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Erinyes, Furies, Fates, and are pictured knitting the threads of men's destinies and cutting them with scissors more or less arbitrarily.

The Sandman Vol. 9: The Kindly Ones

I believe they appear in a similar form in other Gaiman novels Stardust? I must confess that I found some of the characters confusing at the beginning, partly because of the artwork I will come back to this and partly because I needed to go back to their initial story arc to remember where they come from and what their grudge against Morpheus is.

In trying to link together and to close too many of the open plot lines, Gaiman diluted a little the impact of the main conflict between the Endless and the Furies. Most important to the plot turns out to be the former superhero Hipollyta Hall, whose husband was killed by Morpheus and whose son Daniel was born in the Dreaming. I did manage to remember them after three or four issues, and the later issues became compulsive reading, making this 13 issue album seem like one of the shortest. The story practically begs for a couple of re-reads to get at all the nuances and symbolism that maybe got lost in the rush to find out how the conflict is resolved and how each player fits in.

I liked the storytelling as much as ever. My four star rating comes courtesy of Marc Hempel, who got to draw the most important album in the collection. I can see, at a cold analytical level, why he was chosen and why his artwork might appeal to a younger generation of readers, who are more used than me with the modern, angular, deformed, manga inspired draughtsmanship that features so prominently on new Cartoon Network animations and new comic titles.

The Kindly Ones

To me it looks ugly and lazy, as if anatomical correctness and attention to detail are irrelevant to the raw energy needed to get noticed and be cool in the late 90's and early oughts. To give an example of what I actually like, my favorite arc in the album is the short story illustrated by Charles Vess, a smaller family drama centered on deceit, domestic violence and revenge with horror elements.

A must read, but if you got so far into the Sandman, you are more than likely already a fan. View all 7 comments. Logically, you knew nothing bad would happen, but it was still terrifying to open the dingy door at the top of the stairs, flip the light switch and hear that single, low-watt yellow light bulb buzz to life, and work your way slowly down the creaky wooden steps, taking care to avoid the fifth stair, where the head of a nail stuck out just a little bit. The fridge was hard to open, and you needed to tug hard once, twice, a third time, all the while wondering what it was you could feel lurking behind you.

When you finally managed to get the door open, the jars of pickled vegetables looked more like the dismembered remains of your unfortunate preserve-seeking predecessors, and it was all you could do to steady your breath and focus on the task of finding the jar of strawberry jam you were sent into the underworld for. At last, you saw it, and you grabbed for it like it was Excalibur being thrust forth by the Lady of the Lake, a talisman to protect you from the suffocating shadows.

With a sigh of relief, you handed the jar to your grandmother. With the light of day streaming in through the windows and the sight of plastic-covered couches and lace doilies awaiting you in the living room, you once again felt safe, and even silly. Of course there was nothing in this house that could hurt you. You screamed, backed away frantically, and found your dour grandmother shaking her head at you and telling you no cookies before dinner. That, my friends, is what reading Sandman—this volume in particular—is like. A good microcosm for the series as a whole, and more brilliant storytelling from Mr.

I've rated both this and The Sandman Vol. Here, Delerium is searching for someone again, this time her talking dog Barnabas, and the scene where they're reunited was charming as all get out. Practically every other character we've met along the way shows up in the Kindly Ones, and it was just more proof that Gaiman is the master of making everything he writes have a purp I've rated both this and The Sandman Vol. Practically every other character we've met along the way shows up in the Kindly Ones, and it was just more proof that Gaiman is the master of making everything he writes have a purpose.

It was very, very impressive how it all tied together. I know that some people say you can read most of these as stand-alones, but the pay-off for following them in order is not to be missed. I haven't mentioned Morpheous much in my reviews, despite the series being named after him. I'll take a moment now to say that his evolution as a character is very subtle, but very well done.

The scene between him and his big sister Death towards the end were beyond touching. I'm not sure how I waited so long to read this series that is a lie, it took me forever to realize that libraries carry comics, and I couldn't afford to buy them all before , but thank goodness I finally did. View all 4 comments. The actual machinations for his demise are contained in this story as we see characters with a vendetta against Morpheus working towards his downfall.

