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Exact same jokes exact same story. This is not a sequel, this is ripping off someone else's work which is out of copyright and replacing a few words. Don't wa This is so disappointing it is not worth bothering about. Don't waste your money, instead download the free version of A Diary Of A Nobody and enjoy the original and best.

What a wonderful book. This was one I thought I would probably read in short diary entry sized bursts. However, on first picking it up I found myself more than half way through before I knew it. In the end I read it in about four sittings and I have a feeling it will be one of those books that I re-read every now and then; discovering something new each time as the humour is just so subtle and clever.

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I'm hoping there will be a sequel or even a collection. An absolute delight from start to finis What a wonderful book. An absolute delight from start to finish; I think this book may well appeal to fans of the TV sitcom Ever Decreasing Circles although I have to say that Charles is a far more likeable character than Martin.

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I'm awarding five stars of course. Apr 03, Kate rated it it was ok. Having not read the original on which this is based, I can't give a totally fair revue.

Interview with Charles Pooter V, author of The Diary of a Nobody in the 21st Century

From what I have seen of the first 'Diary of a Nobody' this is a very faithful update. Unfortunately, all the characters involved are of the type I actively go out of my way to avoid, and I found each and every one of them tedious in the extreme. Whilst this is no doubt a well-written adaptation of a 'classic', if you're no fan of the chattering Daily Mail reading middle class then avoid like the plague.

In sma Having not read the original on which this is based, I can't give a totally fair revue. In small doses as part of a larger work of satire, Pooter and his 'clan' would have been tolerable. An entire book of them? Sep 02, Robert Scrivner rated it liked it Shelves: Not as funny as the original but a worthwhile read nevertheless. Mar 08, Colin rated it really liked it. A very nice reworking of the 19th Century classic. Jan 14, Sue added it. Updated version of the wonderful 'Diary of a Nobody'. Parallels the original so closely that it's best not to read it immediately after the original - but it is definitely an amusing read!

Mark rated it liked it Dec 22, Yetta Elkins rated it it was amazing Oct 28, Aditi rated it really liked it May 23, Paul Lindsay rated it it was amazing Apr 21, The lower-middle-class world of the Pooters, with its stress on respectability, has largely gone. That may be true of their moral circumstances too.

Diary of a Nobody – review

Sometimes one wonders, sadly, if anyone now can be quite as happily innocent as Mr Pooter was, though there would always be career opportunities for the effervescent Lupin — if not perhaps in the City today, for he would shrink from the long hours of work. Indeed, the literary influence of The Diary of a Nobody is remarkable. When, for instance, in one of the recent adult Mole books, Adrian has trouble with an aggressive swan and reports it to the council, only to receive a reply suggesting that he and his neighbour Mr Swan should engage in a conciliation process, this is just the sort of ridiculous, embarrassing and tiresome misunderstanding that repeatedly afflicts Mr Pooter.

Genteel banality of this sort is the essence of what is Pooterish — a word which appears in the OED. Society and social circumstances change. The Diary of a Nobody offers a double pleasure. It takes you back in time to an age which is presented with mocking and accurate affection, and the characters ring true for our time too. Yet the book survives for a purely literary reason also.

Its tone is exactly right.

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It flirts with absurdity, but never goes too far. Even to read only a few pages cheers you up no end. Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. This is not a book that will make you laugh out loud, rather it has a gentle absurdity about it. I ended up feeling a great empathy for staid old Charlie hoping that his loyalty and sense of duty would ultimately prevail, as such I felt that the author's writing style set exactly the right tone.

It is a book that has withstood the test of time, one that you read with a smile on your face and as such it deserves to be regarded as a classic. PilgrimJess Oct 29, It was a fairly quick read. It was funny too, I'll admit that. Not laugh out loud funny, but kind of sitcom-like, if it were a sitcom based in !

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In fact, the date thing is funny, as what struck me most was that even though the book is years old, it still feels It was a pleasant enough read. Not really my thing, but it was interesting to read outside of my comfort zone. SadieBabie Jun 23, The Diary of a Nobody written by George Grossmith and illustrated by his brother Weedon Grossmith is an English comic novel that was first published as a serial in Punch magazine in and then presented in book form in The book is written as the diary that records the daily lives of a London clerk, Charles Pooter, his wife Carrie, his son Lupin and many of his friends and acquaintances over a 15 month period has become a true classic and is still in print today.

The Diary of a Nobody is a quick and amusing read that is quaint and funny yet also gives us a glimpse into the past and a way of life that has for the most part disappeared. Even though the book is more than a century old, many will recognize the timeless character of Pooter from their own social circle or even from gazing into the mirror.

This sentence pretty much sums up the humour of The Diary of a Nobody. We can all probably relate; hence the enduring appeal of this little book. Mr Pooter is a man of modest ambitions, content with his ordinary life. Yet he always seems to be troubled by disagreeable tradesmen, impertinent young office clerks, and wayward friends, not to mention his devil-may-care son Lupin's unsuitable choice of bride. Try as he might, he cannot avoid life's embarrassing mishaps. In the bumbling, absurd yet ultimately endearing figure of Pooter, the Grossmiths created an immortal comic character and a superb satire on the snobberies of middle-class suburbia - one which also sends up late Victorian crazes for aestheticism, spiritualism and bicycling, as well as the fashion for publishing diaries by anybody and everybody.

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