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Bloody Rose Audiobook | Nicholas Eames |

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Top 10 YA Fantasy Novels & Series

Xiomara Batista feels unheard and unable to hide in her Harlem neighborhood. Ever since her body grew into curves, she has learned to let her fists and her fierceness do the talking. But Xiomara has plenty she wants to say, and she pours all her frustration and passion onto the pages of a leather notebook, reciting the words to herself like prayers—especially after she catches feelings for a boy in her bio class named Aman, who her family can never know about. Because in the face of a world that may not want to hear her, Xiomara refuses to be silent.

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. But everything changed the night magic disappeared. Readers get the opportunity to return to the adventure-filled world of bands and monsters, Grandual, in Bloody Rose. Nicholas Eames second book in The Band series, the sequel to The Kings of the Wyld takes place years after the first book. It follows the exploits of a band called Fable, a bard named Tam and Bloody Rose, the daughter of Golden Gabe, one of the members of a band called Saga, who readers got to know and love in Kings of the Wyld.

The world is on the brink of annihilation, again. There's another Horde, apparently. North of Cragmoor, in the Brumal Wastes. Fifty thousand monsters hell-bent on invading Grandual. He doesn't want Tam to have the life he led, risking life and limb to battle monsters. He also doesn't want to lose her, like he lost her mother. I can't have been easy growing up the daughter of Golden Gabe. The man's got boots even a giant could wriggle its toes in, but that doesn't stop Rose from trying to fill them. They have their own burdens to bear and shadows to face down.

A large part of this story is getting to know them through the band's adventures. It is more show than substance. If those so-called battles were anything like the one-sided slaughter she watched from the comfort of the Lair's armory, then the work of a bard was even more difficult than she'd been led to believe. Eames writes an ripping tale, but my favorite parts of this book included cameos and one rather large story arc of people from the last one. That being said, there is still the snappy dialogue, epic fights and breath-stealing finale that characterized Eames' debut novel.

Highly recommended for fantasy readers and I look forward to his next one. Read this review and more at Book Geeks Uncompromised! I was sent a review copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. We thought the wait for t his book would never end but it is finally almost here! Bloody Rose, the sequel to 's award winning debut, Kings of the Wyld , is so close to coming out and I for one love it more than its predecessor. Unlike the vast majority of sequels and series in SFF, Bloody Rose does not pick up with the same main character cast as the f Read this review and more at Book Geeks Uncompromised!

Unlike the vast majority of sequels and series in SFF, Bloody Rose does not pick up with the same main character cast as the first book. Rather than our POV character being Clay Cooper we join Tam Hashford, a young woman that waits tables in an inn until she gets the opportunity of a lifetime to join the band Fable on their tour fighting monsters in arenas across Grandual as their bard.

But this story is not Tam's. It belongs to Bloody Rose.

Kings of the Wyld

Tam is little more than an outsider looking in for a good portion of this book. The first half or so of this novel actually did the thing I'm not so crazy about where there is no specific plot beyond "follow these characters around. Since Tam has no fighting experience herself and her role with the band is a bard who is supposed to stay out of the fights, she sat on the sidelines for a good while she figured out her place in Fable. Still, Nicholas Eames crafts these characters so well that I flew through the first half of this book and into the second half where things really start picking up and I was blown away.

So many scenes caused so many feels It is always impressive to me when an author can convey the emotions behind music being played in a book. As the POV character is a bard, you know that had to come up at some point and it was beautiful. There is a scene toward the end of the Bloody Rose that if I tried to describe to someone what happened, I would not come anywhere close to doing the scene justice, it was so spectacular.

Tam has been a fan of bands in general and specifically Fable for a long time but she is a total newbie to actually being a part of a band whereas the book's namesake, Bloody Rose, is much more experienced and has been at the head of the band for years. But we already saw the experienced band member's perspective in Kings of the Wyld , so it was a lot of fun to see things from a younger member's point of view and Tam's youth and inexperience helped to maintain the same fun tone throughout the book even when the story was emotionally heavier. Rose herself is a wonderful, conflicted character and it was refreshing to have a female character that struggled with the idea of motherhood.

I feel like we don't see that much in fantasy or any literature really, but there are absolutely women that take time, even well after the child is born, to be ready to be a mother. I really liked Rose's struggle with this because it made her feel so much more real than just another female heroine that can throw around some weapons not that she is lacking in that department at all. Kings of the Wyld was a fantastically fun adventure that kept the laughs and the excitement coming. While Bloody Rose has its fair share of both, the characters felt even deeper and I became so much more emotionally invested in the story.

