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Her writing and plots flow beautifully; the affection The Review: Her writing and plots flow beautifully; the affection for her protags comes through which also helps the reader to engage with them; her characters are delightfully drawn and even the snarky ones are appealing; her whimsy and her wit are woven throughout the story; and, her dialogue is just a joy to read.

Tomcat Jones

Happily, I found this was also the case for me with Tomcat Jones. In addition to this, it was very satisfying to read a book that lived up to the potential of it's blurb. Bitching to his best friend, Arden, about hook-ups who either have allergies or turn into quivering messes when he accidentally shifts, T.

At this very moment, he literally bumps into MacGowan, who he finds out has just moved into the apartment below him, and tumbles rapidly in lust as any self-respecting tomcat would. It is not long before T. I know; there does seem like a heck of a lot of coincidences in there, doesn't there? Trust me, though, it definitely works.

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Suspend disbelief and enjoy Tomcat Jones for the unique and very entertaining read it is. Besides the adorable T. Jontan, Shavey and Sur Lune are each very appealing in their own right and all play important roles in the development of the story and the growing relationship between the two men. Points will be awarded to those readers who can identify the person who reminds them of the snarky, sarcastic kitteh that is Sur Lune; a fascinating character who is a shape-shifter like T. Towards the end, I was ready to slap T. This even happened after he'd heard MacGowan's own concern about revealing the fact he was a wizard to T.

I would definitely recommend it if you're interested in a couple of hours of light-hearted, romantic fun. Aug 26, AliciaJ rated it really liked it Shelves: This was just too adorable. I loved it when T. Oh my god, he was just too cute. Anyway, I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours lost in this story, and I definitely recommend it to anyone else who wants a good laugh or two or five! Jun 07, Natsroshan rated it it was ok Shelves: Couldn't go past 20 pages.

I'll have to try it another time! Sep 13, Saritza rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh Willa Okati how I love your humor and your incredible mind! I mean, really and to have the amazing ability to weave such a great story into such a short timeline is even more incredible! That's before he Oh Willa Okati how I love your humor and your incredible mind! What I liked about this book: I'm not much of a cat-lover, sorry to all my feline-friendly folks out there, I'm a canine-lover all the way, but TJ was so awesome, I fell in love with him! When he's in kitty form, he's as adorable as he is sexy in his human form.

The attraction between MacGowan and TJ is so strong that you know from the beginning it's going to be explosive and intense.


Her characterizations though, are what I love most about her books. I fall into every single one of them because the characters are "real" and alive and in this case They made it three steps into the minihallway before the smell of MacGowan, the heat rising off his skin and the nearness of his cock just barely tucked into his jeans, not to mention his roving hands everywhere on T.

He stopped and pushed MacGowan to the wall. MacGowan cocked his head, pretended to be confused, given away by the dark, wicked tilt of his mouth. MacGowan tasted of beer and steak, savory, good. MacGowan made a noise no one could describe and bucked forward. He shoved his fingers through T. He breathed in hungrily when wiry hair tickled his nose, and swallowed.

MacGowan jackknifed; he would have choked T. He swallowed again, and a second time, exultant inside his head. Made a man feel like a man. Definitely not like a cat.

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He drew back to thrust forward, the path slippery with spit and precum. His cock pulsed in T. What the—oh, no no no —T. The heat, the blind need, tempered by confusion—T. His cock pushed insistently at his open fly, demanded to be released from the constriction, precum wet on his belly and his head swimming. MacGowan prodded the join of his jaw. Who doesn't want a kitten curled up in their lap purring? Add in some magic and you've got a comfy story to curl up on the couch with.

Jan 03, Rayanvar rated it really liked it. My parents had a rotten sense of humor. I teach animal behaviour theory when the local college has the budget and the whim to take me on, and I turn into your basical tabby cat from time to time, more often than that if something rocks my world. What can I say, it's a thing" T. Jontan - a curtly, scary wizard constantly dragging a stack of dusty antique magic rinds with him, - Sur Lune, a man permanently stuck in feline form and T.

Nothin' says 'don't call me, and I won't call you' like an asthma attack that won't stop. MacGowan the "beach boy" with "sepia-sable hair and smoky gray eyes". His unstoppable impact on T. Unsaid leads to complications and these deepen the misunderstandings till the point that an injured T. The presence of a certain Shavey, BF and self-appointed guardian of his wizard as well as prick extraordinaire when it comes to T.

