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Jamie Woon - Blue Truth

The Blue Truth must be used in a manner that advances the user's overall theory, rather than simply fishing for more information; for Battler, any assertion he makes in blue must directly deny the influence of the supernatural in the events of Rokkenjima. Since such a denial, if accepted as true, weakens the Golden Witch, this forces her to shoot down blue statements with Red Truth, rather than declining to answer as in the second and third games.

The Witch side may delay until the end of the game to challenge Blue Truths; after all, only one puzzle unsolved by any explanation other than magic is enough to sustain the Illusion of the Witch, but one carelessly phrased Red Truth can eliminate the possibility of magic from all of them.

Blue Truth: A Spiritual Guide to Life & Death and Love & Sex

One effective denial isn't fatal, but unchallenged denial of magic in all the mysteries becomes a categorical denial of Witches. The use of the Blue Truth can be analogous to a shot-gun in contrast to the Red Truth, which would be akin to a single-shot handgun.

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To counter the Red Truth, Battler previously attempted to defeat Beatrice by introducing theories she could not repeat in Red; following the gun metaphor, his approach forced him to fire once and reload every time he missed. The Blue Truth enables him to attack Beatrice with multiple possibilities at once, like the scattering effect of an exploding shot-gun shell.

Though most of the projectiles may miss, there is still the possibility that at least one shot will hit the target. David presents the kind of challenge that creative artists, spiritual awakeners, and innovators in the history of human beings have always posed.

Blue Truth: A Spiritual Guide To Life & Death And Love & Sex

When faced with something new, original, and profound, language fails and the mind is humbled by the lack of a category to hang it on. But there are few categories I know of for an original like David; for his teachings there is no pigeonhole. He himself is carving out his own territory, like a pioneer, an explorer. Unlike much of what we find in the spiritual marketplace today, David does not merely mouth pale shadows of truths from other times, places, and people, but is in the dynamic living oral tradition of maverick spiritual teachers who, like free-jazz musicians, can riff directly on Reality, outside of established forms.

This is why I am attuned to his provocative, sacred music.

Blue Truth » David Deida

Blue Truth is a fresh and original contribution to an unorthodox lineage tradition of unsullied new revelations. Much of the book helps us learn how to use our bare awareness and pure attention to reconnect and relax into the View of things as they are amidst daily life—with our kids, watching TV, at work, and so forth.

A Spiritual Guide to Life & Death and Love & Sex

Beyond our time on the meditation cushion or yoga mat, spiritual awakening includes transcending our unfulfilling habitual conditioning, learning to love, and expressing our deepest heart in the midst of our everyday human lives. Sexuality in particular tends to hold people back from spiritual progress and development; the second half of this book is directed at transmuting this limitation into an opportunity, through skillful means of naked awareness practice and truth-method of self-realization. So do me a favor. Blue Truth ddeida T