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Some very common terms have also been indexed in their natural word order, for example, 'Bricklayer' under letter B and 'Coastguard' under letter C.

SOC2010 volume 2: the structure and coding index

Titles like these are indexed in their alphabetical position at the end of the list for the relevant indexing word, but before any hyphenated double-barrelled entries, for example:. Commonly used hyphenated job titles are listed in the index at the end of the list for the first job title. These qualifying terms can be more freely interpreted than the strict observance of occupational qualifying terms. Industrial qualifying terms are shown within brackets and in italics and can take the form of an industry or branch of industry in which the person works.

The industrial qualifying term government includes both government departments and government agencies at national, regional and local levels. Sometimes the qualifying term is more easily stated in terms of the type of material worked with, the machinery used or the process involved. These additional qualifying terms enable a number of specific terms to be summarised in a more general word and are shown in the index within brackets.

Additional qualifying terms can also, in a few cases, take the form of professional qualifications to differentiate between occupations. The coder is referred to the Engineer professional list so that any information on the professional specialism can be used to reach the appropriate occupation code. Use the qualifying terms in the order they are listed in the index: Where a code number appears against an indexing word, the indexing word is used as a default index entry.

The default index entry is used to code all job titles which include the indexing word but which cannot be coded from any of the index entries with occupational, additional, or industrial qualifying terms.

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The abbreviation nos is used to denote that the index entry can only be used where the job title has been recorded without any other information to use as occupational, additional or industrial qualifying terms. Where a job title is sufficiently similar in its coding to that of all, or some, of the entries for another job title, for example:.

A pair of empty brackets indicates words enclosed by brackets, so use only that part of the list with a job title followed by a bracketed qualifying term. It is common for some job titles to be abbreviated and these abbreviations are indexed at the beginning of each relevant letter, for example:. Sometimes grades or qualifications are used as job titles and written as abbreviations. These are listed in the index. There are a few exceptions where the coding is altered by such a qualifying word and in those instances the complete title is indexed, for example:.

See also note 3. Occupation information is not always given as a job title and sometimes the response has to be converted before it can be found in the index. Many members of the Armed Forces and, to a lesser extent the Civil Service, have jobs which are unique to those industrial sectors. Where the specific term is not given, for members of the Armed Forces, if officer rank is known, code to , otherwise code to Teaching staff are generally coded according to the type of educational establishments where they work. All persons in training for an occupation or profession should be coded to the relevant occupation or profession for which they are training.

In cases where it is NOT possible to determine the occupation or profession for which they are in training, the following conventions apply for these specific cases:. SOC differs from SOC in that it recognises a specific number of supervisory jobs as distinct occupations, classifying these to a particular unit group.

If the job is not classified to one of the above unit groups, the indexing term is ignored and the job is classified to the occupation being supervised. All these job titles are indexed in their own right but to aid coding also refer to the index entries for Foreman. The list for indexing word Owner is also used for Partner and Proprietor but where another job title is stated, code to that job title. The job title engineer presents difficulty in coding because it is commonly used in a variety of circumstances.

The index includes various job titles for specific engineers that may be used by both professional engineers usually classified in Major group 2 and by those who are not regarded as professional within the classification. Where another job title is stated, code to that job title. Licensed to Thrill 5: A Madison Night Mystery Paperback: Henery Press; First edition February 25, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

Chasing Hannah Billingsley Book 2. A woman whose soul belongs in the city. A sexy small town cowboy threatening to own her heart. She's left with only one choice. Redeeming Lottie Billingsley Book 1. She left her small town to chase a dream, leaving the man she loved. With a second chance, will she make the same choice or will her dreams change? Flirty Thirty Nerdy Thirties Book 1.

Keeping In Touch - Volume 2

Like The Devil Wears Prada? You'll love this feisty fashionista sleuth because crimes of fashion are funny! A million zombies stand between a father and his children.

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He's going to need a bigger knife. Off beat irrelevant sci fi comedy that will hook you in. Books 1 to 3 in on Love a mystery that keeps you guessing and turning pages to see what will happen next? This trio of cozys will ruin your sleep and make you LOL. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention doris bill tex brad mad mod vallere diane movies twists dead mail dollar dallas mid-century cozy moved turns interior kept.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Recently I read the 1st book in the Mad for Mod mystery series and I enjoyed it. I normally do not read the next book in the series for awhile. However at the back of my mind, I kept thinking about reading the next book in the series That Touch Of Ink.

I initially did not read this series due to the subject matter of a protagonist who decorates in mid century style and dresses and looks like Doris Day.

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  • Kevin Yost Presents Keep It Deep Vol. 2.

I like Doris Day but I grew up in those times and it didn't interest me. I did not care for the covers either. They have a cute feel. However, I am glad I read the first book which made me want to continue with the series. In That Touch of Ink the mystery was quite good with twists and surprises. I did not know who was mystery person behind the murders until the author divulged it. Madison Knnightight is 47 and has a bad knee. She is striving to be her own woman and is quite spunky. Madison keeps important information to herself rather than sharing with her detective friend.

Some of it was when someone was threatening her life by actually trying to injure her or scare her off.


She was trying to be her own woman. I did not care for this part of the book as I felt due to the very real threat to her life, she should have shared the information. I am looking forward to continuing with this series. I have downloaded the third book in the series. Normally I do not let myself read more than one book in a series per year.

This works well because there are dozens of series that I follow closely. But when I fall for a series as hard as I did this one, that rule can go out the window. I've only got one left to be completely caught up, and the question is-- will I be able to hold off reading it until next year? More info will be revealed as it gets closer. We will also have an artist's talk and reception, date TBA.

The exhibition will feature work comprised of deaccessioned materials from the library, including microfilm and microfiche, card catalog cards, and books. HERE , and click HERE to learn about SCPL and their mission to "envision creating a culture of lifelong learning by connecting people, ideas and information resulting in a community pursuing positive change. We will inspect and reframe boundaries, definitions and binaries that have been inherited from preceding technologies, philosophies, and social arrangements.

Thomson entitled Begin To See: The Photographers of Black Mountain College which explores photography at BMC through the lens of some well- and lesser-known photographers. Many of these images haven't been widely shown, and the show feels like a long-lost family album from BMC.