Again, this book is even better than its predecessor in so many ways. If you haven't read Kings of the Wyld, go find it now and read it and then get ready because as of now there is just over a week left until Bloody Rose comes out! Nov 11, Dyrk Ashton rated it it was amazing. This was one of my most anticipated books of the year, and I just got around to being able to read it. I was not disappointed. In fact, I enjoyed it even more than I expected to.

Eames proved himself an author to watch with Kings of the Wyld. With Bloody Rose, he's taken that approach above and beyond, proving w This was one of my most anticipated books of the year, and I just got around to being able to read it. With Bloody Rose, he's taken that approach above and beyond, proving without a doubt he can write any damn kind of fantasy he pleases, and at the highest level, deftly wielding his pen to create a truly epic story with spectacular action but also extreme depth and pathos--all without sacrificing the humor that got him to where he is.

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As a kind of side note, because it pleases me to no end, I was particularly delighted by the way Eames would occasionally switch from past to present tense for intense action sequences, and the way he handled the ending from a narrative point of view. I'm standing and clapping, Mr. Can't wait to see what's next. Book 2 is always really hard to pull. It gets even harder if the book 1 was such a knock-out like Kings of the Wyld was. I loved every part of it and gifted more than 10 copies to friends and colleagues by now.

A critic may argue: But it is also has a lot of heart and emotion There is silly fun but also a curious poignancy to the story that I really enjoyed. If you loved Kings of the Wyld - you will love this story as well. So just go and have a blast. If you haven't read KoW yet what were you doing all this time? Clearly written by a fan to be read by fans. Orbit, why paperback release only?! I don't think you treat Nicholas Eames with the love he deserves.

I would love to have a hardback on my shelf and for gifting With vibes of Almost Famous meets epic rollicking fantasy, this standalone follow-up to Kings of the Wyld follows Tam Hashford, a young woman with big dreams. Her father is a former mercenary who has become overprotective of his daughter ever since the death of his wife, who was a talent 4.

Reluctantly honoring his wishes, our protagonist has never stepped foot outside her village she was born in, working a dreary dead-end job at the local pub. But that was before Fable, the most famous or infamous band in the world decided to roll into town. Singing her heart out before those assembled, Tam wins the role on the spot. For the uninitiated wondering why I use that particular comparison, The Band is a gritty but comedic fantasy series from the brilliant mind of Nicholas Eames, who has injected a number of rock and roll musical references into his work.

The traditional fantasy questing party is called a band. Instead of guitars and drumsticks, their members wield swords and warhammers. Gladiatorial arenas are their concert halls, where legions of adoring fans can see their heroes play live as they battle monsters to the death. As Tam joins Bloody Rose and Fable, this is where she had assumed they would be headed. Everyone is surprised, however, when their frontwoman decides to honor their tour schedule instead, continuing onwards away from all the action. Needless to say, this decision is met with much disbelief and incredulity.

After all, anyone who knows Rose knows how much she loves a good fight. While this novel can be read a standalone, those who read Kings of the Wyld may remember meeting her character briefly at the end when her father Golden Gabe and his band Saga came to her rescue at the siege of Castia. Still, even though this novel is named after Bloody Rose, the real star of the show is Tam. Our young and sheltered bard gets her dream job of traveling with the hottest band in town, gradually realizing that there is so much more to the lives of her idols as she becomes accepted into their inner circle.

As Tam loses her innocent idealism, she also gains much in the form of wisdom, learning new things, falling in love, and seeing the humanity behind her heroes. Her bandmates are only mortals after all—flawed and fallible. They have hopes and dreams as well as fears and regrets.

They are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and many of their family situations are as complicated and confusing as her own. Despite the humor and the numerous nods to real life musical bands as well as pop culture references aplenty, Eames has proven that this is all more than just a gimmick, and that he is more than just a one-hit-wonder. His books are loads of fun, but there is also real feeling in his unique brand of storytelling which gives depth to his plot and characters, and that is a talent sure to send him straight to the top of the charts again and again.