This is the longest arc in the title, with the appropriately thickest trade paperback, taking over a year to complete it. His work, to craft stories about stories for a mature readership was an impetus to the launch of Vertigo as a line to house Sandman and other titles from his peers with the same adult themes. His achievements in other literary forms notwithstanding, it would his work in this title that would define his career and be the his work that would be most fondly remembered.

Much furor was raised regarding the choice of Marc Hempel to provide the art for this critical chapter. His geometric and expressive style is a departure from the lush and realistic art of earlier stories. How can one depict the death of an idea and the personification of stories? One could only hope to capture a rude impression of the titanic between blood vengeance and an abstract concept. The end came when Morpheus realized that even though he was set in his ways, change is inevitable.

It will come even for him. Like stories, his end was only the beginning of another. I for one would like to see Gaiman collaborate with Mignola. View all 3 comments.

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May 18, Ronyell rated it it was amazing Shelves: Do not let the innocent title of this volume fool you! Lyta Hall also known as Hippolyta Hall was always on edge when it came to taking care of her baby son Daniel, who was born after her husband Hector had died. One night however, when Lyta Hall decided to leave her baby son Daniel in the care of a babysitter while she went for a job application, she finds out that her baby son had been kidnapped as soon as she got home and she desperately wanted to find him.

Can Dream protect his dream realm from the forces of darkness? I will admit that some of the artwork is a bit blocky and I would have expected epic illustrations to accompany this epic volume, but these illustrations do bring a sort of uniqueness to the story and I still really enjoyed the artwork being done in this volume. Some of the problems I did had with this graphic novel is that some of the artwork looks a bit cartoony to me since some of the artwork made some of the characters have blocky heads, which made it hard for me to take the story seriously at times.

Although, I will admit that the artwork did provide some creativity to the story.

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Also, there is so much disturbing content in this volume which involves a mother losing her son, which would be upsetting for any parent who has fears of losing their own children. Now that I am interested in seeing what will become of Dream and his crew, I will now start reading the tenth volume, The Sandman, Vol.

The Wake to find out! View all 6 comments. Just about all the disparate plot lines and characters come together in this volume, even several that originally appeared to be random. In only this aspect speaking of "aspect," the facet of a gemstone is my favorite image in this book , I was reminded of how while reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows , I was so amazed at how everything came together that immediately afterward I reread all the HP books just to see how Rowling did it.

As this is volume 9, it seems appropriate that there a Just about all the disparate plot lines and characters come together in this volume, even several that originally appeared to be random. As this is volume 9, it seems appropriate that there are three sets of three: As I said of Gaiman's American Gods , if anything seems familiar to you ex: Dream's motivation , it's because you know your mythological archetypes.

My one criticism is only female characters seem to have fallen in love with Dream or have I forgotten someone? It seems to me that at least one of the male characters should be in love with Dream View all 16 comments. Nov 16, Ivan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Best Sandman volume so far. Sadly illustrations are worst in series and this is series that has pretty bad illustrations overall.

Jul 21, Paul Nelson rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Kindly Ones is quite simply the best graphic novel I have read, the bar is raised for a series that was already at the top limit of the vault. A true masterpiece that deserves 6 out of 5 stars, I read it twice which I have only ever done with the Lord of the Rings trilogy and that in itself says a great deal. The thirteen episodes of this volume feature many characters that we have met in the series so far and significantly add to the excitement that builds almost page by page.

Lyta Hall leave The Kindly Ones is quite simply the best graphic novel I have read, the bar is raised for a series that was already at the top limit of the vault. Lyta Hall leaves her son Daniel with a babysitter as she considers taking a job, during the interview she has a horrible feeling that something has happened to her son and rushes home to find he has been kidnapped. For this supposed crime the Furies cannot avenge but the Dream kings compassionate act of ending his sons life and shedding family blood gives them the power to hound the Dream realm and its Lord. An intense and disturbing story that hints at the repercussions Hippolyta Hall will face for her actions leading to the demise of Dream and the elevation of her son who she will never see again.

Absolutely fantastic and a highly enjoyable read. Mar 08, Caro the L. I want to learn how to draw a pentagram, into which I will catch Neil Gaiman to make ask him to tell me bedtime stories every night. The entire series shifts between collections of short stories and single longer narratives, and some of my favorite Sandman stories hav Sandman, Vol 9: It made it hard to follow and was far below the high standards of the many other Sandman artists. The other key point about The Kindly Ones is that any astute reader will know what inevitable end the story is leading towards.

