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Learn more about the Qualifying Test and find a test location. Once you've passed the qualifying test, you're able to join the Lifeguard Training Program. This state-certified, hour course teaches CPR, first aid, and techniques for saving a swimmer in distress.

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Participants are eligible to become NYC lifeguards. Learn more about the Lifeguard Training Program. Want to be notified when lifeguard recruitment starts? Fill out our Information Request form. Was this information helpful? The organisation of IKWV has made the Belgian coastline one of the safest coastlines of the world in a couple decades. The lifeguarding certification offered by the LSS is the National Lifeguard program, [19] which was officially launched in There are four types of lifeguard certification: In November , the Canadian Red Cross Lifeguard program was developed in accordance with International research and quality standards.

The Red Cross Lifeguard program is accepted in many provinces across the country. In Denmark the lifeguard-services are divided into two major groups.

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The beach lifeguards, which are established on a voluntarily basis by the beach administrators in most cases the municipality. There are three main lifeguard service providers, one heavily sponsored: All public pools both commercial and government are required to "provide a secure and safe environment" and thus lifeguards. Unlike the beach lifeguards, these have to pass a government approved test as well as a yearly a physical examination and first aid test.

In Germany three major organizations exist that train people in swimming, lifesaving and which maintain lifeguard services at public beaches, lakes etc. All three are mainly based on volunteer work.

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Also the Fire Departments will maintain lifeguard services at rivers, coasts and lakes. In Iran the lifesaving organization is the Iran lifesaving organization. Iran has a coastline to the Caspian sea to the north, and the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman to the south. Lifeguards in Italy are not organised in a unique service: Public beaches are not patrolled by an organisation, but each comune calls on duty freelance lifeguards during summer or particular events, when public funds can afford the costs. In some beaches, where there hotels or other structures have licenses, there is the obligation to have lifeguards, that are paid by the structure itself.

In New Zealand the term lifeguard generally refers to swimming pool lifeguards but can be used interchangeably with lifesaver. These are qualified paid professionals employed by the pool management to watch over pool users. Surf Lifesavers patrol various beaches in New Zealand.

Lifesavers are able to sit their Bronze Medallion which qualifies them as a volunteer Surf Lifeguards. Volunteers patrol New Zealand's beaches on weekends over the summer months from Labour Day to around Easter. Paid Lifeguards patrol beaches during the week over the busiest summer months.

The Netherlands has more than units on the Dutch beaches, and over active volunteers. The lifeguards secure the Dutch coastline and also many cities that have a lot of swimming water, like lakes. They also provide training. Additionally, many local rescue teams have one or more disaster units which can be called in case of major flooding anywhere in the country.

Under the technical tutelage of the ISN, several organizations provide lifeguard services in the Portuguese maritime and river beaches. The entities that have a concession to explore a beach are obliged to contract a lifeguard service to be provided in the respective concession area. In the cases of beaches that are not under concession, the contracting and providing of lifeguard services is usually done by the local municipalities.

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The ISN is responsible for the establishment of standards for the training, equipment and uniforms of the lifeguards. Lifeguards have to earn their Lifesaving 1, 2 and 3 awards before they are allowed to move on to Bronze Medallion which is the minimum requirement for employment in most Singapore pools. In Spain there are many organizations that teach and train people in lifesaving.

In Switzerland the lifesaving organization is the Swiss Lifesaving Society. All Lifesaving Award LA trainees are thoroughly trained in surf rescue with pool and open water training being incorporated into the LA course. If this retest is not completed or is failed three years consecutively the LA certification lapses. In the event of the LA certification lapsing the lifeguard will have to redo the LA course in its entirety.

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Common equipment used by lifeguards in rescue situations are: Rigid torpedo buoys, soft torpedo buoys, rescue craft malibu boards , paddle skis, box line, throw line and spinal boards. Common equipment used by Lifeguards in first aid situations are: Saline solution, bandages, antiseptics, antihistamines, oxygen kits, latex gloves, laerdal pocket masks, splints, rescue blankets and first aid kits.