The wounded pride must heal, the stubbornness must be overcome - what else are friends good for? Finally comes together what belongs together: After that, it was one step at a time, blindfolded in the dark, until you stumbeled across the place where it could be love. And if a guy had the balls, or his lover did, he somehow made it to the other side. Reason and logic, should and shouldn't none of that had anything to do with making a happy ending. That was what love was all about. It is funny, hilarious, fluffy and sexy. It also is the first book in a series I can wholeheartedly recommend: To trust and open himself to become part of a pair instead of staying a stubbornly coward and lone brat.

Jonathan deserve it that their story shall also be told: Jun 05, Elisa Rolle added it. The first impression I had of this novel it was for it to be longer, and I'm not speaking of the length of the book, but more on a space time thing: The feeling to be thrown into the story starts since the first pages, when T. And then here he is, the perfect man, MacGowan, handsome and gentle, and apparently the non judgmental type, since he has the look of a man who lives day per day in most possible easiest way.

And MacGowan is more than interested in T. But when they are together, T. I like both characters, but truth be told, I like most MacGowan, that has not the chance to shine like T. In the blurb, it seems that T. MacGowan instead is a man who was burnt in the past more time than once since he lets his feelings drive him and he firmly believes in love. In a way, T. Willa Okati manages to write a very personal character with this cat, totally separating him from his human side, and avoiding in this way the "trap" of bestiality, that often drives away certain readers.

Buddy is not interested in MacGowan in a sexual way, MacGowan, from his cat perspective, is a slot machine for food and scratching behind the ears, nothing else. Buddy has a better predisposition toward building a relationship, even if with hidden purposes. Anyway the story is very nice, funny, fast paced and with a familiar mood that not often I find in paranormal story, and I like it. Jun 18, Charly rated it it was ok. They are hurtful and immature and self-pitying by turns. The writing felt disjointed to me, and maybe that was intentional--an emulation of the magical qualities of its characters, perhaps--but it often left me blinking, trying to figure out what had just happened.

The guys seem always to be finding excuses to be naughty when they should be having rather important conversations instead. The story really fell flat for me. Jul 17, Bookaholics rated it liked it. This is where we meet the main characters T. Jones and MacGowan for the first time. When the two meet it is love at first sight but these two characters will have a lot to deal with if they want to truly be together. As the story develops the characters must deal with not only T. As the relationship between T. Willa Okati has subplots of previous relationships which will peak your interest aside from the main characters and make you want to know more about.

Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Jones and his best friend are in the grocery store stocking up on junk food when his basket crashes into McGowan Smith. The minute their eyes meet, there is an instant attraction so strong that T.

J, who does not believe in love, mainly because his dates have run away screaming when they discovered T. McGowan, who also has a bad track record in the love department, immediately feels that T. Rapidly falling in love with each other and engaging in explosive lovemaking when all too soon, the truth is revealed when McGowan, an untrained wizard, loses control of his emotions and his magic causes T. Tomcat Jones is an outstanding and hilarious piece of fiction.

McGowan is a lovable and easy-going guy who is clueless about being an undeveloped wizard, nor does he realize that T. The amazing Willa Okati has created a well written, well paced marvelous tale with emotions that moved me from laughter to tears. The characters are vibrant in addition to being poignant, the intimate scenes are volatile. Tomcat Jones is a spectacular story that I absolutely enjoyed and recommend.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. They are hurtful and immature and self-pitying by turns. The writing felt disjointed to me, and maybe that was intentional--an emulation of the magical qualities of its characters, perhaps--but it often left me blinking, trying to figure out what had just happened. The guys seem always to be finding excuses to be naughty when they should be having rather important conversations instead. The story really fell flat for me.

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Thomas Cattrell Jones, otherwise known as T. He teaches at the local college when their budget permits and has the very best of friends in Arden and Mr. Oh, one other little thing - when he feels the urge T. MacGowan Smith has just moved into a new apartment complex hoping that the change in scenery will further eradicate memories of a love affair gone south.

His best friend Shavey lives nearby, which is another benefit of the relocation.

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  • There's no way, however, that T. But, when inexplicable things happen every time they get together it's becoming harder to keep the secret. A special bond exists between T. Fate has a way, however, of spilling secrets whether you want them out or not. Witty dialogue and hot lovemaking are just part of the entertainment found in Tomcat Jones. Hilarious antics will have readers laughing out loud, yet there are also poignant moments to balance out the story. The fast paced, snappy dialogue is great, but sometimes overwhelms the plot because there is so much back and forth talk.

    Having said that, just make sure you keep up with the conversation. Tomcat Jones is seriously funny. Lisa Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed. One person found this helpful. I must admit this story made me both laugh and cry