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A Lever Long Enough

If we are aware that the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line, then should we not look at that is relative to the needs of the business, removing redundancies that cost money and allowing sustainable development. Your email address will not be published. Give me a lever long enough…. April 20, at 6: What Is Financial Leverage says: December 21, at 2: December 21, at 9: September 13, at 5: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Please enter all required fields. Drayton, typically, responded with an expert minute discourse on the effect of canyons on noise.

With a lever, I move the Earth | Star Stryder

But beneath the eccentric-uncle veneer is a willful and fearless thinker, a crusader of near-monastic devotion to the possibility of massive social change. He first dedicated himself to the idea of Ashoka while a Harvard undergraduate in the early s, then nurtured it through his years at Oxford, Yale Law, McKinsey, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Really, all you need to know about Bill Drayton is this: His father was an explorer in the Sahara and British Columbia, and his mother a musician and impresario.

Project managers in Virginia and elsewhere are charged with spotting emerging trends and connecting the dots. They apply solutions that have worked in one part of the world to problems in another, link together similar innovations to amplify their impact, and package ideas in ways that take them from local to global in reach. It resembles, in that way, the Catholic order of Jesuit priests, the only truly effective global service organization Drayton knows of.

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. ”

Take a relatively simple problem, that of alpacas. In mountain villages of Bolivia, poor farmers with small alpaca herds traditionally have relied on unimaginably primitive production methods, using the edges of tin cans to shear wool. A local organization came up with an answer: But what about alpaca farmers elsewhere in South America, or herders of similar livestock around the world? Making that sort of knowledge transfer happen all the time is something Ashoka is trying to systematize, so that global networks of small producers can constantly share innovations that improve their financial prospects.

Global partnerships between social entrepreneurs and business. And the citizen sector needs the marketplace to gain financial sustainability.

Cemex, the big Mexican cement producer, has invented a plan that encourages families in urban slums to save for cement to build home additions, then provides them with discounted engineering services. Community activists love the scheme, since it promises to alleviate family abuse sparked by overcrowding. But Cemex is having trouble retaining the reps it trains to promote the savings plan. The bigger idea, yet untested: Or Cemex hooks up with similar social entrepreneurs to distribute cement across Mexico and elsewhere.

Think of it as a matrix. We will do so, he expects, because of structures and tools being established now.

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  7. Already, Ashoka has launched the makings of a global accelerator for social entrepreneurs.