Beaches in South Africa are contracted out to independent or private companies. Lifeguards who are not permanently employed by a company often find work during the holiday periods as Temp Lifeguards on main beaches. Often students who hold LA certification will work on a day by day basis during busy seasons. Many main beaches such as Scottburgh and St Michaels beaches [36] have voluntary lifeguard clubs.

A cost-effective way of obtaining the LA certification would be to join a club and do the course, at a reduced rate, through that club. The Red Cross Society was founded around National Chinese Surf Lifesaving Association, founded in and joined ILS as associated member in , is the first and only organization that focus on training surf lifesaver and open-water lifeguard in Taiwan.

All three qualifications are recognised professionally within the United Kingdom and enable the holder to work as a Professional Pool Lifeguard satisfying all Health and Safety Executive HSE regulations. For Public Swimming sessions a full lifeguard qualification is recommended by the HSE in the Managing health and safety in swimming pools manual. A full Pool Lifeguard course lasts a minimum of 36 hours and ends with external examiners testing the individuals both on land and in the water and includes an examination paper verbal in Generation 8 NPLQ, however this has been replaced with multiple choice questions in the new Generation 9.

The qualification is valid for two years from the date of assessment. A minimum of 20 hours training must be logged in those two years for the individual to be eligible to submit for a renewal examination. The employer of the lifeguard should provide training every month in lifeguard skills and resuscitation training to help it comply with HSE guidelines.

Additional units which all full Pool Lifeguards are assessed vigorously and which all Leisure facilities must have public and private is the use of spinal boards, a specialist piece of rescue equipment designed for immobilizing a casualty suspected of suffering a Spinal Cord injury. These are experienced lifeguards or lifesavers who have undergone additional training to train and assess.

Many leisure centres have their own TAs or tutors who operate in-house training for the lifeguards. Also they are unable to assess any lifeguard they have trained. In , there were no reported drownings in UK swimming pools where there was a lifeguard on duty.

The RNLI is the largest operator of lifeguard units in the UK, patrolling over operational beaches around the coast of England and Wales, [43] helping around 7, people each year. Inland water sites such as lakes, rivers and estuarys - typically where there is a specific need, such as sports competitions or public events. There are a few examples of organisations that provide such services; some operating on a voluntary basis such as Colwick Park Lifeguards , relying heavily on the services of volunteers.

There are also commercial entities that provide similar services, ranging from marina staff to workboat providers. Typically in the UK voluntary groups of this type are either local to that particular stretch of water or provide a service across the country. As of recently, the Royal Life Saving Society has offered an Open Water Lifeguard qualification which specialises in still, non-tidal waters. In the United States there are several nationally recognized organizations that certify lifeguards.

The standard in open water surf training is the United States Lifesaving Association. In , drowned at the nation's beaches; 21 drowned where lifeguards were on duty. There were 82, rescues reported from reporting agencies. Continuous training is necessary to maintain lifeguarding skills and knowledge. Formal competitions have developed as a way to encourage training, and also as a social activity. In Australia, the annual Surf Lifesaving competition at Kurrawa Beach on the Gold Coast is the largest athletic event in the world after the Olympic Games with tens of thousands of lifeguards competing.

Lifeguard competitions include both physical events and technical medical events. Technical events are challenging accident simulations in which guards are evaluated on their adherence to treatment standards. These events are a subject of controversy amongst some lifeguards due to their subjectivity.

Purely physical competitions have recently become more popular, often including various combinations of running, swimming, paddleboarding, and surf skiing. Most lifeguard competitions include an Ironman event that combines three different physical activities. Media related to Lifeguards at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Lifeguard disambiguation. Not to be confused with bodyguard. This section needs expansion with: Many people aren't told about the , it is a fire on the ocean, for example a boat catches on fire and it spreads to the ocean, also many people think it can't spread to water but it can and is highly dangerous.

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