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Look Around Mississippi - Sullivan's Hollow

Originally, the hollow was only six miles long and three miles wide; however, with the help of his sons, Thomas cultivated a great deal of land and soon the hollow encompassed parts of several counties. Thomas eventually took Polly as his second wife. By the time all was said and done, Thomas had 11 children with his first wife and 11 with his second wife. Aside from being known as one tough clan, the Sullivans were known for being pranksters; however, their idea of a good joke normally came pretty close to murder. The reputation of Wild Bill and the rest of the family spread far and wide, and before long, salesmen as well as other outsiders would avoid the hollow at all costs, travelling miles out of the way in order to do so.

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Over the course of his lifetime, Wild Bill had been accused of killing at least 50 men, but he was only ever indicted for one murder and that was of his own brother, Wilson. As the years passed and innovations such as electricity and telephones became more common, the hollow began to clear out; however, several family members still inhabit the infamous hollow to this day.

WD Sullivan - "The Battle of Shiloh Church"

Sullivan's Hollow has outgrown the negative image it once had. Over the past 40 years, it has become a quiet, peaceful, rural community with some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. The rolling hills with crops and cattle against the puffy, white clouds in the deep blue sky create a feeling of serenity and whisper, "Your are home. Growing up only 30 miles from Sullivan's Hollow, Brad often spent time there with his family. He is a great-great-grandson of Neace Sullivan pictured on the Home page. After a decade in commercial video production, Brad and his wife moved to Arkansas where he transitioned into a career in Information Technology.

In they moved to Frisco, TX, where he currently lives.

The Notorious Mississippi Family You Won’t Learn About In History Books

At the age of 40, after six years of battling congestive heart failure, Brad received a heart transplant in Dallas, TX in A program for the Mize Watermelon Festival from over 30 years ago. A photograph of her mom's family before her mom was born. And a reprint of a magazine article that was put out by Al's Supermarket in Mize.

And although the date on the cover says , Al's didn't open until the late 70's. So either the article is from , or that's when the picture on the front was taken, or both.

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Lisa's mom was a Sullivan, so she was interested in the article. I sat down and I read the whole book and it was very interesting to me because 'cause it was talking about the Sullivan's of Sullivan's Hollow back in the s.

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The hollow is still there, of course. And there's still a bunch of Sullivan's living in it.

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Quick thumbnail of the family, it was started by Tom Sullivan who, according to Lisa's booklet, had two wives who bore 11 children each. And then all 22 of them had large families and by the third generation were marrying cousins and such, because other Sullivan's were pretty much all who lived there.