That was a very poignant and powerful moment in the series. The sense of impending and unavoidable doom and tragedy infuse almost every moment of this volume, not least of which being the fatalistic and passive attitude of Morpheus himself. Despite his seeming immortality and dream powers, he seems fairly helpless and resigned to his fate as a host of different characters with grudges against him for past offenses line up to take shots at him.

And when one of the them enlists the vengeance of the Furies, the Kindly Ones of the title who are anything but, events have been set in motion that can only end with one outcome. The buildup to this is fairly slow, as Gaiman visits almost every human, faerie, and immortal character who has been affected by Morpheus and might have an axe to grind. Morpheus, with his dogged insistence on carrying out the responsibilities of his office, sanctimonious attitude toward his fellow Endless siblings, callous treatment of lovers, and repeated snubs of other immortal beings, has made a surprising number of enemies, and it seems they all choose the same timing to deliver payback to him.

The only ones on his side are his loyal servants, especially Lucien the librarian, Matthew the raven, Merv the pumpkin handyman, the guardians of his castle, and most unexpectedly a resurrected figure from Vol 2: Arrayed against them are certain pranksters, Norse gods, witches, fallen angels, and plenty of jilted lovers. It hardly seems a fair fight, especially when Dream is not inclined to fight back.

He seems almost to court this informal judgement against him, as if he deserves their censure. So the dramatic tension is sometimes lacking. Rules that were old when time was young. The [Furies] have power to avenge blood-crimes…And I killed my son. The [Furies] are empowered to hound those who spill family blood. We do what we do, because of who we are.

I will do what I have to do.

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  • And I will do what I must. The climactic confrontation between Morpheus and the Furies is not a battle in the usual sense of epic fantasy, with blasts of magic, armies clashing, and the final clash between the hero and arch-villain. In fact, it is more a battle of attitudes and moral stances, with both sides bound by their natures and those ancient rules we keep hearing about.

    So who made the rules? The Creator, yes, but why?

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    • And will he intercede in such conflicts? What does this say about the free will of the Endless? Destruction chose to exercise that free will and walk away from everything, but Dream is woven from different cloth. Again, much to contemplate, and still a final volume awaits… Aug 27, Tahmeed rated it liked it.

      The Kindly Ones (The Sandman, #9) by Neil Gaiman

      This is my lowest rating of the entire Sandman series thus far, and the main and only reason for this is that I absolutely hated the artwork in this volume. It was childish and very cartoon-ish and it prevented me from enjoying the story. The story itself was quite good, well great in fact, although I feel that its length could have been curtailed somewhat. Rose Walker's story-line in particular felt forced, especially since it distracted from the main arc of the Kindly Ones hunting down dream.

      But other than that it was a finely crafted narrative with an emotionally satisfying conclusion. I hate to go on about the artwork, but it was just down right atrocious. If the publishers ever decide to bring out another edition in the future, I would recommend them to commission another artist and do the artwork all over again. The final scenes between Death and Dream deserve a better portrayal. Sep 21, Panagiotis added it. Jun 26, Rebecca Skane rated it it was amazing Shelves: All the peeps make an appearance. I feel like I need to start reading the entire series again now that I'm finally starting to get a grasp on all the many characters.

      This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Jesus, the artwork is awful on this. So here we finally get to see seeds that have been sewn, the kindly ones get their wish and Morpheus accepts that his sister must do her job and take his life, but all because he loved. Very sad, but all part of his destiny. Not my favourite volume. Jan 24, Kellan Gibby rated it it was amazing. This is what I signed up for when I bought the entire Sandman collection. Need more than 5 stars for this one. Definitely my favorite so far.

      I know I know I keep saying that but this one really is: May 12, Wing Kee rated it it was amazing. A melancholy penultimate tale. The art is great, it's atmospheric and sets the tone wonderfully. It's not the best in the series but it's still pretty great. The world building is phenomenal this time, this is the penultimate book and with it comes all the pieces that Gaiman has created for the Sandman series, it's a culmination of the world building and all the things he's created and set in motion for the entire run. Seeing them all interact to each other is absolutely amazing. Th A melancholy penultimate tale.

