your time around your father's needs - and the wedding will give everyone much to look forward to - to plan, ect.

PLUS, make many people happy!! They both just glowed! Comment G'day people, a very happy saturday to one and all. After years they've finally got a new programm together, that made it even better than I'd expected. I'm just passing a bit of time waiting for my train to Duzzly Dorf to a Leotreff. I'll pass on greetings from y'all. You answered my "What are you doing here on a Saturday," question, before I could even pose it: Comment Good night, everybody.

I do - only every now and then, mind - miss OWLchen's comments I don't like Mondays See you tomorrow or on Tuesday: He'll pop in again one of these days. We never did get the sun everyone else seemed to have gotten - it came out just long enough to set, and tomorrow is Another Manic Monday: Comment Oh, hello, Carly: Have you anything wise to say about my thread in the Land und Leute Forum? Comment I've actually spent the past minutes trying to find a picture of the type of hat I'd envisioned you wearing: My gut feeling says you're going to feel "out of place" without a hat.

I was looking for ones with the black laced veils the kind that goes from hat brim to mid-nose: Rather like this "sweet nothing" - you cannot really tell that she even has one on: Well, I won't be able to get out of bed in the morning if I continue chatting ;o The ony hat-shop I've found google-wise in Munich looks very expensive. It looked SO posh and expensive. Comment The only reason I'm still up is that my hair will NOT dry - still in rollers - and I can't remove them or I'll have a bunch of frizz, rather than hair: Comment Right, Igelin, And rather than "dreams of sugar plums" dancing through my head, I'll have incomprehensible sauna sentences ploughing through mine: Comment Good morning people, a vry happy monday to one and all.

Isi, that sounds a bit like you've got a touch of post mummy visit blues. I had a super weekend apart from a touch of "Magen-Darmen" which left me running to the toilet every half hour or so on saturday evening, just when I didn't need it. Oh well, such is life. Isi, I didn't want to put this hat in your wedding thread, people might have got the wrong idea. Thank you for the postcard.. You were absolutely right about everything..

Download PDF by Andrew Noah Cap: Exilgedichte: Gedichte, Träume und Gedanken (German Edition)

Am quite a bit shocked about how easily you found me. Guess you'll find a wonderful hat! Comment Moin Wari, hihi naughty Wari. One week at the most, I guess. As long as we'll hear from you once in a while, our disappointment will be limited, indeed. He did mention something concerning his work.. And OWL seems to be busy in Brazil..

Comment Tach sagittarius, as long as you don't vanish from the map completely we'll get over it. Been wondering about Derfel, too. He had mentioned "2 weeks," if I recall correctly. Was in my bedroom this a. Then I noticed that another ring, which my aunt had given me garnet and diamond-studded!! Wari, If you have the time, could you take a look at this: Abluftschieber I still haven't found out what "Abluftschieber" is in English - and the next sentence says: You can't "slide" a "Klappe" and it must be more than a "flap".

This thing is driving me nuts. Comment Hi Carly, it was good fun, but then again they always are. Comment mykl, Well, Kimmy could argue that it's my OWN fault for "storing" all those sparkling chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and such on my dresser's countertop, rather than in the jewelery box, which is also on the dresser. I keep telling her she needs to go outside and run off some Kimmy-cat energy, and she answers by racing through the house like a maniac: Am too hungry now to think about saunas: Comment Carly, for 5 or 6 years I didn't even get to go to the supermarket if it was the 4th week in the month: At the moment things are a little bit better so I'm able to get about a bit, but only with a little help from my friends.

Comment Bon appetit, Wari! And don't feel pressured: Comment mykl, I hear you!! For years, I got to go nowhere - two children and very little money - I took them to whatever I could afford. Comment The treffs usually crop up once every two months, there are two this month 'cause tigger wanted to say hello, but couldn't get to the planned meeting. So a few decided to add a tiggertreff to the planned schedule. Sometimes translated words do become a little long winded. Maybe if you see it give it a try. Now that's helpful information!! I haven't a clue as to what this thing looks like, because no picture provided.