Bloody Rose

In sum, Bloody Rose was a supremely entertaining romp, and I daresay it might have even surpassed the greatness of Kings of the Wyld. Trust me, fantasy fans, this is one series you do not want to miss. Nov 07, Terence rated it liked it. Bloody Rose, the daughter of Golden Gabe, is the front woman Fable. Fable is the best band and everyone knows them. Upon learning that Fable needs a new bard, Tam Hashford is lucky enough to get a chance to audition and join the band.

She goes off on a greater adventure than she ever expected. Bloody Rose was a solid book. I have to admit I never quite connected with it like I did it's predecessor. It has practically all of the same story aspects that made up Kings of the Wyld which didn't necess Bloody Rose, the daughter of Golden Gabe, is the front woman Fable. It has practically all of the same story aspects that made up Kings of the Wyld which didn't necessarily help the story for me. The one aspect that was different didn't help either because despite liking Tam as a character and the sole point of view character, she was no Clay Cooper.

The thing I enjoyed most about Bloody Rose is the characters. Fable is made up of Rose who simply wants to step out of her father's shadow, Freecloud the kind druin who is madly in love with Rose, Brune the shaman and joyful individual, Cura the mysterious and emotionally damaged summoner, and Tam the new bard who wants to see the world. The camaraderie between the characters is truly excellent. The book also shows some fan favorites from the series and time hasn't dimmed them at all.

The large aspect of the story I didn't like is the world itself. I don't find the world with it's monsters, humans, and druins compelling at all. The author very clearly demonstrated at the end of Kings of the Wyld what the sequel was likely to focus on and he used that obvious setup. I just want to care for what's happening in the world, but it simply doesn't do anything for me. Perhaps if more background was spent showing the world when the druins arrived or even the world that Gabe grew up in.

Instead it's just a world full of attention seekers who largely fight exaggerated fights for glory over any true need. Bloody Rose was an average book for me. Aug 31, Tim rated it really liked it Shelves: Bear with me a moment here. I think Eames has improved as a writer, I think the final battle is stunning and while there were a few predictable bit, the overall plot is very clever. It also keeps a sense of humor about it, but it is nowhere near as funny as the first book… and there lies the problem.

I mean it makes sense, Saga, the band from the first novel, were old and tired, but they knew they were awesome. They were living legends reuniting for one last gig. Both books receive a solid 4 stars I just strongly considered giving the first one a full 5, and this one was thoroughly a 4. While the characters are not as humorous, they are extremely interesting. In particular I want to make note of Tam and Cura. I like the inclusion of more female characters in this book. With a very few exceptions, all others were borderline antagonists even if it was played for laughs… looking at you Jain.

Also, this one is a major spoiler, but it also deserves mention. No joke, I read the line where he died twice, hoping I had misread it despite knowing it was coming. That said, the scene is extremely well done. This book is better paced, has better action scenes and builds upon the world in a way that arguably the last book only hinted at.

In so many ways it is an improvement, and if you enjoyed the last book you are almost inevitably going to enjoy this one.

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Eames is quickly becoming one of the most interesting new voices in the fantasy genre, and I eagerly look forward to a third book at least, I assume there will be a third book… Please. Aug 16, Holly The Grimdragon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her smiles were shorter. Her laugh was louder. She became distracted at times, and would stare at nothing with a look of shattered sorrow that passed like a cloud the moment someone spoke her name.

She loved less quickly, but more fiercely, and made certain that those she cared for knew it well. Sometimes she wept when it snowed.. Because of the seemingly long wait for Bloody Rose, I truly took my time with it. I forced myself to move it around my mouth, rather than devour it whole. Enjoying all of the gorgeously nuanced details.. For instance, when Tam noticed the tips of another characters ears had gone red because of the chill in the air. Those moments that could get lost in the grand scheme of storytelling..

Bloody Rose is the kind of story that is so provocative to my senses.. This gloriously developed tale. Nicholas Eames grew as a writer through this story. He was already showing his genius with Kings of the Wyld, but I feel like this is written even better — which is what you desperately want with a sequel. There is something so enthusiastic about the way he writes, dangling the most gorgeous writing in front of the reader.

Just so bloody brilliant! Bloody Rose truly has it all. Naked battles, intense battles, internal battles! There are gut-punchy moments, diverse characters, even MORE monsters! Owlbears, goblins, gremlins, gargoyles, golems, kobolds, gibberlings, ogres, centaurs, wyvern, wolfbats, flying monkeys..

