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There are male and female versions. Mandrakes are a precious component in potions to heal sickness, but obtaining one is very hard.

Persona 5 - 4/12 Kamoshida's Palace: Gun Attacks Tutorial & Gallows Flower Beguiling Girl Fight

When pulled from the ground, they give a bloodcurdling scream, killing anyone unlucky enough to hear it. They are valued for their healing properties in potions, but the screams they let out when pulled from the ground will kill anyone who hears them. Arcana Level Strength 2. Sprite from Card Summoner. Retrieved from " http: Removes all "light" status ailments, one ally.

Removes Paralysis ailment, one ally. Not needed because the lower ones gets outdated but there are some that you need for special fusion. There could be though I doubt that Persona you need would be needed, and getting all personas in the compendium might give you a trophy, but nothing game breaking. If you really need that persona though, you should increase the difficulty assuming you're not playing in safety. I'm sure that'll make him harder to kill in one shot. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Use the 'Spoiler' flair when you post a spoiler-related thread. How he got Flora to agree to marry him defied speculation and there was plenty of it when the announcement was made in church. If the truth had been known, the townspeople of Mason's Landing and thereabouts would have been even more agape. For Flora Grace told me the truth of it.

Looking back to that day a few weeks after her wedding to Thomas when she told me how she came to be his wife I see now that her honesty on that occasion should have made me see how duplicitous at heart she really was. Flora Grace was a beguiling woman however and I only heard and saw what I wanted to. It has always been you.

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  5. Yes, that's what I heard, because that's what I wanted to hear. When she laid her soft, white hands in mine I was so thrilled to the touch I could not see beyond that moment. The plain facts of the matter are these -- Thomas Gray was not so mediocre of metier as his well worn suits and equally well worn house and outbuildings testified. How she came to find that out Flora Grace never told me, but Thomas had saved most of what he had profited in the good years.

    Living simply he kept his expenditures low. He was not one to squander his coin on luxuries such as a new shirt when there was wear in an old one, or on new shoes when the old could be resoled, or dinner in a restaurant when beans and salt pork were at hand. With what he had saved, and the interest compounded annually over the many years he had been beneath the notice of his neighbors, Thomas Gray was a rich man. Flora Grace intended to be a rich widow. With me at her side, she promised, using that hoarded surplus of lucre to make the ranch into a showplace.

    There would be velvet and satin and fine lace and silver teapots in her life. Instead of poke bonnets she would wear Paris millinery. From the banker's wife on down, all the ladies of Mason's Landing would seek to be in her intimate circle.

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    Her fashions would be copied, her word on any subject repeated like the sayings of an oracle. To some women that little regency of pouring tea to an admiring coterie was the dominion to be most prized.

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    8. To Flora Grace it seemed her natural sphere. So she had led Thomas Gray down the path to courting her. A soft look, a shy smile, a hesitant touch and the bachelor began to see himself as a knight suing for his lady's favor. He would gladly have traded his unadorned establishment for a setting fit to enshrine a woman greatly treasured. It is sometimes said that when a man goes most of his life without falling in love and then is overtaken by romance he falls particularly hard.

      List of Persona 5 Shadows

      As I said, she was a beguiling woman. Myself and Nate Lull had been her other suitors before she became Mrs. I suppose I would have accepted my defeat-- but Flora Grace had no intention that I do so. Nor did she intend that Nate give up. An accidental bruise on her face shortly after the wedding was the flint to rekindling the fervor dampened by the sight of her saying vows to another man.

      Nate began calling at the ranch at times when Thomas was known to be away. At first it must have been to assure himself that Flora Grace was not being ill-treated. In time he remembered what a fascination her lips were.