How can one company manage to change their terminology practically mid-sentence, from paragraph to paragraph and manual to manual?? Can you make head or tails out of this "gem"? Nehmen Sie nun die Verkleidung und halten diese von hinten, mit den Montageleisten an der Unterkante der Liegelatten von innen in den Liegenrahmen.

Vf, Cats being cats, somehow sense that "Hey, they haven't yet purchased the most expensive catfood around, so I'll go on strike for Sheba, RC, whatever": Comment Allen einen wunderbaren sonnigen Montag! Carly, der Satz ist wirklich verwirrend. Yeah, that would perfectly fit this installation manual - about the only thing they are consistent in, is after providing all these "great" instructions on various "assemblies," they invariably save the first step for the concluding sentence: Aber am Anfang steht doch bestimmt: Comment Yep, you got it: And this is the final sentence: Just for fun - the instructions on how to fit the door were paraphrased: Remove packaging and place in frame - never a word on how to assemble the frame, or any other details - now my final paragraphs are an "in-depth" description on how to adjust a malfunctioning door: Entfernen Sie die Kunststoffkappen von den Scharnieren.

Zum Abschluss setzen Sie die Kunststoffkappen wieder auf Abb. Durch das Entfernen der Metallstifte Abb. I wish everybody a pleasant day and until the next time - viel Spa? Comment Go away, mykl: And a few beers in the sun: Ich gehe jetzt auch erstmal ein bisschen an die frische Luft. Comment Nehmen Sie nun die Verkleidung und halten diese von hinten, mit den Montageleisten an der Unterkante der Liegelatten von innen in den Liegenrahmen?

We are still discussing the ventilation system in the sauna right? The part about holding the cover from behind probably has something to do with the cover having a handle on the front side to help sliding it? Do the montageleisten form a 4 side frame similar to a picture frame with out a backing or just two strips? I have two suggestions to offer you! Firstly and probably the easiest is forget the stupid sliding ventilation thing altogether and suggest they do as I do when it gets to hot in the sauna, open the door!

Is this one of those jobs that you wish you had never stared? I'm doing these manuals for an "intermediary," the advertising agency, meaning I cannot contact the actual manufacturer to pose all my questions - that might be a good thing, though, as I'd probably raise Cain about the poorly written understatement German version, only to find out that I was talking to the "writer": Comment Ich glaube, ich finde Saunen doof Comment Wari, Du sprichst mir aus dem Herzen: And it's "only" 7 DIN pages long!

Comment Wari , ich bin hier, aber wie immer im Hintergrund. Carly - mein Beileid ;-. Weiter geht es hier: You need to be logged in to start a new thread. Registration and participation are free! Ask the LEO community. Recent lookups click on a word to display the dictionary results again: LEO uses cookies in order to facilitate the fastest possible website experience with the most functions. In some cases cookies from third parties are also used. Thesaurus definition watch out, that's SO deep!!! Good morning people, a very happy tuesday to one and all.

Moin Wari, it was all more or less to make sure that I wasn't alone here. You're asking the wrong person Wari, I let my fingers get on with the writing. I just wonder, because the program underlines it in red.. And I can sit perfectly fine and still enjoying the sun at the moment..

Ah, the perfectionists perception of perfect, perfect. Morgen, da ich heute eine Sch Mornin' Isi, that's what were here for, to rescue you from your doldrums http: We all go through phases like that Isi, lifes winners shrug it off, only the losers let it get the better of them. Die haben ein Computerprogramm nach Dir benannt?

So, that's lunch out of the way. Then you'd better have a coffee.. I don't drink coffee and what do you mean "try" to get 5 minutes sleep. Have a sunny ride home, mykl.. Ich setz mich jetzt was raus in den Schatten!!! Well, that was the one thing I didn't get today - they had sold out, but more will be in tomorrow morning: Up here, I have the advantage of very fresh fish.. Leute, diese Diskussion hat hohes Ablenkungspotential! Hello, glad I missed the food discussion.