      The story is paced so well, the tone and the dialog is also amazing. There is a sense of melancholy to the story but it's sustained so well and handled so well. All the pieces that we've had on the run come together for this arc and it's astounding to see. The story I can't get into but the characters and their interaction and the slow boil of the story is what Sandman is known for and this is it.

      Dream has been enigmatic since the start and all the enigmatic silent panels comes to an end here and we see where it leads. The Endless don't really have arcs, they are endless and ideas and somehow Gaiman was able to make Dream different since we first met him, this is the end of his arc and it's beautiful. The rest of the cast, I won't get into, the people we see this time around is amazing, all the pieces work together.

      This arc was amazing an culmination of ideas and characters Gaiman has created since Sandman 1. Onward to the next book! Jun 20, Airiz C rated it it was amazing Shelves: The volume is pretty rich with subplots, but the main premise is this: She embarks on a spiritual journey to seek for the Furies, the aspect of the triple goddess who takes revenge on blood crimes.

      The triumvirate seems hell-bent on making Morpheus pay—not for killing Daniel, but for killing his own son, Orpheus see Brief Lives. This is perhaps the longest volume in the series. Re reading this far, most of the secondary characters have already found themselves a special place in my heart. One of the many great things about this series is that it turns the stereotyped adversaries from other mythologies into well-molded, likable characters that lurk in gray shades—not white, not black.

      Lucifer is a great Machiavellian example. He's cunning, dashing, and evil as a fallen angel can get, but he doesn't get around to be the 'pigeonholed demon', if you know what I mean. His small appearances after his role in the fourth volume represent a free soul, and his thought-provoking epiphany in the end serves as a signal of him being a character who isn't defined by "right" or "wrong".

      The Corinthian is an awesome character as well--I'm honestly relieved to see him "recreated". He's the counterpart of good dreams and black mirror of man's inner after all, and I thought Morpheus should have seen some kind of parallelism earlier in the series, when the Presence asks for the key to Hell back in the fourth volume as Heaven is nothing without Hell. Anyway, no matter how cool the Corinthian is, I still get creeped out by the jagged skull teeth in his eye sockets don't even mention his penchant for eating boys' eyeballs.

      But hey, no matter unconventional they may be, nightmares are supposed to be scary. Anyway, back to the story. For the last time Death and Dream interact, and we are reminded of the scenes in Preludes and Nocturnes last issue, The Sound of Her Wings, where Death smacks Dream with a loaf of bread for being the brooding, problematic creature that he is.

      No loaf-throwing happens this time, but there's a rather heart-to-heart talk between the siblings. Deep and poignant, indeed. So Morpheus leaves his kingdom again, without a definite promise of coming back. This is a very tiring volume, but not in a bad way. I felt as if I was with the characters while facing the crisis.

      Needless to say, I love this graphic novel very much. This has been an emotional journey. Kindly Ones brings back everything full circle with so many, many call backs or easter eggs to previous stories and characters. I'm an emotional wreck right now. Well I just started reading this. Here is something about that. I won't even save it til I write the proper review, because, god.

      F to this volume's introduction. There is the most giant spoiler in this introduction, and I didn't even read it. It's just sitting there in a conspicuous spot on the page, and I think that's on purpose. I saw it as I flipped past and my jaw dropped, so then I stared at it, and ugh. It is just the most flippant and obnoxious wa Well I just started reading this. It is just the most flippant and obnoxious way to drop a spoiler. Isn't it just like Hamlet!?

      In many places, Lyta is depicted as Medusa , and even encounters Medusa's two sisters, Stheno and Euryale. Unbeknownst to Lyta, Daniel is recovered alive and well by Morpheus' servants, the raven Matthew and a restored Corinthian. At length, Morpheus yields to the Erinyes, and the main story ends with Morpheus and his sister Death on a desolate peak with a flock of pigeons; echoing a sequence from one of the series' early high points, "The Sound of her Wings" issue 8. Death asks for Morpheus' hand, and he disappears. Immediately upon the death of Morpheus, Daniel becomes a new aspect of Dream, with white clothes and hair, and an emerald identified, in an earlier collection, as 'the heart of Khoschei the Deathless' suspended on his neck and chest.

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