These books are mentioned as fun a lot. Eames does this seamlessly! Not to mention the stellar comedic timing. It was so on point with ensuing hilarity! There are deeper elements throughout. Addiction, complex relationships, loyalty, knowing what truly matters in life. These books spoke to my soul. Ram it into your eye holes! Whisper sweet nothings to it any chance you can. Roll around with it. This is so fucking good!

And the tour rolled on.. Aug 28, Wol rated it it was amazing. Earlier this year I read Kings of the Wyld and found myself surprised at its depth — I had expected an enjoyable romp and was delighted to find that, while it certainly was everything it was advertised to be, there was much more lurking beneath the surface. Themes of growing older, slow Full review below. Themes of growing older, slowing down, family, and deep fraternal bonds were all present in a story that spoke to a generation of fantasy veterans and newbies alike.

It may come as no surprise then, that Bloody Rose is a similar tribute to the next generation. Tam is living a quiet life as a barmaid, wistfully watching the world pass her by. When the opportunity presents itself she jumps at the chance to join Fable and the heroes she so admires, and after a heart wrenching fight with her father she heads out to seek fame and glory.

The members of Fable are all, to put it mildly, a bit fucked up. Cura, an inkwitch with a spiky temperament, is haunted by her childhood and this is reflected in the horrific creatures she summons to fight for her. In fact, the entire band is dealing with some issue or other relating to their parents, be it cruelty, control, or neglect. Themes of trauma, addiction, attempted suicide, coping mechanisms and self-medication are all touched on here.

Eames is on form, the dialogue is laugh-out-loud funny and his fight scenes are exciting and cinematic. The highs balance out the lows beautifully, and the prose is somehow able to swing us between delirious joy and desolation in a matter of paragraphs. The worldbuilding massively expands on the groundwork laid down in Kings of the Wyld, and there are some cameos that were a delight to read.

I found myself caught off guard and tearful numerous times, but there was one passage in particular that will stick with me for its honesty and stark beauty. Such a beautiful line filled with amazing imagery. As always this review can also be found on my blog The tattooed Book Geek: I have to admit that I started Bloody Rose with a degree of slight trepidation.

You all know how much I loved Kings of the Wyld KoTW , it was my book of the year for and with it, Eames caught lightning in a bottle. Due to this, Bloody Rose was my most anticipated read for and I had to wonder sorry Nicholas if Eames would turn out to be a one hit wonder and if Bloody Ros As always this review can also be found on my blog The tattooed Book Geek: Due to this, Bloody Rose was my most anticipated read for and I had to wonder sorry Nicholas if Eames would turn out to be a one hit wonder and if Bloody Rose would even come close to the brilliance that was KoTW.

I was hooked from the start and loved it from the beginning. Brimming with heart and packed with action Bloody Rose is a roller-coaster of a wyld ride. Bloody Rose, for me, is better in every aspect than KoTW, which, believe me, is not something that I lightly write.

Occasionally when writing well, trying to a review words fail me and they have again with Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames. Honestly, I have no words to do the majesty of this book justice!

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  6. My words, poetic as at times I can be pail in comparison to the awe-inspiring work of fun-filled escapist wonder that Eames has crafted with Bloody Rose. Though Bloody Rose is the sequel to KoTW it can easily be read as a standalone with no prior knowledge of the previous book needed. KoTW featuring Saga its grizzled, legendary and past its heyday band is one of my all-time favourite books and I will continue to shout its praises for all to hear.

    Now, however, I will equally shout the praises of Bloody Rose and its raucous and rowdy band Fable too. Fable has prior touring commitments that they will see through and instead of joining up with most other bands and heading off to face the Horde in a blaze of glory Fable venture off in the opposite direction to finish their tour dates and complete their contract in Diremarch. Before this, however, Fable roll up in Ardburg for a gig and in need of a new bard.

    Cue an impromptu audition and one song later Fable have their new bard and Tam has a new life touring on the road with Bloody Rose and her famous band. For those unfamiliar with KoTW, there is a musical influence that runs through Eames work. Some, like Fable, also take on contracts to hunt monsters out in the wild but most prefer to make their living touring the arenas of Grandual either as support acts or headliners depending on how famous they are.

    Fable is a superstar band, the most famous in Grandual and they even have a group of fans groupies The Outlaw Nation that follow them when they are on tour. Fable lead the way for the new generation of bands, striving for greatness, trying to eclipse the legacy of the older generation and wanting to step out from the shadow of legends to leave their own mark and go down in history as one of the all-time greats.