Das mit dem Marmorkuche ist unfair! Bei mir auch nicht ; Macht es gut, bis morgen! Good morning people, a very happy wednesday to one and all. Now that they've shortened the working day having "lates" isn't much better. Gooooooooooooooooooood morning, mood a little better today - so far ;o Have to play vampire again with several animals with mean green killing machines Yoo hoo, mornin' Isi, glad to hear your temprament has improved somewhat.

What type of coffee do vampires prefer? So, it's nearly time to say goodbye again I'm going home today! Bye bye Wari, have a super holiday. Hi Carly, I'm still not havind a cat as long as I live on the 2nd floor though. But, mykl - That means you'll never have another cat So people, it's time to depart once again Here is a list of 25 things that cat-lovers know, but won't admit. Come to think of it, Carly, they are all all four homebound for Easter just how many letters are shared by Easter and desaster? Ah, sagi, I had just assumed your's were still living at home: At least you are weighing pots against burners, Carly - for me it's more like mouths against pots, if you know what I mean: Yeah, Carly, it's called indolence - against "attacks" like this.

I was searching for something else, but inadvertently hit upon this picture - scroll down to "Facing Challenges and Difficulties": Hi and bye, easy!! Good morning people, a very happy thursday to one and all. Moin saggy tarius, I was here at CC, you've got flour. Hi, cookie crumbler, I thought your crumbs really were morse code but eseeeeeieeieieiiieeeeeeieeeei did not make much sense to me.

I'll go and find the flour after brekkie, thanx Is this a morning glory thread? A wee bit impatient saggy, aren't we? Ah, so it was mykl! Hi Carly, I've still got a "pile" of banana boxes that I haven't unpacked yet and I've been here in my present flat for over 7 years. Yeah, but having my mementos, pictures, ect. That IS sad, mykl I'm pinning my hopes on winning the lottery so that I can move back into town, but I'm not holding my breath over it, 'cause I don't buy lottery tickets. So, I'll say goodbye as well to one and all.

He said about the "that" that: If bees are beamed to beams, bees are beamed to bees. Legs have no arms. Long ways recall wise words. Such things depress you anyway. Wedding dress stays wedding dress and red cabbage stays red cabbage. If you idiot call me "idiot", ich will call you "idiot", so often "idiot" until you idiot no longer can say "idiot" to me. Family dispute among slivovits slurping, top, twistung and perspirating twittering sisters.

The child that cried so loud, sat on a hot stove plate. Max is waxing wax masks. What is Max waxing? Wax masks, Max is waxing.

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In the center of the gras, a cadett is kneeing in a coffin. Uncle Fritz is fishing for fresh fish Klaus Knopf loves dumplings, another word for dumplings, meatballs. This is the key to the garden, for which the three maidens are waiting. The first is called Binka, the second is called Bibeljabinka, the third is called Cezizizaknabbeljababbeljabibbeljabinka.

Bibeljabinka, what nice lace does Mrs. Cezizizaknabbeljababbeljabilleljabinka have on her skirt. They didn't have to change cars, so she silently gave herself to him. But beacause the points were switched the wrong way they rode back in a hearse. Those who report to the police those who let the thieves escape will receive a reward! One rooster, two chicken, three ducks, four geese, five pigs, six cows, seven oxen, eight nuns, nine knobby, hunchbacked beggar women are spending the night with ten Costantinoplean bagpipe-maker assistants. Center-pass kicker Flick kicks fast center-passes.

She was the doughiest dough shell of all doughy dough shells of the shell pond. If you give opium to Grandpa, opium will kill Grandpa. Little children cannot crack cherry stones. The wannton fish-sinner Franz was impudently catching fat five-finger fish before the river-fall.

Smoked salmon with leek rice. The ladies in Baden-Baden a town in Germany bathe frequently. They wash the Baden-Baden Gentlemen with them. Snails are shocked when they lick other snails because for many snails it is shocking that for some snails snails are not tasty. He is eating an apple, she an orange. Twelve muttering speakers say "you" to twelve muttering speakers, which always say "you". The woodpecker, sparrow, stork and sparrowhawk jumped post-haste with a screech down the steep path.

