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Unprepared as they are, the performers are so terrible playing their roles, the guests laugh as if it were meant to be a comedy. Before the encore, the guests sneak away and retire to bed.

William Shakespeare’s a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Afterwards, Oberon, Titania, Puck, and the other fairies enter, and bless the house and its occupants with good fortune. After everyone leaves, Puck suggests to the audience that what they just experienced might be nothing but a dream. Many of the actors in this version had never previously performed Shakespeare and would not do so again, especially Cagney and Brown, who were nevertheless highly acclaimed for their performances.

Many critics agreed that Dick Powell was miscast as Lysander, and Powell himself concurred with the critics' verdict. Avant-garde director Kenneth Anger claimed in his book Hollywood Babylon II to have played the changeling prince in this film when he was a child, but in fact the role was played by child actress Sheila Brown.

Confessions of a tourist: midsummer massage left me very red faced

Austrian-born director Max Reinhardt did not speak English at the time of the film's production. He gave orders to the actors and crew in German with William Dieterle acting as his interpreter. The shooting schedule had to be rearranged after Mickey Rooney broke his leg while skiing. According to Rooney's memoirs, Jack L. Warner was furious and threatened to kill him and then break his other leg. This was the film debut of Olivia de Havilland. At the time, cinemas entered into a contract to show the film, but had the right to pull out within a specified period of time.


Cancellations usually ran between 20 and The film established a new record with 2, cancellations. Booking agents had failed to correctly identify the film.

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The film was first released at minutes, but was edited to minutes for its general release run. The full minute version was not seen again until it turned up on cable television in The film was then re-issued at its full length on VHS its first video release was of the edited version. Later showings on Turner Classic Movies have restored the film's pre-credits Overture, and its Exit Music, neither of which had been heard since its road show presentations.

In August, , it was released on DVD for the first time, both individually and as part of a box set known as The Shakespeare Collection. The film failed at the box office and received mixed reviews, with the cinematography, the use of Mendelssohn's music, and the dance sequences being highly praised. Although James Cagney was acclaimed for his performance, Warner Bros.

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Variety said of the film: The fantasy, the ballets of the Oberon and Titania cohorts, and the characters in the eerie sequences are convincing and illusion compelling. Film is replete with enchanting scenes, beautifully photographed and charmingly presented. All Shakespearian devotees will be pleased at the soothing treatment given to the Mendelssohn score. The women are uniformly better than the men. They get more from their lines. The selection of Dick Powell to play Lysander was unfortunate.

He never seems to catch the spirit of the play or role. And Mickey Rooney, as Puck, is so intent on being cute that he becomes almost annoying.

Confessions of a Zombie Killer Clothing • Midsummer Scream

There are some outstanding performances, however, notably Victor Jory as Oberon. His clear, distinct diction indicates what can be done by careful recitation and good recording; Olivia de Havilland, as Hermia, is a fine artist here; others are Jean Muir, Verree Teasdale and Anita Louise, the latter beautiful as Titania but occasionally indistinct in her lines.

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Writing for The Spectator in , Graham Greene discussed the mixed contemporary reviews of the film and claimed for himself that he had enjoyed the film - something Greene speculated might be attributed to his lack of affection for the play. He characterized the acting as "fresh and vivid" due to its lack of "proper Shakespearian diction and bearing", however he criticized the film's direction, noting that Reinhardt seemed "uncertain of his new medium" and that "much of the production is poised [ Kline overacts physically and emotionally, Flockhart is entertaining in a broad manner, and Pfeiffer renders a strenuously theatrical performance.

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Overall, the Brits give more coherent and resonant performances, especially Friel and West as the romantic couple, a restrained Everett as Oberon, and Rees as the theatrical manager. Produced by Leslie Urdang, Michael Hoffman. Executive producer, Arnon Milchan. Directed, written by Michael Hoffman, based on the play by William Shakespeare. Reviewed at Sunset 5, L. When we think back on a movie that transported us, we often focus on a great scene — or maybe the greatest scene — in it.

The G​.​R​.​O​.​U​.​P. Presents: Summer Mid​-​Nights II: Confessions of a Cheater

Those scenes are more than just defining. I'm hesitant to even call most of these songs "Owl City songs" except for "Metropolis" and "Silhouette" , because other than Adam Young's voice there's little to no similarity between these songs and his older songs. Lyrically, this album tries too hard to be a self-esteem booster, which I don't think is necessary. Heck, a song like "The Yacht Club" doesn't exactly make the listener feel good about themselves and is actually pretty self-deprecating, but it never fails to put a smile on my face.

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