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The main commonality of most examples above is following physical and chemical processes under realistic conditions with the appropriate spatial and temporal resolution. Various X-ray analytical contrasts cf. Most synchrotron-radiation-based techniques at PETRA IV will strongly benefit from the increased spectral brightness, small source size and divergence. In the following, the most important methodological and instrumental science drivers are highlighted, in particular in view of the upcoming unique science opportunities.

The key to simultaneously covering all characteristic length scales of a complex system is the preparation of X-rays in a well defined state, i.

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In that case, aberration free X-ray optics can focus the beam to Abbe's diffraction limit, i. All length scales can be accessed directly in real space by imaging or scanning microscopy. At the same time the speckle size smallest resolvable unit in reciprocal space is proportional to. Thus all lateral length scales. It exploits the coherence to image samples with spatial resolution well beyond the beam size of the X-rays Schropp et al.

Endstation Brasil Buch 2 Kapitel 12 – Mein Kampfgeist erwacht

Today, this technique is limited by the coherent flux,. This implies that nearly the full beam of an undulator is laterally coherent, i. With this and with some improvements in X-ray optics see, for example, Bajt et al. To reach down in resolution to the atomic level, significant efforts will be needed to match the mechanical stability of the instrumentation.

Alternatively, the increased coherent flux can be used to follow faster changes in the sample at a resolution of a few nanometre and above or to scan larger sample volumes. All these techniques can then be used efficiently as contrast mechanisms in scanning microscopy. So far, photon-hungry techniques, such as IXS and NRS, have not been able to be combined with high-resolution microscopy. With a diffraction-limited source in the hard X-ray range, they will be made available for nanoscopic investigations, giving, for example, access to local chemical information on low- Z elements in the bulk e.

In addition, local electronic and magnetic properties that often vary on the nanometre scale Lang et al. Today, XPCS studies show dynamics from milliseconds to minutes on nanometre length scales in complex materials Fig. Covering this range, however, is crucial to fully understand processes in complex matter, for example diffusion processes in aqueous solutions.

The accessible time scales are limited by the signal-to-noise ratio R SN of correlation functions retrieved from a series of coherent scattering patterns, given by Falus et al. For example, for a given n pix and data acquisition time T , an increase in coherent flux by a factor of allows the investigation of the dynamical processes with a fold shorter characteristic time. Similarly, for a given system with characteristic time , the acquisition time can be fold reduced, allowing the study of non-stationary and transient dynamics.

This will, for example, enable the study of diffusion dynamics in aqueous solutions Perakis et al. For high-energy X-rays the beam will not be diffraction limited [ cf. However, the reduction in emittance will translate nearly one-to-one into an increase in spectral brightness cf.

John R. Ross

With the high brightness comes the possibility to focus the high-energy X-rays far more efficiently than today, fostering spatially resolved experiments at high photon flux. This enables high-energy X-ray microscopy with various contrasts, such as diffraction and scattering for the determination of the hierarchical structure of engineering materials Simons et al. With the latter technique, the local structure can be determined also for non-crystalline and amorphous materials.

This has applications in many fields of science, e. Due to the flat Ewald sphere at high X-ray energies, several Bragg reflections will be accessible simultaneously, making the visualization of crystal defects possible in 3D. In this way, two shorter undulators serving two independent beamlines can be accommodated in one insertion device section. By pursuing this canting scheme for four straight sections and splitting another four undulator beams by appropriate optics, at least 30 parallel undulator stations can be realized.

The first beamline in each experimental hall has its undulator located in one of the long straight sections separating the arcs. For these four beamlines the undulator length is not limited by the length of the insertion device section in the arc, but only by the available acceptance. For these positions the electron-beam parameters e. X-ray optics will need to be wavefront preserving with similar requirements as for X-ray free-electron lasers XFELs. DESY pursues various such optics developments Morgan et al. Very important is the optimization of the user operation with respect to avoiding vibrations at all relevant frequencies.

This requires vibration-reduced door movements, climatization, cooling water supply, vacuum pumps, etc. In addition, experiments have to be especially designed to be less sensitive to external vibrations, e. Some experiments involving timing by pump—probe schemes or nuclear resonant scattering require sufficiently long dark times e. Therefore, it is planned to provide at least two operation modes, a high-brightness high-coherence quasi continuous mode and a timing mode with fewer bunches with increased bunch charge but with larger emittance and thus slightly reduced brightness cf.

The eight arcs length: Due to the rather low B -field of the dipole magnets in the MBAs, the insertion devices IDs of the users have a strong impact on emittance and energy spread of the beam. If the IDs are installed in dispersion-free straight sections, it has been estimated that the emittance will decrease roughly by a factor of two and the energy spread will approximately double. It might become necessary to compensate gap changes of the beamline IDs by additional damping IDs DWs to keep the emittance and energy spread constant. In a seven-bend achromat, space is left between the two outer dipoles on each side to accommodate a dispersion bump.

Inside the two bumps three sextupole families are installed, which are used to correct the chromaticity. The outer four dipoles have a longitudinal gradient to reduce their contribution to the emittance and to increase the height of the dispersion bump. The dispersion bumps help to decrease the strength of the sextupoles significantly compared with the classical MBA scheme.

In the central part of the HMBA cell dipoles with horizontally defocusing quadrupole fields are used to reduce the cell length. The increase of the horizontal damping partition number due to the combined function magnets helps to decrease the emittance further. Therefore, a cell length of The beam dynamics for the longer cell are not expected to be much different from the results of the A cell length of A longer cell length of The properties of a longer cell are currently under investigation. The complete reference lattice has eight arcs, which are connected by eight long straight sections Fig.

All the long straight sections are dispersion-free Fig. As mentioned before, the IDs have a major influence on emittance, energy spread and damping times. This requires strong sextupole magnets to correct the large negative natural chromaticity. However, the cancellation is not perfect due to the non-interleaved sextupole scheme and the finite length of the sextupoles. Only three amplitude-dependent tune shifts and the fourth-order resonance 2 Q x -2 Q y are amplified in the arcs.

The driving term of the resonance can be compensated by using a phase advance difference of in the As the phase advance of the arcs is fixed to be a multiple of , the long straight sections have to be used to set the fractional part of the tune. For the fathers it is clear: Children Location Theater an der Parkaue: The Lime Works Play. For years, Konrad has longed to write a unique treatise on hearing. To finally give himself the time and opportunity, he buys a house in a remote lime works. The show must go on Performance.

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