Brackish-water fishermen are called brackish-water fishermen because brackish-water fishermen fish in brackish-water fish in brackish-water. Weber emptied, destroyed her liver measurements. A well-roasted goose eaten with a golden fork is a good gift from God. The sparrow walks early and late among spinach. A very hard-to-say-fast saying is a saying to be said fast, a only hard-to-say-fast saying is called a saying to be said fast. In all traps of St. Gudrun's turkey is resting well.

Well resting is Gudrun's turkey. John is splitting hard wood behind the high house. Two men that load shop blinds in front of a chocolate shop blind, invite shop-blind girls to dinner. Conversation in a store: Do you have plaster? We'll have Plaster tomorrow. You have got to chew your bread well, so that you excrements get really brown. New think you have thought, because thinking thoughts is thoughless thinking.

Wenn you think you think then you only think you think, but think you never do. Russian Russian are sliding down Russian slides the Russian way. A boxer of the champions league. Boxed himself into a mess of goo. And from the piled up mess of goo proudly rose the champion of the league! The cat ate the porc-belly, now it can't say meow! The lifesaver is not digusted by anything, he bites into the maggot Pug-dachshund-greyhound-poodle a nonsense dog If your dachshund calls my dachshund a dachhund again, your dachshund will be slapped so hard by my dachshund that he will not be able to say "dachshund" anymore.

The frog-researching frog researcher is studying frog-reasearching frog research. The suitcase in the sleeping waggon lay heavy on his tail. Narrow-gauge railway tracks are narrower than wide-gauge railway tracks. I saw a pearl cushion in the window. If crickets grill crickets for crickets then crickets grill crickets for crickets! Today Hans will be coming home. Whether he comes by way of Oberammergau, Or whether he comes by way of Unterammergau, Or whether he comes at all, Is not certain. On seven seal-cliffs seven clans of seals are sitting, which are nudging each other in the ribs until they tip over the cliffs.

Czech Gucci handbags Ten goats pull ten hundred-weights of cement to the dentist to cement broken teeth. What a badly entitled bequest spawns from weak memory.

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How fortunate that God cast the bells. The whiskey mixer mixes whiskey with the whiskey mixer. With the whiskey mixer the whiskey mixer mixes whiskey. This is a log, a spliced log, A well-spliced spliced log. And this well-spliced spliced log belongs to Mrs. Sticking in my pot set is potato fritter fat! Those that will catch those that have stolen the geese will be rewarded.

I'm standing in the rain and waiting for you. I'm waiting in the rain an like you. Max if you like wax masks then make wax masks! The airport sparrow landed on the airport. On the airport the airport sparrow landed. Itty-bitty cats vomit itty-bitty vomit. Itty-bitty vomit is vomited by itty-bitty cats. Daughter of the manufacturer of Constantinoplan bag-pipe pipes In thick spruce thicket thick spruces are diligently nodding. Between two sharp rocks two hissing hiss-snakes where sitting and hissing.

Between "or" and "and" and "and" and "and" and "and" and "or" there is always a space. This is a log. A finely spliced log sent by Miss Meissner from Neisse and she lets say quite finely, that her husband is a busy log-splicer, who at night - before eating or biting anything - would have spliced a lot of logs. The brushes with the black bristles brush better than the brushes with the white bristles.

The cats are scratching in the litterbox. In the litterbox the cats are scraching. Seldom I eat vinegar; when I eat vinegar, I eat vinegar with salad. When after Greeks creep Greeks, Greeks creep after Greeks. When rumballs roll around rumballs, rumballs roll around rumballs. Four multiplied by four five times is more than five multiplied by five four times.

Ten goats pulled ten hundredweight to the zoo. Twenty dwarfs were demonstrating handstands, ten in the closet, ten on the sandy beach. In the whole round there was nothing but round dogs. Seven snowshovelers shovel seven shovels full of snow. With no bran and no germ, no small grain can germinate. With no bran and no germ, the small child can barely chew grain. Small violet flannel rags On the love-trip the giant of body said "rub it Lisa" and she rubbed it silently.

