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I think many people won't agree with my position on this, so I fully admit this is coming from a biased English-man.


We get constant complaints about how the game is going soft and we've seen refs get a hard time for punishing hits similar to this or less. Here was a cracking, if boardline hit which a ref decided to let off, yet people are not happy with it.

#3: Jones' Game-Saving Tackle - NFL - Top 10 Super Bowl Plays

It doesn't feel all that long ago that most would have praised Farrell here instead of condemning him. I am with you.

The winning tackle

While it was borderline, I don't have a problem with the ref upon review deciding to let it go. Was on this site allot before, but the system has changed from objective rugby assessments to cheap "tabloid" like headlines that promotes conflict among rugby fans.

The "match-winning tackle" headline implies that the boks would have run in for a try from half way, something they have not been able to do for 80min, so glad you guys gave SOME credit to them. For a moment it looked like Tuilagi was on the field. Circumstances played a big role here and the referee caved. If the roles were reversed, do you think the result would have been the same?

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At first sight i was like "game on! But at the second sight, you can see Farrell was more interested to accomplish a solid hit than accomplish a textbook tackle.

Fortunately for him, Gardner judged he tried to wrap his arms around Esterhuizen So that's a new message for the players, you can hit a player as long as you make a good movement with your arms. To be serious, in almost every situations, this action would result in an automatic penalty.

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The fact it was the last action influenced the ref decision. Yep, but it looks legal but it doesn't. Don't get me wrong, i like solid tackles, but when you see many "borderline" tackles too high or lead with the shoulder sanctioned and this one ignored, refs have a difficult task to remain consistentsNot surprised to read players and pundits questioning "ok, so can we tackle like that Yes there was, Esterhuizen led with the forearm of his non-ball carrying arm. If that "tackle" had happened at any other time of the match, it would have resulted in a penalty and a card.

I have no doubt about this.

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Even with the TMO replay. And that is the crux of this story. If Farrell had pulled out a crowbar and bust Esterhuyzen across the head with it, Gardner would have called it "marginal" and blown the final whistle. Yes, the Boks should not have been in that position. They had plenty of opportunities to put daylight on the scoreboard, and they blew their chances.

But that doesn't absolve Gardner or World Rugby from this lamentable decision. On the upside, there is now clarity on what constitutes a legal hit.