    Along with their booker, Roderick who is hilarious who is akin to a manager and books their arena gigs, tours and handles their contracts. Each one of Fable including Tam who really comes into her own and finds herself after joining the band and Roderick are individual characters who are all unique in their own way. You will really come to care about them and their fate which is so important in a fantasy book as Eames takes you on an emotional journey alongside the band.

    I love the world that Eames has created. Mercenaries that tour as bands, a land populated by a myriad assortment of weird and wonderful grotesque monsters and owlbears , a variety of well-depicted locations and plenty of history. Bloody Rose delves deeper with more history and lore being revealed featuring some great world-building and making it a book that is accessible to both old and new readers of Eames work. With his writing, Eames shred some sweet licks and can go from laughing out loud hilarity to headbanging riffage action to lighters in the air balladry emotion to quiet reflection and back again in the span of a page and he seamlessly transitions between the different aspects sublimely well.

    There are many stellar sentences, paragraphs and passages in Bloody Rose that evoke emotion in the reader, be it making you laugh, hitting you in the feels or getting you excited and pumped up for the coming combat. One example that really comes to mind is a speech by Rose fairly late on in the book that really pours on the emotion and is the epitome of profound. There was plenty of great action sequences in KoTW and there is again in Bloody Rose but this time around they are even better, far more breathtaking and vivid.

    There is a fight around halfway through the book against a gargantuan adversary or if you prefer a BFM big fucking monster that is bold, bombastic, jaw-dropping and over the top in nature. It is brilliant for it and you will find yourself hanging on every word of the fight! Though sadly it has and there are no more pages. And, secondly, I say, for those about to read, I salute you as Bloody Rose is bloody brilliant! It is a book that will make you remember why you fell in love with reading in the first place and from one reader to another I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

    Bloody Rose solidifies what was first shown with Kings of the Wyld and proves without a shadow of a doubt that Nicholas Eames is one of the best in the new generation of modern fantasy writers. Jun 24, Kristen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Full review is here, on my blog! I sat there and I said to myself, before I even started this thing. This is the Full review is here, on my blog! This is the story of Tam, who is seventeen, and the daughter of a well known mercenary and a very well known bard who were once in a band back in the day. Unfortunately, her mom died, leaving her with a father who is now over-the-top overprotective of her, and all she wants to do is go out and find adventure in the world.

    Bestselling Series

    And she does manage to break away from her sheltered life… and somehow ends up as the bard for Fable, one of the most famous bands that are touring. Rose is joined by Freecloud, a swordmaster and one of the last of the druin; Cura, a summoner who summons creatures from her tattoos; Brune, a shaman who turns into a bear; and their booker Roderick, who is… a little more than meets the eye. Their journey brings them to many different places, where they meet many different kinds of people, and deal with many different kinds of shenanigans.

    Everything from huuuuge monsters, to undead monsters, to bar brawls, to some very strange animals. It is amazingly well put together, an well written. Some of those moments got me in the feels pretty good too. The characters became friends of mine, in a way. I really liked Tam as a character, and I liked the journey that the band made.

    I wanted all the good things for him because he deserves good things. Brune and Cura were also fun, and the banter between them made me laugh.

    The Bloodied Rose

    Roderick is also a fun dude who is unexpected and yet… he is what he is, lol. Some characters from KotW make appearances, and the first of which that made me break out into a giant grin was Tiamax who still reminds me of Garrus Vakarian, there I said it , the arachnian former member of the band Vanguard.

    And then there are the subtle and sometimes not-as-subtle references to various games, books, and pretty much everything else that I will always love. There was another character who was awfully reminiscent of a very common enemy in the same franchise, and named very appropriately. There was a reference to Shadow of the Colossus. I was not-so-subtly geeking out the entire time, for reals. It was on my playlist right after Pop Goes the World, and my childhood of sitting on the floor in front of the TV in the 80s watching nothing but shitty music videos came right back.

    Kings of the Wyld felt like it was representing all the greatest classic rock bands. Bands who are, perhaps, past their younger days at this point in the story, but not necessarily out of the game. They can still rock. That feeling is still present here too. But, as Rose and her band are pretty much the next generation after Saga, their manager, their groupies, and their afterparties definitely reminded me of the brightly colored, platinum-blonde, sometimes utterly ridiculous 80s.

    And since I was born and spent a good deal of my formative years within the 80s…. This was a fantastic sequel.