Six Saxonian drinkers pay ten Czech bar bills. Here you have a log - a well-spliced spliced log from Mrs. He hasn't eaten a bite yet, but already spliced and split a whole heap of logs. Wife of deputy of the captain of the Danube steamboat company Two slimy snakes slink between two rocks and hiss. At the postoffice things are packed and sorted.

An ironing board remains an ironing board. When the Mercedes- Benz brakes the Benz brake lights light up. Behind a spruce thicket finks are diligently picking. The night watchman is tooting. And when he has tooted enough, he puts his tooter back into the tooter-box. She placed the Czech matchbox on the table. Critical toads don't chew any concrete croquettes. The cat steps on the stairs until they are bent. Our caretaker's name is Mouse. Most of the time he lives in the cellar. A black man with a gazelle never hesitates in the rain.

Who knows nothing and knows that he knows nothing knows more than who knows nothing and doesn't know he knows nothing. Mariechen says to Mariechen, let me smell Mariechen, so Mariechen let Mariechen smell. When seals crawl behind seals, seals crawl after seals. The rattlesnakes rattled until their rattles sounded listless. The stupid Doffels The fat stupid Doffel carried the thin stupid Doffel through the deep thick village dirt. Whereupon the thin stupid Doffel thanked the fat stupid Doffel that the fat stupid Doffel carried the thin stupid Doffel through the deep thick village dirt.

The wax mask maker makes wax masks out of wax mask wax. Who is minimally immune to aluminum has aluminum minimal immunity. Who has aluminum minimal immunity is minimaly immune to aluminum. Who uses "use" without "to" need not use use at all.

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Allergic Algerians, Algerian allergic people. The mail is loaded with parcels. Fat nieces are composing poetry in thick spruce thicket, This night, he said, said Hans, said Mary: If he is coming by the way of Oberammergau, or else by the way of Unterammergau, or else not at all, you never know. The Swiss welder is sweating and welding. The Swiss sweater is welding and swaeting.

Sweating, the Swiss welder is welding. The tourist is happy when he is on a tour and is constantly eating.


The Cottbus mail coach driver is cleaning the mail box of the Cottbus mail coach with Cottbus mail coach box paste. The lieutenant of Leuthen ordered his people not to ring before the lieutenant of Leuthen ordered his people to ring. The chaplain is pastin cardboard posters. Two swallows are twittering between two plum branches, I wish you as many good days in the year as the fox has hair on the brush tail. In Ulm and around Ulm and roundabout Ulm.

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Few know how much one must know to know how little one knows. Wax mask, change of measurement We Vienese washerwomen want to wash white laundry, if we knew where warm water is. Warm watter we know, white laundry we wash. In a chocolate store store girls are unloading chocolate.

When suffering my only confort was love. My Husband is called Deer. The shining of the moon already seemed nice.

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Red cabbage stays red cabbage, loaf of bread stays loaf of bread, wedding dress stays wedding dress. Tailor's scissors cut sharp. Sharp cut tailor's scissors.

Never think you think, because when you think you think you don't think, you only think you think, because the thinking of thoughts is thoughless thinking. Bismarck bit Marc until Marc bit Bismarck! When flies fly behind flies flies are flying after flies. Under a spruce root I heard a gnome farting. Ten tame goats pulled ten hundredweights of sugar to the train of Zittau. A fat lady wanted to get through the thick dirt. Whereupon the fat lady asked the fat servant if the fat servant would carry the fat lady through the thick dirt.

Then then fat servant carried the fat lady through the thick dirt, whereupon the fat lady thanked the fat servant for carrying the fat lady through the thick dirt. Unfortunately he sang lots of loud songs to the lute. Why are you looking so stubborn boy, were you in the beer bar?

Donkeys don't eat nettles. Nettles don't eat donkeys! The Spanish adore exciting games. Because godfathers asked for the roast, we roasted turkey for the godfathers. Could offer turkey-roast to the godfathers, because we had roasted turkey - like the godfathers had requested. Who digs a pit for other, has a pit-digging device. How much spawn would such an amphibian easily spawn, if an amphibian would spawn spawn.

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